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Lesson 1: How To Scam A Scammer

, , | Right | October 31, 2007

Customer: “I want this pizza for free.”

Me: “No cash, no pizza. I don’t care if you eat or not.”

Customer: “Well, I know the owner of [Store] Pizza!”

Me: “Really? How do you know me?”

(Customer put his hand in his pocket and paid for the pizza. Note: I’m not really the owner of the store.)

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Who Needs Math When You Can Sue

, , | Right | October 28, 2007

Pizza Customer: “I ordered a pizza: half pepperoni, half sausage… and half plain.”

Me: “Lady, there are only two halves in a whole.”

Pizza Customer: “I know there are only two halves in a whole! I’m a lawyer; this treatment is unfair and I demand satisfaction!”