Has No Hang-Ups About Hanging Up

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(I have little tolerance for rude people, and although my work has a no-hang-up policy, I often hang up on people who are yelling at me. This phone call occurs after a long day, five minutes before the end of my shift and closing time.)

Customer: “I’m looking for an item.”

Me: “Well, we have lots of items, so you’re going to have to be more specific.”

Customer: “What do you mean?”

Me: “Do you know the name or serial number of the product you’re looking for?”

Customer: *getting huffy* “Well, you’re the employee; you tell me!”

Me: “I can’t possibly know what you’re looking for without you telling me anything about the item.”

Customer: *yelling* “How dare you? I’m the customer! You should know what I want!”

Me: “Ma’am, if you don’t lower your voice, I’m going to hang up on you.”

Customer: *still yelling* “You can’t hang up on me!”

(I hang up. The phone rings and I answer after a few rings.)

Me: “Thank y—”

Customer: *screaming* “How dare you!”

(I hang up again. The phone rings and I ignore it, but pick up quickly when it starts ringing again.)

Me: “Thank you for calling—”

Customer: *yelling again* “Now, you listen to me!”

Me: “No, you shut up and listen to me! You called and asked for an item, then got angry when I asked for specifics of said item! I’m not psychic and can’t read your mind. So, you’re either going to stop yelling at me and talk to me like a normal human being, or I’m going to keep hanging up on you. The choice is yours!”

(The woman screeches into the phone so I hang up.)

Coworker: “It’s amazing they haven’t fired you yet. But then again, who else would we give the irate ones to?”

(By then it was time to close, but the phone rang for the entire 45 minutes my coworkers and I were closing up shop.)

Transferring The Lies

, , , | Working | September 4, 2017

(My husband’s grandmother has sent me a birthday card with cash in it and I’d like to call and thank her. However, I’ve got a new phone with no contacts in it, my husband is busy at work, and we don’t really talk to any of his relatives, so I decide to call the retirement home to see if they’ll help connect me or pass along a message. They connected me the previous year with no hassle. I explain my problem and ask if they can connect me, or give me her number, or pass along a message).

Receptionist #1: “I don’t know. I’ll put you through to [Receptionist #2].”

Me: *explains again*

Receptionist #2: “She’s not in my department. I’ll connect you with [Manager #1].”

Me: *explains again*

Manager #1: “I don’t know. I’ll put you through to [Manager #2].”

Me: *explains again*

Manager #2: “It’s illegal to give out someone’s number.”

Me: “Oh. Last year they did. Can you connect me directly?”

Manager #2: “No, they didn’t. You’re lying. I can’t connect. That’s illegal.”

Me: “Oookay, well, they did give me her number last year and then proceeded to connect me.”

Manager #2: “Stop lying.”

Me: “Woah, there’s no need to be rude. It happened. Legal, or otherwise, it happened. Can you leave her a message?”

Manager #2: “I’m not being rude. You’re lying. We can’t transfer calls on our phones. No i won’t leave her a message. She doesn’t want to talk to you.”

Me: “You can’t transfer any calls?”

Manager #2: “No. It’s a single line.”

Me: “At all.”

Manager #2: “No. And it’s illegal and you’re lying.”

Me: “Okay, now you’re being rude and ridiculous. I was transferred three times today before speaking to you. And I was helped immediately last year. And, even if they weren’t supposed to do it, it still happened. Shouting at me that I’m lying doesn’t make it so.”

(She started to speak, but I hung up. I later got the phone number from my husband and called to thank his grandmother for the card.)

Husband’s Grandmother: “Why didn’t you just call reception, they could have transferred you!”

Turn Up The Volume On Their Self-Awareness

, , , , | Learning | September 4, 2017

(The small college library I work in has a strict no-phones policy for students; i.e., devices on silent and no voice calls. Unfortunately, we have to remind students about it on an almost daily basis. On this particular occasion, a woman is working on a computer and takes a call on her mobile. I go across to her.)

Me: “Excuse me; you’ll have to take your call outside.”

Student: “Oh, sorry!” *into the phone* “I’m in the library, I’ll just have to go outside…”

(She leaves, but as the library doors and walls are entirely of glass, and she stands in the hall just outside the door to hold her conversation, everybody inside the library can hear her side of it, and it’s clearly a call about a job opening. After a five-minute discussion, she comes back in and calls over to the desk where I’m working:)

Student: “Sorry about that!”

(She then returns to her seat, but soon comes up to my desk.)

Student: “Excuse me, but the students sitting near me are talking and making so much noise that I can’t concentrate.”

Me: *stunned at her brass neck and lack of self-awareness*

Student: “If you could just tell them to be quiet, or ask them to leave…”

Me: “I’ll certainly ask them to be quiet if I hear them making any noise, but I can’t ask them to leave.”

(The students in question were being quiet at that point, although I eventually did need to speak to them, but I couldn’t get over the gall of the woman after having disturbed the entire library with her phone call!)

He Got Cold Feet

, , , | Related | September 1, 2017

(I live away from my family, but speak to them regularly. This night my younger brother takes the call so we’re catching up.)

Brother: “I got fired.”

Me: “How did that happen? I thought they really liked you?”

Brother: “They did! But I think walking barefoot into the freezer was frowned upon.”

Me: “Why the h*** would anyone do that?!”

Brother: “Well, you know how you can get your tongue stuck to a lamppost?”

Me: “Yeah?”

Brother: “I wanted to see if it would happen with my feet?”

Me: “And did it?”

Brother: “No.”

Me: “…”

Brother: “At least I know now!”

I’d Say That Definitely Counts As Being Mis-Sold

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(In the UK, there was a massive incident of Payment Protection Insurance [PPI] being mis-sold between 1997 and 1999. As such, when the information was first released, there were a lot of cold callers offering to get this money back – in most cases, a scam. After several years, it petered out. Recently, the deadline to claim it back is coming up, resulting in more calls. I get a call on my mobile from a number I don’t know, but it is a landline so I answer it, though I am suspicious.)

Caller: “Good evening, Miss, how are you?”

(Immediately I know it’s a spam call)

Me: “Who are you?”

Caller: “My name is [Name] and I am calling from [Financial Company]. I believe you are [Male version of my name]?”

Me: “It’s [Female Version]. What do you want?”

Caller: “I am calling because I believe you have been mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance. I want to help you claim it back.”

Me: “No. I’ve not been mis-sold PPI.”

Caller: “Are you sure? You may have been sold it without knowing if you took out a loan between 1997 and ‘99.”

Me: “Definitely sure.”

Caller: “How can you be so sure?”

Me: “I was six. Bit of a risk lending to a six year old.”

(He hung up.)

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