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I’m still pretty new to customer service and I’m not used to dealing with hostile customers just quite yet.

Me: Thank you for calling **** how can I help you?
Customer: Do you have a clothes presser? I have a model number here for you to check.
Me: Sir, we need a 13 digit long UPC number for me to check if we have any of that item in stock.
The customer proceeds to give me a model number which doesn’t help me at all since there’s no way for us to use it. I put him on hold in the anyways and just ask over the headset if we carry them and I am told by a manager that we only carry them online and I tell the customer this.
Customer: So can you just order me one online, I have my credit card here that I can give you.
Me: I’m sorry sir but we can’t take any sort of order over the phone for your own safety. There is nothing stopping me from just using your credit card information to go on a personal spending spree especially since this just happened to Starbucks.
Customer: Are you serious? I’ve been a loyal customer for years now and you won’t even place a d*mn online order over the phone?
Me: I’m sorry but we don’t even have access to the online inventory to order items in for a customer since they are technically a separate company from us. Can you just go online and check for yourself? (Something that should take literally five minutes)
At this point the customer gets even more angry and I put him on hold to find the number for our online customer service when a manager finds out and offers to take the call. About an hour later I find out that he was also swearing at her and she ended up hanging up on him for his rude behavior. When I got home I looked online and we don’t even carry them online anymore. All that over a stupid clothes presser.

This Spells Trouble

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(Our store is being remodeled so a lot of departments have been moved around. I do not leave my department much, so while I have a rough layout of the rest of the store, I don’t know specific aisles for certain things. A customer approaches me as I’m fixing some shelves.)

Customer: “Can you tell me where your automotive section starts?”

Me: “Okay, give me one second to search on my device.”

(Our device keyboards are pretty touch-sensitive so I wind up accidentally misspelling the word.)

Me: “Oh, shoot, it would help if I spelled that right. Give me one more moment.”

(By the time I say that, I have already typed it in correctly and am scrolling through trying to find the aisle number.)

Customer: “Never mind, then.” *to her husband* “Honey, she’s too stupid to spell. Come on; we’ll find it ourselves.”

(I stood there in shock at how rude she was as she wandered off. I had the aisle number pulled up by then and I watched them wander for ten minutes trying to find the aisle they needed. I mean, seriously, how miserable are you that you need to bully retail workers?)

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Pushing Buttons Is Not Your Calling

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I am in the hospital after having emergency surgery on a dislocated ankle and a broken leg. It is the middle of the night and my post-surgery pain medicine has worn off. I locate the nurse call button and press it, but nothing happens. I do this multiple times, to no avail.

I grab my cell phone and use the flashlight to light up the room telephone so I can read the number. I call the number and let the phone ring. It is loud and doesn’t stop, because I don’t answer it. After about five minutes, a nurse comes to investigate why the phone is ringing, and I am able to tell her I’m in extreme pain. 

She brings me pain medicine and tells me that they’ve had issues with the button in the past. It wasn’t unplugged or anything; it just flat out didn’t work! Why they’d still use it completely mystifies me!

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Not What They Mean By A Dollar-Printing Factory  

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I work for a bank as a travelling teller. I go to one of my branches in the area for the day and encounter a number of dumbfounding experiences. This one woman, though, takes the cake.

She approaches my window asking to exchange one of her $100 bills for a newer, crispier one. No problem at all, so I grab a brand-spanking-new $100 bill and ask if she would like an envelope to keep it looking nice, as she said it was for a gift.

She snatches it from my hand, inspects it closely, and throws it on the counter, dissatisfied, saying that it isn’t new, and she needs a new one.

Confused, I oblige in her request to go through all the $6,000 in $100 bills my coworker and I have. Again, none are up to par for her, so I politely tell her that we have gone through everything we have, and perhaps she could try a different branch? Mind you, we have quite a few brand-new bills, but she is under the impression they are not new.

She responds to me with, “Well, you went back in that little room to get more to show me; why can’t you just print me a new one?” I can’t do anything but look at her with a dead stare and contemplate whether she is serious or not. When I finally respond that we can not print her a new $100 bill, she gets very angry and leaves in a huff.

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Aye, There’s The Stub 

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This awkward story was told to me by my grandfather.

Back when he was still working, a coworker of his unexpectedly died. Eventually, the widow came in to collect his belongings. Two employees accompanied her to his locker: the dead man’s supervisor and my grandfather to serve as a witness. The company policy was that neither of them could touch anything in the locker, just open it and visually confirm she took everything so they couldn’t be accused of stealing something.

The supervisor opened the locker, and they both stepped back to let the widow remove the stuff inside. The first thing she picked up was a stack of old pay stubs. At first, she stared at them, looking confused. As she flipped through them, she looked more and more disturbed. Eventually, she grew enraged and screamed in fury, “THAT B*****D! All these years, he told me he never got a raise and kept giving me the same money to take care of the kids and the house, and he’s been holding out on me all this time!”

Neither my grandfather nor the supervisor knew what to say, so they said nothing, just let her rant. I really can’t think of what I would have said, either!

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