Feline In The Mood For A Christmas Miracle

, , , | USA | Hopeless | April 5, 2016

(I do volunteer work for an animal rescue group. As is very common for small rescue groups, we are always short of money and volunteers often spend their own money for food and supplies. One year, a pet food store has an awesome deal sale on a specific brand and flavor of canned cat food, so I go to stock up. As I am loading cases of it up, someone jokingly comments:)

Stranger: “Your cats must really love that stuff… How many are you feeding?”

Me: “I don’t know how many there are now. I’m buying this for the shelter cats so they have a good Christmas dinner. Did you want some?”

(He didn’t; he was buying a different brand, so I think nothing of it and go to check out. The cashier gives me the total and suddenly the same man reaches over me to hand his bank card to the cashier.)

Stranger: “The cat’s Christmas dinner is on me this year.”

(To the random stranger who bought seven cases of cat food for rescue cats: I still remember you after almost 15 years. Thank you so much.)

A Friendly Bill Of Health

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(When I was 19 I had just moved into my first apartment. I got a kitten from a friend’s cat that had kittens. I suffered from severe (suicidal) depression at the time, barely leaving the house or doing anything. Once I had a kitten to care for, I had a lot more motivation to care for myself. It was a huge step in getting myself into therapy and recovering. No matter how bad things got, I always had my baby kitty who always loved me. She lives with me for 18 years in reasonably good health but eventually, her kidneys give out and it is her time. Unfortunately, I have just lost my job and we are pretty broke. As we are long time, reliable clients of the vet, they agree to let us pay in installments. I sell some crafts I make online so I make social media posts promoting my craft site to help cover the costs of my baby kitty’s euthanasia and cremation. About a week later of stressful, sad job-hunting and desperate crafting, I get a phone call from the vet:)

Vet: ” I have some news for you”

Me: *confused* “Okay…”

Vet: “Someone called in and anonymously paid your bill.”

Me: “What…?”

Vet: “They made us swear to keep it anonymous, but your entire vet bill has been cleared up. You don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

Me: *sobbing uncontrollably*

(I don’t think I will ever be able to thank that anonymous donor enough. My kitty was a literal lifesaver. Losing her (even after having her for 18 years) was crushing to me. I worried the stress was going to push me back into the depression again, but this act of kindness brought me back. Thank you.)

Raising A Child That Gives A Crap

, , , , | UT, USA | Hopeless | April 1, 2016

(I’m walking through a big dog park, where people often leave their used dog bags behind them, and it gets kind of gross over time. I see a mom bag up her dog’s poop, and then drop the bag on the trail.)

Four-Year-Old Son: “Mommy, you forgot the bag.”

Mom: “Oh, honey, we’ll get it on the way back out.”

Four-Year-Old Son: “But we need to throw it away.”

Mom: “It’s too far to the next trash can. We’ll get it later.”

Four-Year-Old Son: “But Mommy, we can’t just leave poopy behind.” *picks up the bag and hands it to his mom* “We’ll find a trash can soon.”

My Pet Halloween Project

, , | Northampton, PA, USA | Friendly | December 16, 2015

(I have two black cats, both of who in their youth liked to sit on the windowsills and look outside. One Halloween, I’m handing out candy to trick-or-treaters and both of the cats decide to sit on the windowsill and watch the children come and go. A very small child and her mother come to get candy.)

Mother: “So what do you do with them when Halloween’s over?”

Me: “I beg your pardon?”

Mother: “The cats. What do you do with them when Halloween’s over?”

Me: “They aren’t a decoration, ma’am. Those are my real cats. They’re actually alive.”

Mother: “I know they’re real; I can see them moving. I want to know what you do with them when Halloween’s over?”

Me: “Ma’am, they’re my pets. They’re not decorations. I don’t put them in storage when Halloween’s over.”

Mother: “But what point is there to keeping them outside of October?”

Me: “Because they’re my pets! I adopted them as kittens and I love them every day of the year, because they’re living beings and not decorations!”

(Her child seems eager to go get more candy, so they finally start to leave, but I can hear the mother mumbling on the way down my stairs.)

Mother: “But why would anyone want a black cat outside of Halloween?”

Turn That Arrrrr Into An Awww

, , | PA, USA | Right | November 17, 2015

(It’s about a week before Halloween. I’m working at a pet store when a man walks in dressed like a pirate. The entire time we’re having this conversation my coworker and I are trying not to laugh.)

Customer: “I would like to look at your parrots.”

Me: “Parrots? Yeah, we have those right over there in the bird section.”

(He asks a few questions about the various birds we have on sale and eventually decides on a Sun Conure.)

Customer: “Thank you! Now the seas won’t be so lonely!”

(He came in a few days later with his new pet to buy some bird toys and to show us the tiny pirate bandana he made it.)

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