Always Free To Complain

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(If a passenger has paid a base fare, they can purchase a transfer for a $1 to get on the next bus they need. The fare box on my bus jams and won’t accept paper money. This means all passengers ride free; can’t take the fare from one, can’t take it from any of them. As I’m picking up passengers, I tell them the ride is free and to have a seat. One passenger looks confused.)

Passenger: “I need a transfer.”

Me: “I can’t sell the transfer, as my fare box is jammed, so you’re riding for free.”

Passenger: “But I need a transfer for the next bus. How am I going to get on my next bus?”

Me: “You still have your original fare in your hand, and you can use that.”

Passenger: “Ugh! I’m going to call your customer service line and file a complaint.”

Me: “But you’re riding for free this trip. You don’t need a transfer.”

(When she left the bus, she was still grumbling about getting cheated. I would love to have heard that call to customer service.)

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Dead For A Dollar

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(The cashier is scanning my items, and picks up a decorative owl for Day of the Dead.)

Me: “That didn’t have a price tag and it was the only one there. So, if it is too much of a problem, don’t worry about it.”

(I’m worried about it, though. El Día de los Muertos is my favorite holiday and I’ve fallen in love with this owl. I don’t want to leave the store without one; even though it is a big box retailer, I’m not sure if other locations would have it.)

Cashier: “Did you get it from the front?”

Me: “No, it was in the back with the seasonal.”

Cashier: *thinks, taps a few buttons, types in $1* “Does a dollar sound good?”

Me: “It sounds very good. Thank you!”

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Getting A Sinking Feeling About This

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Customer: “Should I put gravel in my fish tank before or after the water?”

Me: “It’s a little easier to get the water level where you want to be it by putting the gravel in first. Aside from that, it doesn’t really matter.”

Customer: “Well, I already put water in. So, if I get this gravel…” *picks out a small bag* “…and try to put it in now, will it sink?”

Me: “Er, yes. Gravel’s just a bunch of small rocks.”

Customer: “Well, I don’t know anything about this; I’m new to fish tanks. You’re sure it’s not just going to float?”

Me: “It’s a bag of rocks, ma’am. Rocks sink.”

Customer: “I’m new to this! You’re sure that it won’t float?”

(She continued to ask at least five more times throughout the rest of the conversation whether or not gravel sinks in water. She still didn’t seem to believe me by the time she left.)

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Unfiltered Story #92752

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(I’m doing a trash run at my store. I’m already in a rotten mod because the trash room is overflowing, the third shift crew ignored it…again, and the trash collectors won’t come until the next day…maybe. I have one can left to change, an outside double can with trash on one side and recycling on the other. My rotten mood turns absolutely foul on seeing that the can apparently hasn’t been touched for twelve hours, and is absolutely overflowing. As if that wasn’t bad enough, there are three bags of trash piled on TOP of the can! They look like they’re full of plastic bags. As I’m fuming and trying to decide the best way to clean up the mess, a coworker comes out for her smoke break. She takes one look, and comes over to help. She picks up one of the bags on top of the can….)

Coworker: “Oh. These are diapers. These are full of dirty diapers.”

Me: “Are you serious?!”

Coworker: “Oh, yeah. *picks up the other bags* These are all full of dirty diapers.”

(Yeah…some lazy, ignorant PIG thought our trash can would make a great diaper pail! It took four trips to empty the can, two trips per side.)

Dog On Demand

, , , , , , , | Right | February 23, 2010

Customer: “Hi, I need some help.”

Me: “Of course, sir. How can I help you today?”

Customer: “I want to buy a dog.”

Me: “We don’t sell dogs or cats here. Our company has a policy against it because of the number of unwanted dogs in animal shelters.”

Customer: “What the h*** are you talking about? Of course you sell dogs. They’re right there!”

Me: “Actually, that’s our grooming salon, where customers can bring their pets for a haircut or bath. Would you like me to show you the adoption computer?”

Customer: “It’s nice that you’re making the dogs pretty for me. Now, when can I see them?”

Me: “Those dogs belong to other people, sir. It’s a grooming salon.”

Customer: *sighs* “Fine, I get it. They’re all sold.”

(The customer sees a woman walking by with a Labrador on a leash.)

Customer: “I’ll take that one, then. I can get a discount since it’s a floor model, right?”

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