He’s A Kid So He’ll Just Eat It Up

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(I have invited my two oldest nephews to my home for a week-long visit over summer break. The younger of the two, age six, refuses to eat any food that is prepared for him for the duration of the visit — even foods that he normally loves and will devour at home. We figure it’s just a “how much can I get away with when Mom isn’t around?” gesture on his part, but his older brother is taking this matter very seriously. One afternoon, while having a snack that includes baby carrots and ranch dressing, the six year old is whining about how much he hates carrots, despite my knowing that’s not true. As I’ve told the boys that we can’t go out to play until everyone’s finished their food, his older brother, age nine, decides to try and help out.)

Oldest Nephew: “Hey, [Brother], just do what I do! I put the carrots into my mouth, and chew them up really small, and then I swallow them. Easy!”

(Most of us just call that “eating”, but I guess my nephew thought he was really on to something with that one!)

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