They Didn’t Have THAT Scene In The Babysitter’s Club

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(I am babysitting for two boys, ages two and seven. The two-year-old is still in diapers, and is very wriggly when I try to change his diaper. He even kicks me in the face sometimes. On this particular occasion, he has diarrhea, and it’s a mess. I’m attempting to change his diaper, but he keeps moving and making more of a mess. The seven-year-old comes over.)

Seven-Year-Old: “I can hold his legs for you while you change him.”

Me: “Are you sure? It’s going to smell pretty bad when I fully open the diaper.”

Seven-Year-Old: “I’m sure.” *grabs his brother’s legs* “Whenever you’re ready.”

(I open the younger boy’s diaper. A smell like death fills the room. I try to clean him up and change him quickly, but the older boy and I both are gagging and having to turn away repeatedly. I finally finish changing the boy’s diaper, and he runs off. The older boy and I quickly dispose of the diaper and run into the kitchen to wash our hands and get a breath of air that doesn’t smell deadly. I get an idea.)

Me: “Are you hungry at all?”

Seven-Year-Old: “Yeah, a bit.”

Me: “How about some cookies? I think we deserve them.”

Seven-Year-Old: “Yeah! Thanks!”

(We begin eating cookies when the younger boy comes over and looks at me expectantly.)

Two-Year-Old: “Cookie?”


(I didn’t stop laughing for an hour.)

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Me:  How can I help you today.

Customer: I want 40% off these items.

Me: Ma’am its only off certain items. see the sign says that .
I will go ahead and honor it but next time please look at the sign.

Customer behind here shook her head then said yes you should.

Sad thing is I am the one who got reprimanded and for being rude to the customer and hurting her feelings.

It amazes me the things people say.

They’re A Little Backwards (Compatible)

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(I work at a chain video game store that only sells games for the latest consoles.)

Customer: “Do you have [Game] for the PlayStation?”

Me: “We do, in fact. It should be over in the PlayStation section!”

Customer: *purchases game and leaves*

(The rest of the day passes without incident, but the next day, the customer storms in angrily.)

Customer: “The game you sold me doesn’t work!”

Me: “What’s wrong?”

Customer: “Nothing appears on the screen when I put it in the top!”

Me: “Wait, the top? The disc goes in the side.”

Customer: “No, that’s where the wires go! The disc thingy is on top!”

Me: “Ma’am… Are you sure you’re using a PlayStation 4?”

Customer: “No, I’m using the first one. I thought you could use them in any version!”

Me: “No, you can only use it in the latest console.”

Customer: “But the box says, ‘PlayStation,’ on it!”

Me: *examines game* “No, that says, ‘PlayStation 4.’”

Customer: “It’s still PlayStation!”

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Only Pill They Need Is A Chill Pill

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(My store usually opens at 10 every morning, except for Sunday on which we open at 1. In order to open the store I have to be there by 12, which sometimes leads to people trying to open the door before realizing we’re closed. Today I show up early and happen to watch someone make their way to the door and try to open it, before heading back to his car. Once his car is running I get out and make my way to the door to open it, but notice the man has gotten out of the car and is following me. Not wanting him to try to follow me inside I turn and smile.)

Me: *smiling brightly* “Hi.”

Customer: “Hi, are you opening?

Me: “Not for another hour, sir.”

Customer: “Oh. Well, can I just run in and grab something real quick?”

Me: “Um… sorry, but we can’t let anyone in the store before we’re open.”

Customer: “But you’re right here! I just need some pills.”

(This is pretty common. As an ‘adult novelty’ store, we sell ‘Herbal Supplements.’)

Me: *still smiling* “Like I said, I can’t let anyone in the store, but if you come back in an hour—”

Customer: *interrupting and starting to yell* “BUT YOU’RE RIGHT F***ING HERE! I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY YOU CAN’T LET ME GET MY F***ING PILLS!”

Me: *taken back by the sudden flip* “W-well, we’re not—”

Customer: *interrupting again* “LISTEN HERE, YOU LITTLE B****, JUST OPEN THE F***ING DOOR!”

(Just as the customer starts walking towards me, the cop car that tends to patrol the area since we’ve had a few break-ins in the shopping center pulls up.)

Cop: “Is there a problem here?”

Customer: *calming down just a bit* “Yeah, this person’s not letting me in her store!”

Cop: *turning to me* “Are you guys even open yet?”

Me: “No! We don’t open for another hour!”

Customer: “But you’re here, and I just want my pills!”

Me: *fed up, and more confident thanks to the cop* “Well, the credit card machine’s not booted up, I’m not logged into the system, there’s no cash in the till, and it’ll take an hour to even get ready to even take your payment!”

Customer: “But… but… UGH, FINE! But I’m calling your corporate to complain!” *storms off as the cop and I share a look*

(I later learned he did actually complain, but were met with not only laughter, but a ban from our stores for aggressive actions towards a sales rep!)

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