The Kids’ Version Comes With Jesus Juice

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(This takes place at a fairly nice restaurant at the table next to where I am sitting.)

Customer: “Can you remake this Bloody Mary?”

Waitress: “What’s the problem with it?”

Customer: “It’s too weak! I can barely taste the Mary Juice!”

Waitress: “I will have them remake it with more… Mary Juice.”

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Jesus Promised Eternal Life And Free Tacos

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(I am a shift manager at a fast food restaurant. A new assistant store manager has just joined our team from another store, and it’s her first day here.)

Customer: “Any chance I can get some free tacos?”

Assistant: “Sorry, I can’t give away free food. I could be fired.”

Customer: “What?! You can’t give me two tacos?”

(This goes on, with the assistant manager reiterating that she can’t give away food, and the customer insisting she should.)

Customer: “You know what? Fine!” *throws a sign across the counter*

Me: “Hey! You need to leave now!”

Customer: “Jesus would have given me free tacos!”

(He then picks up the register and throw it towards me. Luckily, it’s still plugged in and doesn’t go far. He then storms out. For the rest of the day we have to take front-counter orders on the drive-thru register.)

Me: *to the assistant manager* “So… welcome to your new store!”

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(Working fast food is never easy, and sometimes we have to deal with things other than customers. IE: faulty components. It had been raining hard in the morning to mid-afternoon, causing our drive-through speaker to short out, as the wires under the box are not insulated. The customers can hear us, but we can hardly hear them. being the lunch rush, we started getting a large volume of vehicles coming through the drive through, but due to the broken box, we had to take orders one by one at the window, causing a large back up. One lady wait in line for about 5 minutes, decides it’s taking too long in the drive through and parks to come inside. There are only 4 of us working the line at the time, trying to help get the orders out accurately. she wait in the store after placing her order for another 5 minutes, then storms up to the counter.)

Lady: “I’ve been waiting for my order for well over twenty minutes, both here and the drive through! Where is it?!”

Co-worker: Ma’am, due to the recent storm, our speaker box outside isn’t working right. Our staff are working as fast as they can for every customer, and yours should be out soon.”

(we get her order out, and no more than a minute later she returns to the counter, furious.)

Lady: “My order isn’t right! First I had to wait, now this! All you lazy a**holes in the back there aren’t doing your job right! I’m calling corporate!”

Co-worker: “Ma’am, I assure you that we are doing our best as–”

Lady: “Well it isn’t good enough! where is your manager?!”

Me: *sighing quietly, I take off my gloves, walk away from the line, and up to the counter* “Hello Ma’am, My name’s [name], and I’m the Manager In Charge, what seems to be the issue?”

Lady: *in the most sarcastic tone* “Well Mr. [name], I’ve waited over half an hour for my food, both in the drive through and in the lobby then when I get my food it isn’t even correct! What kind of establishment is this?!”

Me: *keeping calm, I try to explain the issue* “Well thanks to the recent rain storm we had here our speaker is a bit–”

Lady: “Yeah yeah whatever! Excuses! Fast food means I am supposed to get my food fast! Not wait an hour to get it! I’m calling corporate and I hope your a** gets fired!”

(the lady then tosses the bag of food at me, and storms out the store, gets in her car and nearly runs down another customer walking in. My boss calls me over after we get the box fixed and the rush ends, near the end of my shift, and I explain the story to him.)

Boss: “Even if she does call corporate, *which she did* it’s not your fault that our speaker box has faulty wiring.”

(The corporate call gets tossed away and deleted like it never happened.)

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I work as a cook in an open-air kitchen, meaning the customers can walk right up and see all of us preparing their food. My section is also right next to the servers cash register and I can hear people when they place their food order.)

Customer: Hey…um…your turkey feta salad, is that vegetarian?

Cashier: …no. It has turkey in it.

Customer: Oh. Ok…I thiiiiink….I’ll get the chicken caesar salad.

Cashier: Are you SURE you want the CHICKEN caesar salad?

Customer: (very snotty) That’s what I said!

Cashier: …you’re ok with the chicken part right?


Stealing Away Their Complaint

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(I am an assistant at a store. We wear red shirts and jeans or khakis. Typically we only have two to three people on staff per shift. My cashier hands me the phone.)

Customer: “I was just in there. I bought a lot of things, and a young man said he was told by the employees to take my things out to my car for me. He walked out, didn’t put them in my car, and said, ‘Bye, b****,’ and took off with my bags.”

Me: “I am sorry, ma’am, but there is not very much I can help you with. Would you like to file a police report? I might actually be able to pull up the video if you give me the time this happened. I could even burn you a copy to give to the police.”

Customer: “No, I don’t want to file a police report. The man said your employees told him to help me to my car; I need you to fix it.”

Me: “I don’t think I can help you, other than with a DVD of the incident. Was he wearing our uniform? Did you ask the cashier for help? I don’t see how we are at fault. I do apologize that this happened, but there really isn’t much I can do.”

(She continued to repeat herself and ask for someone higher up, so I asked her to call in or come back Monday morning. I got curious, checked the video, and found the man she claimed took her items. I went over and over the video; he bought dog food and toilet paper bagged in two separate bags. He did pick up two of her bags, but he also did take them to her car, and as I saw him leave he only had his two bags. Not sure if she was trying to scam us or genuinely believed the bags in his hands were hers.)

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