All I See Is Tennessee

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I’ve got a little over an hour left in my shift when a gentleman comes to the counter. He’s pleasant but insistent throughout the interaction.

Me: “Hello, sir, how can I help?”

Customer: “I’m here to pick up my meds. I got a call saying they were ready, but I’ve got new insurance. I wanted to see if it was cheaper than the coupon I’ve been using.”

Well, that’s easy enough. I do that at least ten times a day, feels like. I enter his card information and go to see where his prescription is. Unfortunately, it’s not in my system.

I just kind of sigh at this point, because I know what comes next. I pull up his full profile and, sure enough, it’s been sent to one of our sister stores. This happens frequently, as we share a road with another store, though I don’t recognize the number on this one. I start to look it up for him while letting him know the situation. When I open my mouth, though, he interrupts me, asking if the price went down.

This happens about four times before he lets me finish.

Me: “Sir, I can’t tell you yet. Your medication is at another location, and I can’t alter their files. I’ll have to call them to send the script to us so I can fill it, or you can drive there if you prefer.”

Customer: “Oh. Okay. Where is it?”

I glance down and see “Villages” in the name. I groan at that because that location is a few hours’ drive away. I start to tell the gentleman. Then, my coworker walks by, recognizes the number, and taps me on the shoulder.

Me: “Yes?”

Coworker: “You’re gonna wanna check that again.” 

I double-check and realize that the doctor has somehow sent the prescription to a location in Tennessee! I go a little slack-jawed at that, given that this patient has gotten this same medication, from the same doctor, at my store before. More than once. We’re in Florida.

Me: “Oh… Um, I’m sorry, sir, it would seem your prescription is in Tennessee.”

Customer: “How far is that?”

Me: *Pauses* “The state, sir.”

Customer: “Oh.”

Fortunately, we still share a network, and it’s a medication that, while he may want it, he can go without for a day without any issues.

Me: “Okay, so my coworker is calling right now. Once I get everything, I’ll figure out the price. If you’d like, I can have everything ordered in tomorrow?”

Customer: “I wanna know the price first. I gotta compare others to [Competitor]. Y’know?”

Pharm hopping. Great.

Me: “Okay, I just got it; it’s $20. Pretty good, given your coupon was over $100 more, eh?”

Customer: “Oh, yeah, definitely. Can I wait for it?”

Me: “Err, I don’t have enough in stock for a full fill, sir.”

It is a fairly hefty script, and we are waiting on a supply order.

Patient: “Well, I need some now.”

Me: “I’ll check with the pharmacist, but I can probably get you enough for a day, and then you get the rest tomorrow?”

Customer: “What if I just get it?”

Me: “I… don’t follow?”

Customer: “Well, my girlfriend is in town. We’ll just get in her car and go get it at the pharmacy it was filled at. It’s just down the road, right?”

I don’t know if he forgot what I’d said, or if he forgot what Tennessee is, but I decide not to push it.

Me: “I’ll just… get you the loaner. You don’t want to make that drive.”

I hand him the loaner amount and he then complains that the doctor sent the wrong script!

Customer: “Yeah, that’s why I’ve gotta talk to him in a couple of weeks. He gives me the wrong amount. I’ve been taking five a day, not four!”

I just take a breath.

Me: “Well, I can’t help you there. The doctor’s word is kind of law back here.”

Customer: “Uh. Can you just put that back, then? I’ll get it tomorrow.”

Frustrated, I pass the bottle back to my coworker, apologizing.

Customer: “Yeah, I’ll just get it tomorrow, if it’s cheaper. I’ve got about three days left, anyway.”

I waited until all other patients were out of earshot before I just started laughing like the Joker, hunched over.

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A Stupid Side Of Society Has Been Unmasked

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Our state is under a mask mandate and the requirement that one be worn is clearly posted at the entrance to this, and every other business I’ve visited in the last few months.

A couple of weeks ago, late February 2021, I was picking up a prescription from my local pharmacy. One person was at the counter and there was only one person in front of me in line. Although the young lady was wearing a mask, it was pulled down to cover only her lower lip and chin. She turned a bit, saw me, and pulled the mask up, but only for half a minute; then, she pulled it down and held it away from her face as she coughed!

She pulled it back over her mouth after but didn’t cover her nose, even when called to the counter. As she finished picking up her prescription, I heard her say to the cashier:

Customer: “I work customer service, too. Don’t you just hate it when people refuse to wear masks properly? They make me so angry!”

Then, she pulled the mask back down to her chin as she walked away.

Yeah, I don’t like those people, either, and less so the hypocrites!

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Unable To Re-Coup From That

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I am ringing up a woman in her mid- to late forties.

Me: “Do you have any coupons or gift cards?”

Customer: “No.”

Me: “Your total is [total].”

She pulls a huge bundle of coupons out of her purse and tries to hand them to me.

Me: “Sorry, I cannot accept your coupons as I’ve already totaled the sale. You’ll need to take your receipt and the coupons to the front-end office and they’ll give you the total value of your coupons in cash.”

Customer: *Screaming* “You’re only doing this because I’m black! You’re racist! My brother is the chief of police and I’m going to get you fired!

I say nothing as she rants, having the attention of the entire front of the store. When she’s finished, I look her straight in the eye.

Me: “I am not a racist. I believe that a**holes come in every color.”

I look over to my manager in the office and just know that I’m going to be fired. The lady is flabbergasted. She loads her bags into her shopping cart, pays me, grabs the change and receipt out of my hand, and charges over to the front office.

My manager asks me to follow him to the management office. I’m prepared to be fired and my heart is beating at an unhealthy rate. We enter the office, and he closes the door and begins to laugh.

Manager: “I need to write you up, but that was the funniest response to an irrational customer!”

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There’s No Vaccine For Idiocy, Part 2

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: TomokataTomokato | April 19, 2021

I’m waiting in line at a pharmacy to get some over-the-counter sinus stuff. A man not wearing a mask is in front of me.

Pharmacy Tech: “Sir, can you please wear a mask?” *Offers him one.*

Customer: “I don’t need no mask. I got the shot. I got papers to prove it!”

With a triumphant flourish, he slaps a piece of paper on the counter.

Pharmacy Tech: “Good for you for getting the vaccine, sir! But you still need to wear a mask.”

He starts shoving the paper at everyone in the vicinity, demanding that they look at it.

Customer: “I don’t need no mask! I got the shot! Look! It says right here!”

I try to back away but alas, I’m not quick enough and I get a good look at the paper. It’s a printout that says:

Paper: “Today’s Date

Mr. [Name] got the Covod vaxine.

Signed, Doctor [Name]”

The typos really made it work. The tech is trying really hard not to laugh in this guy’s face.

Pharmacy Tech: “Sir, you must wear a mask or I won’t be able to serve you.”

He blustered a bit longer, threatening to call the “Vaccine Police” on her but she held firm. Eventually, he relented and wore one that he’d had in his pocket, presumably next to his “vaccine receipt.”

The entire farce was so absurd I wasn’t even annoyed at the waste of time. When he is finally gone I tell the tech:

Me: “You did an amazing job. Have you gotten many like him?”

Pharmacy Tech: *Weary. *****”No, he was the first.”

Her tone made it very clear she did not expect him to be the last. Thanks so much to all pharmacy workers for what you do!

There’s No Vaccine For Idiocy

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The Best Medicine Is A Friendly Attitude… And MEDICINE

, , , , | Working | April 6, 2021

I have come over to the US from the UK to work in our Florida office for a while.

While I am there, a recurring — irritating but not debilitating — medical condition flares up, so I decide on my next Saturday — I don’t work on Saturdays — to go to the pharmacy to get some of the usual medication — available over the counter in the UK — that I know will alleviate the symptoms.

There is quite a line, each member of which seems to be elderly, loquacious, and an old friend of the worker behind the counter, so it takes me quite some time to get to the front of the line. No worries. I have nothing else planned for the morning.

“Yes?” is the brusque greeting of the person behind the counter. I have just opened my mouth to speak when another gabby old woman comes sailing past me right up to the counter and starts a conversation with the staff member, completely ignoring the fact that there is another transaction about to take place.

I do the polite thing and wait for them to finish, standing aside quietly. In due course, that conversation finishes and the staff member’s attention finally focuses upon me once more.

Staff: “You still here?”

Me: “Well, yes, er …”

Staff: *Snapping* “What do you want, then?”

Me: “Er, can I have some [medication], please?”

Staff: “No, you can’t.”

Me: “Pardon me?”

Staff: “You need a prescription. Next!”

And another of her dear old friends came up to the counter to barney away as though they hadn’t seen each other for absolutely HOURS.

I gave it up as a bad job and took my destined-to-remain-unmedicated self out of that place and down to the beach, instead.

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