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Giving Clerks PIN-TSD

, , , , , , | Right | January 6, 2023

I pop across the road to my nearest mini-mart to buy a bottle of wine. When I come to pay, I wave my card over the reader as usual.


The cashier takes a big step back from the checkout.

Cashier: “It’s, er, it’s saying here… that you’ll need to put your PIN in. It’s not me! It’s a bank thing! Blame your bank!”

I insert my card and enter my PIN.

Me: “There we go. It’s a security thing, I think?”

Cashier: “Yeah, it’s every-so-much transactions or every-so-much pounds. I’m really sorry.”

Me: “Why? It’s just five buttons, it only takes a few seconds…”

I am now noticing the big dent in the Perspex screen between them and me.

Me: “Oh, people get violent with you about this type of thing, don’t they?”

Cashier: “Three times this evening.”

Being A Dishwasher Is Not As Dull As Dishwater

, , , , , | Right | January 4, 2023

I am a seventeen-year-old dishwasher at a café. One diner isn’t satisfied with the amount of avocado on her sandwich, but instead of complaining to the cashier or the cook, she decides it’s my fault.

She comes behind the counter, surprises me by grabbing my shoulder, and starts to berate me for poor service while waving her sandwich in my face. I’m dumbfounded, standing there with rubber gloves on, holding a sponge and a spoon.

My boss hears the commotion from the back, quickly assesses the situation, and runs the lady out the door. From inside, I can hear my boss threatening the lady with charges of trespassing and assault, all the while grilling her about why she thought the dishwasher had anything to do with her sandwich.

No Means No (And No Beer)

, , , , , , | Legal | CREDIT: cwu007 | December 26, 2022

I’m a retail manager for a retail drug store chain, and Friday nights are very busy. Everyone is excited for the weekend and alcohol sales are up.

It starts off as a typical Friday night until [Man] walks in. He makes his way to the cooler to buy a six-pack of beer in glass bottles. On his way there, he decides to hit on a woman and ask for her number. The woman’s boyfriend immediately confronts [Man].

Boyfriend: “[Woman] is my girlfriend!”

To get the full picture, the woman has a stroller with a baby in it, and her boyfriend is a large guy with tattoos for eyebrows and several extreme piercings.

Both parties go their separate ways until checkout.

[Man] is in front of [Boyfriend], and [Man] tries again to ask [Woman] for her number.

Boyfriend: *In a tougher, firmer voice* “Leave my girlfriend alone!”

After [Man] pays for his beer, he decides to wait outside, and again, he asks [Woman] for her number. [Boyfriend] is now mad. He grabs [Man]’s beer and slams it against a concrete pillar outside the store. Glass breaks, and there’s a large puddle of beer.

Boyfriend: “Next time, that’s your head.”

And he leaves with [Woman].

That is only the start of the crazy night with [Man]. He comes back in and asks for a manager.

Man: “I’d like a replacement for my beer.”

Manager: “Because we didn’t break your beer, we cannot replace it. We can call the police, though, so you can report the assault and the loss.”

Man: “The store would get a lot of bad publicity with the police and being on the news, so it would be cheaper and less stressful if you just give me another pack of beer.”

We kept saying no, multiple times.

Then, [Man] started a tantrum. He started punching the concrete poles, throwing whatever he could get his hands on, and even toppling the trash cans.

I called the police not once, but twice. Unfortunately, it took the police half an hour to get to the store. During that half-hour, [Man] was harassing customers and throwing his tantrum. Luckily, the other manager who was on duty with me was large and burly and offered to escort customers to their cars.

At one point, [Man] even tried to grab the manager’s leg like a little kid, begging for a beer.

When the police finally arrived, [Man] was throwing his shoes. He picked up a piece of broken glass, looking like he was ready to charge. That’s when the police drew their guns and ordered [Man] to put his hands up and get on the ground.

The police told me that what they had witnessed was enough for them to arrest him, but they took my statement for good measure.

Had [Man] just listened to [Boyfriend]’s first warning, he’d be home alone enjoying some beer. Instead, he spent the night in jail alone with no beer.

Hey Now, Don’t Try This At Home… Doo Doo Doo D-doo…

, , , , , , | Healthy | December 12, 2022

CONTENT WARNING: Dental Work, Needles


When I was thirteen or fourteen, I went to the dentist and ended up needing a cavity filled. I am NOT good with needles, so when he gave me the shot to numb me, I was struggling to stay calm. I also have an extremely small mouth, so some dentists get very frustrated.

When the first shot was in, I kind of went numb, but when he started drilling, I could feel everything. I was making noise to get him to stop, and he decided to do another shot to numb it more. Nope, I could still feel everything, even though my tongue and lips were numb.

Both shots hurt like crazy, so when he tried to go in with a third shot, I couldn’t stand it. I started yelling no and yelling not to touch me. I was in a full-on panic attack, hyperventilating and crying.

The dentist went and got my mom, and she couldn’t calm me down, either. So, what did she do?

She slapped me!

It shocked the h*** out of me, but it surprised me so much that it broke me out of the panic attack. The cavity did get filled with the help of some gas.

When we were leaving, I looked at my mom.

Me: “I can believe you slapped me!”

Mom: “Well, it works in the movies!”

I just laughed at the absurdity of it, but it worked!

On The Need For Hazard Pay, Part 33

, , , , , , , | Right | CREDIT: Crazer-Razerr | December 7, 2022

 I work for one of many self-employable delivery apps that deliver food for various restaurants.

On this particular day, I have gotten assigned two orders that are relatively close to each other. I pick up the first order and get the second, too. The first order, of course, gets dropped off first. It takes me about ten minutes to get to the first address and drop off the order, but I can’t drop it off immediately since I have to hand it to the customer. This takes an additional five minutes since it takes them forever to answer the door. Once that has been completed, I am on the way to the next address.

I get to the next house to drop off this order, and this one also requests that I hand it directly to the customer. I knock on the door and a lady answers. She has this look on her face like I just kicked a puppy or something. She crosses her arms.

Lady: “Took you long enough! We saw you go all over the place except here to drop our food off. Care to explain?”

I am kind of shocked, but using my best customer service voice, I reply:

Me: “Sorry, ma’am. I was assigned two orders, and I was instructed to take the first order first since it was closer, I assume. If there is an issue, you can contact [Delivery App] support and they can try to work with you.”

She is not happy about this.

Lady: “I want my order remade, and I want it for free, or I’ll call the restaurant and have you fired!”

She has been very rude to this point and I really don’t want to help her further.

Me: “Ma’am, I don’t work for the restaurant. I am an independent contractor. I am so sorry, but there is nothing I can do.”

After that statement, she becomes irate. She starts to clap her hands.

Lady: “Okay. You wait right here. I got something for you.”

I decide it’s time to leave. Before I can completely get off the front porch, her husband comes out! He is at least six feet tall, and he starts to scream at me to hold it right there.

Now, for further context, I have trained in multiple martial arts and self-defense for years. I hear this man come out and yell, and I immediately turn to face him because you never want someone who is potentially aggressive to have your back. I am still backing up, but now I have turned to face him, only feet away.

He starts advancing toward me, screaming.

Man: “You are going get us our f****** refund or else!”

I reply with the same statement I told the lady, but in a softer tone to attempt to de-escalate this man. As I am in mid-sentence, he pushes me back hard. As soon as he pushes me, my instincts and training kick in. As I regain my footing (I didn’t get knocked down), I square my stance and put my hands up to my face in case he tries to swing at me. I start to yell back at the guy and order him not to get any closer or put his hands on me. (This is my warning.)

He then throws a wild punch which I slip back with a lean, and then I counter with a front kick to his stomach. This lands flush, confirmed by a notable “Oof” sound. He folds slightly, exposing his face, so I followed up with a one-two as trained. After eating a one-two, he falls to one knee. I move back slightly to disengage and tell him to stay down so I can leave. (Once again, you never just turn your back on an aggressor.)

He gets up, red in the face. He screams at me again.

Man: “F*** YOU! I’LL KILL YOU!”

And he attempts to charge me. He throws another wild punch and another. I eat one but slip and duck under the second to get around to his back. From here, I attempt to wrestle him down. He keeps trying to punch me and even elbows me once in the face before I am able to trip him and take him down. I do my best to pin him, but I’m not successful until he rolls toward me and I mount him. He is mad!

Man: “I will f****** kill you! Get the f*** off me!”

He tries to bench-press me off of him and almost gets up a couple of times. He is strong!

Me: “I’m not getting off of you until you calm down!”

Now, he starts to punch, scratch, and bite me. In response, I give a good couple of hammer fists to get him to cover up, and once he does, I get higher on his chest to pin his arms above his head. We remain there until the cops come.

Once they arrive, they order me off him and PUT ME IN CUFFS! I am put in a squad car until a cop comes to get my statement and asks me what happened.

Me: “They wanted a refund, and I couldn’t give it to them since I’m just a [Delivery App] driver.”

Cop: “The lady here called and said you threatened her and that you were assaulting her husband on their front lawn. Do you have any way to prove your side?”

Lucky for me, I have a dash cam in my car, and I left the windows down. The cam caught some of the action from the front door on video and the rest caught audio of the man demanding a refund and threatening me, me telling him to back off, some audio of the struggle, him telling me he was going to kill me, and even me telling him to calm down.

Apparently, a neighbor across the street had a doorbell camera, and it also captured the incident with video and some audio.

The cops then let me go. They got my information and told me that my story seemed straight. I pressed charges against the man and was told by the cops they would call me if they had more questions.

I also reported them to [Delivery App] and included a copy of the police case number from the record in my county. That should be sufficient to get them banned.

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