No Doctor Can Save Her From That Entitlement

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I’m in the checkout line behind another customer. While her payment is being processed, the customer takes out her phone and begins a phone conversation.

Cashier: “Ma’am, would you like your items in paper or plastic?”

She waves him off, speaking on the phone.

Customer: “What was that?”

The cashier bags the items in plastic.

Cashier: “Would you like your receipt?”

The customer grabs the bags, still on the phone.

Customer: “Could you repeat that?”

Cashier: “Would you like your receipt?”

Customer: *Into the phone* “Hold on a minute.” *To the cashier* “EXCUSE ME! I am on the phone with my doctor! I would appreciate it if you would stop interrupting me! This is important!

She continues her phone conversation. The cashier then hands the woman her receipt. She grabs it, points to her card still on his side of the counter, and snatches it from his hands when he hands it to her. She storms out. I walk up to the counter feeling bad for the cashier.

Me: “Wow. I’m so sorry. I have no idea what her problem was. You must be having a really long day.”

Cashier: *Sighs* “Every day is a long day. Do you have your rewards card?”

My transaction went smoothly, but I still feel bad for that cashier. He handled it so well and was very patient and courteous. I filled out the email survey they sent me commending him.

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Best To Stick To A Single Phone Call

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I work at a help desk for a company that has employees use an automated phone system to enter the time they worked, while their employers, who are mostly elderly or disabled, use the same system to approve them. Because it’s a phone system that we often need to train these clients on, we recommend they call the system with a separate phone and put it on speakerphone so we can guide them through the system, and therefore train the clients.

I’m on the phone with an elderly client.

Me: “Does this phone have speakerphone capability?”

Caller: “Yes, it does.”

Me: “Okay, please call [phone number].”

The caller dials the number and puts the second phone on speaker so I can hear. An automated system picks up, but it’s a perkier voice than the system our company uses.

Automated System: “Are you looking to talk with hot singles? We have the hottest men just waiting to take your call!”

Caller: “Oh, my!”

Me: “Ma’am, please disconnect the call. That’s not our system!”

Caller: *Hangs up the second phone.* “Oh, dear, I definitely didn’t call the right number.” *Pause* “Maybe later, but not now!”

We both had a good laugh over that one. I wish I had more callers like her!

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When You’re Into A Different Kind Of Fantasy Movie

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Me: “[Company] mail order, [My Name] speaking; how can I help you?”

Caller: *Hesitant voice* “Hi, um, I, um… what do you guys do there, please?”

The speaker seems pretty confused but very pleasant so I’m not worried.

Me: “We make toy soldiers for table top games, ma’am. Is there something specific you were looking for?”

Caller: “You see, my name is [My Name] and I work at Hot Chicks Videos in California.”

Me: “Um…”

Caller: “See, we keep getting calls from kids who want orcs, and confused grannies, and…”

I chatted with the caller for a bit, and it turned out that their phone number and ours were essentially the same, except that theirs was an 0-800 number and ours was a 1-800.

This adult call centre was getting so many calls from people wanting to buy toy soldiers that they’d had to lose the “Hot Chicks” part and start answering the phone with just, “Videos.”

It was genuinely one of my best calls working for that company.

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Just Take Your Wrong Number And Go

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I am working at home with a lot of deadlines in hand. I use a mobile hotspot to connect to the Internet and my work relies on it. Whenever someone calls my phone, the hotspot connection turns off automatically, stopping me from doing work.

One day, I receive a call from an unknown caller. Thinking that it might be my client, I pick up.

Caller: “Hello, Mrs. [Other Name]?”

Me: “No, sorry. Who is this?”

Caller: “Do you have anyone in your house that goes by [Other Name]?”

Me: “No, I don’t, sorry. You’ve got the wrong number.”

As I am going to hang up, she stops me.

Caller: “Then who am I speaking to? What’s your name?”

Me: “I don’t see why you should know my name. I’ve told you, you’ve got the wrong number. I don’t know anyone by that name. Now please terminate the call; you are disturbing my work.”

Caller: “Why are you so upset that I want to know your information?”

Me: “Because I’m not your client whatsoever, and that is private information that I would not share with a stranger like you. You also did not answer when I asked you who you are, right?”

She continued to rant, so I terminated the call and tracked her number on an app to see who she was. Turns out, she was a debt collector for an online credit company. I still don’t understand why she needed my name, even though I clearly stated that she had gotten a wrong number.

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Hold Up! Put Me On Hold!

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I work for an inbound telecommunication company. Our role is to answer calls for companies that cannot do so themselves and pass the details of the caller for a call back. Calls come in automatically when you hear the beep. This night is a particularly slow night so there are no queues.

Me: “Hello, this is [Business]. They’re not available at the moment, so can I have your name and number for a return call, please?”

Customer: “You could wait, you know!” 

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Customer: “It only rang three times before you answered! I wasn’t ready yet!” *Hangs up*

I’ve heard of people complaining about being on hold for ages but never about someone answering the phone “too quickly.” Besides, why are you calling if you’re not ready to be answered?

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