Dealership Slip

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(For about a month, I have been getting calls from some random guy looking for a local car dealership. Whether I am at home, in class, at work, or out with friends, he keeps trying. My cellphone number is exactly the same as theirs apart from the last number, and this guy always dials mine. One day, he calls again. I immediately recognize the number and decide to have some fun because I am so fed up with it.)

Me: “[Car Dealership]. This is Frank. How can I help you?”

Guy: “Finally! I’ve been trying to reach you guys forever, but I kept getting some kid.”

Me: “Well, that’s unfortunate. What can I help you with?”

Guy: “I’m looking for [Car], but I’m not really sure what to get.”

Me: “Not a problem. I can talk you through our options and get you into something you like.”

Guy: “Great!”

(I proceed to go to the dealership’s website and go over every feature available. By the end of the call, I have “sold” him a car, with everything he wants, for a great price. And for the record, I NEVER take any money-related information from him.)

Me: “All right, sounds like you got a great car there.”

Guy: “Oh, my God! Thank you!”

Me: “You’re welcome. Just come on down to the dealership and ask for me, and we’ll get everything squared away.”

Guy: “Excellent! I’ll see you in about an hour. Bye!”

Me: “See ya!”

(I then immediately called my carrier and changed my number. I don’t know what happened to him, but I imagine he was quite embarrassed when he arrived.)

Not Getting With The Program

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(I’m working in tech support for an insurance broker. We frequently get sales calls from vendors wanting to know what kind of software we use, so they can offer us their software to use, instead.)

Me: *answers phone* “Tech Support, this is [My Name].”

Vendor: “Hi, this is [Vendor] calling from [Company]. We have it written down here that you are still using [Program]; is that correct?”

(We’ve used several of the same programs for so long, some of the names have changed, including the companies that make the software, in some cases.)

Me: “That sounds familiar, but let me check; it’s not a program I normally get into unless there’s a problem with it.”

Vendor: “That’s fine.”

(I mute the phone so I can ask a coworker, and I search our system to see if we have any documentation for the program in question.)

Vendor: *thinking I can’t hear him, because he can’t hear me* “Come on, Mr. IT Guy. You need to reboot the whole system just to know what you’re using?”

(Stunned, and not sure how to proceed, I decided to keep him muted a little while longer just to waste his time, and then I hung up on him without another word. Not sure if he ever called back again.)

Doesn’t Have To Wi-Fi Try-Try

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(Before I start college, I live with my brother and my dad in an apartment while I am job-hunting. After I start college, I move out, but I never manage to forget the Wi-Fi password. The phone rings. I see it’s Dad and I pick up.)

Me: “Hey, what’s up?”

Dad: “Hey! What’s the Wi-Fi password again?”

(Trying not to laugh, I give him the password.)

Dad: “Okay, thanks!”

(We’ll chatter for a little bit to catch up, maybe a few minutes, and then hang up. I haven’t stepped foot in that apartment for four years now. This call happens almost verbatim about every six months.)

Counseling Is Not Their Calling

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(I’m the scheduler and operator for a counseling office.)

Me: *answering phone* “Good afternoon. This is [Counseling Office], [My Name] speaking. How may I help you?”

Caller: “Uh… Who is this?”

Me: “[My Name] with [Counseling Office]. How may I help you?”

Caller: “Um. What is this place?”

Me: “We’re a counseling office.”

(I was thinking, “Shouldn’t you know, since YOU called US?”)

Needs To Address How To Impart Information

, , , , | Right | February 7, 2018

(I’m the scheduler and operator for a counseling office.)

Me: *finishing up scheduling their appointment* “Okay, you’re all set. And do you know where we’re located?”

Caller: “Oh, no. I don’t.”

Me: “All right. Our address is—”

Caller: “Wait, I’m driving and I can’t write this down. Could you text it to me or something?”

(I can’t help thinking, “Why are you calling to schedule appointments when you’re DRIVING?!”)

Me: “Certainly. Is the number you gave me a good number to text it to?”

Caller: “No, that was my home and work number. Hold on. I don’t remember my cell phone number.”

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