Sam Beckett Has Leaped Into The Phone Line

, , , , | Right | October 28, 2019

(It’s a typical morning at work, before the afternoon crowd gets in. The phone rings.)

Me: “Hello, thank you for calling [Store]. This is—”

(There’s a sound over the line, like someone dropping the receiver on the other end. Once it stops, I try again.)

Me: “This is [My Name]. How can I help you?”


Me: “Hello?”

(I’m about to hang up, when suddenly a voice comes over the line so loudly I have to jerk the phone away from my ear.)

Caller: “Oh, boy!”

Me: “Hello?”

(No response. The caller never says another word, and after a minute, I just hang up.)

Manager: *seeing my expression* “What’s wrong?”

Me: “I don’t know.”

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Techno Tantrum

, , , , | Right | October 14, 2019

(I’m the dumb customer in this story. One day, all of a sudden, my mp3/aux port in my car is not working. No sound comes out at all. I try with a different cord and the same happens. I make an appointment at the nearest dealership. I go in and talk to one of the employees.)

Employee: “It’s your mp3 player, right? Okay, so, do you use your phone or…”

Me: “I use my phone.”

Employee: “Okay, looks like we have the same phone. Let’s try my phone first before we do a diagnosis and have to charge you.”

(We go over to my car and connect his phone and… it works.)

Me: *frustrated* “Oh, my God, really? Must be my phone… I’m gonna have to go get that repaired…”

Employee: “Well, let’s check your phone first. Can I see it?”

(I give him my phone and he connects it, and it works. I groan.)

Me: “Really? How… it must have been temperamental that day or something.”

Employee: “Yeah, I guess it just had a temper tantrum. All right, since everything’s working, we can get you out of here quickly with no charge.”

Me: “Thank you… I just feel so dumb.”

(I quickly left in embarrassment. Hopefully, it doesn’t have a tantrum again.)

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Before Adele Was Famous She Worked In A Furniture Shop  

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(I work front desk reception for a furniture store.)

Me: *answers phone* “Thank you for calling [Furniture Store]. How can I help you?”


Me: “Hello?”

Caller: “Hello? That’s how you answer the phone at a business?! You guys are so unprofessional!” *click*

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We Feel Sorry For Joe

, , , , , | Friendly | September 9, 2019

(One weekend morning I’m woken by my work cell ringing. I hurry over and pick it up.)

Caller: “Is Joe there?”

Me: “Who?”

Caller: “Ah, wrong number.”

Me: *slightly annoyed* “Yeah–”

Caller: *hangs up mid-syllable*

(I go to put the phone down but it rings from the same number before it leaves my hand.)

Me: *somewhat amused* “I think you dialed the wrong number ag–”

Caller: *aggressive* “I don’t appreciate how you said, ‘Yeah,’ earlier.”

(What follows is a blistering lecture about phone manners as this caller nearly shouts me down for my tone on one word. I don’t recall most of the details save for his farewell.)

Caller: “God Bless, f*** off, ya b****!” *hangs up*

(He never did the polite thing and apologize for calling the wrong number.)

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Some People Must Have Some Hangups About Hanging Up  

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(I don’t wait well. I get really antsy and frustrated when waiting in a line at a store, so I’ve started conversing with my friends over the phone, often through text, but sometimes talking. When it comes to my turn at the register where a friend and I are talking, I sign off with them and step up. More and more I get:)

Cashier: “Did you just hang up?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Cashier: “To pay?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Cashier: “Oh, my God! Here, have 10% off.”

Me: “That’s really not necessary.”

(Seven times so far! I’m not going to start doing this just to get the discount, but man, others must be annoying.)


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