When Being Straightforward Isn’t So Straightforward

, , , , , | Working | November 10, 2019

(I’ve been job hunting and get a call from a prospective employer. She asks some pretty standard questions about my availability and ability to get the job. I answer honestly, only once asking her to hold on for a moment while I grab a piece of paper and pen to write something down.)

Hiring Manager: “All right, so we’ll see you at [time] on [date].”

Me: “Sounds good. I’ll be there.”

Hiring Manager: “I look forward to seeing you. And… thank you for being so professional on the phone.”

(I pause, a little surprised, since the conversation had seemed perfectly straightforward. I kind of cringe, trying to imagine what kinds of facepalm-worthy calls she must have already gone through, to say that.)

Me: “Um… You’re welcome. I… uh… guess I don’t need to ask how your morning has been. I hope the rest of your calls end up similar to mine, then.”

Hiring Manager: “Thank you, ma’am. I appreciate it.”

(In the end, I didn’t end up getting that job, but there’s now a part of me that never, ever wants to become a hiring manager.)

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Fried Oreos Are Actually Awesome

, , , , , , | Right | February 13, 2018

(I’m the customer in this instance. I’m at a fast food place. A worker introduces herself and does the greeting spiel.)

Me: “Hi, [Worker]. I’ll have the [small burger] meal and two Oreo fries.”

Worker: “A [small burger] meal and… sorry? What?”

Me: “Two Oreo fries, please.”

Worker: “…”

Me: *after a long pause* “SHAKE! SHAKE! TWO OREO SHAKES! GOD, I’M SO SORRY!”

Worker: “Oh, that’s easier. I wasn’t sure we had those.”

Me: “That would have been difficult to put into your registers.”

Worker: “Okay, so, a [small burger] meal and two Oreo shakes. We’ll have your total at the window.”

(I’m pretty sure she then flees her station to laugh hysterically, because there is a guy at the window with a headset on, taking orders, instead of a woman, by the time I get there.)

Me: “Please tell [Worker] that the Oreo fries were delicious.”

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