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Pure Howling Entitlement

, , , , | Right | August 5, 2021

I volunteer with a non-profit wolf hybrid rescue. We have wolfdogs of varying degrees, from low-content wolf to high-content wolf. About half the facility houses the adoptable animals in separate pens.

We have a permanent group of wolfdogs that we can never allow to be adopted. They live together as a pack. If wolfdogs were continually coming in and out of the pack, it would be traumatic for them.

These wolfdogs also act as ambassadors for the rescue, helping to raise money to keep the rescue going. On weekends, for a fee, people can visit with the pack inside the pens and interact with the wolfdogs — under close supervision, of course.

Some of the pack will travel to events like county fairs. We set up a chain-link caged-in area with three wolfdogs. People can pay a fee to enter the pen, pet the animals for a few minutes, and have their pictures taken with them. There are always two volunteers in the pen for safety reasons. While the wolfdogs are mostly domesticated and well-behaved, they are still, after all, part wolf! We have to be careful that their tails will not get stepped on, etc., and generally make sure that the humans are behaving appropriately. We also have a few volunteers outside the enclosure selling merchandise, answering questions, and making sure safety protocols are followed.

Me: “Ma’am, please don’t allow your child to put his fingers through the fencing into the enclosure. Fingers look suspiciously like hot dogs to a wolfdog.”

Lady: “Oh, okay, then.”

Not two minutes later:

Me: “Ma’am! Do not put your fingers inside the enclosure, either! They look suspiciously like even bigger hot dogs to a wolfdog!”

Later, I’m tasked with a wolfdog for a walk — on leash, of course. We give each animal a break to stretch its legs. It is customary for people to stare and ask questions. The top two questions are, “Can I pet him?” and, “Can I give him something to eat?” The answers to those questions are, respectively, “Of course!” and “Absolutely not!”

Man: “Wow, is that one of those wolfdogs?”

Me: “Yes, it is. This is [Wolfdog].”

Man: “He’s huge. Can I pet him? Can my daughter pet him?”

I notice his three- or four-year-old daughter eating ice cream.

Me: “Of course, you both can. He loves a good scratch between the ears. But your daughter is eating an ice cream cone. She can’t have that in her hands when she approaches [Wolfdog]. He will try to eat it and that’s a food that he cannot have.”

The man goes to his daughter and takes the ice cream cone from her hands. The little girl approaches. I kneel down next to [Wolfdog] so I can greet the girl and show her how to properly pet him. While my attention is on [Wolfdog] and the girl, the father comes up out of my vision line and suddenly thrusts the ice cream cone in front of the wolfdog, who promptly scoffs it down before I can do anything.

Me: “He is not supposed to have food like that! I told you! Why on earth would you do that?”

Man: “I wanted to show my daughter what it looks like when a wolf eats. It’s just an ice cream cone. My dog eats them all the time. It’s no big deal.”

Me: “Yes, it is a big deal. He’s a high-content wolf. He eats 100% raw meat only. That’s it. Nothing else. You have fed him something that he’s never had in his life, and we have no idea how it might affect him.”

Man: *Backing off with his daughter* “I just… wanted to show her… not a big deal.”

I stood and walked in the other direction. When I returned to the wolfdog exhibit, I let the leader of the rescue know what happened. He told me it would be okay, that one ice cream cone certainly would not do any harm. But if we let every person who approached feed the wolfdogs junk? That would be unhealthy.

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This Wet Blanket Is Throwing In The Towel

, , , , , | Romantic | July 27, 2021

I dated a woman for a little over a year when I was twenty-five to twenty-six. She was funded by her family in China but she preferred to take whatever work she could find to give herself some extra cash. One of those odd jobs she took was to house sit for someone for a week. When her time there was coming to an end, she asked me to come pick her up and help her finish her final tasks. The homeowners had a dog, some small- to medium-sized poodle mix.

Girlfriend: “We need to give [Dog] a bath before we go.”

She had never had a pet of her own, but I grew up with dogs and cats so I am well versed in typical dog behavior and care. We entered the master bedroom and I made sure to close the bedroom door. Once I went into the bathroom and started filling up the tub, the dog figured out what we were going to do so she stood with her nose pressed against the bedroom door as she wished to flee.

Once I got the tub ready, I went back out of the bathroom to figure out why my girlfriend had not brought the dog to me yet. I found her kneeling by the dog.

Girlfriend: “Come on, [Dog]. Oh, please, [Dog], it’s okay. Please, [Dog]…”

Me: “[Girlfriend], you’re not going to talk the dog into doing what you want her to do; you just have to make her do it.”

The dog seemed pretty gentle and timid so I bent down and picked her up with one arm under her chest and the other under her hips and carried her into the bathroom. She didn’t struggle as I put her in the tub and she eventually relaxed as I showed my girlfriend how to wash a dog.

When we were done, I grabbed a bath towel to dry the dog and my girlfriend angrily rebuked me.

Girlfriend: “What are you doing?! You can’t use their towels for this!”

Me: “Why not? This is what they are for.”

She was aghast and impatient with my apparent foolishness and rudeness.

Girlfriend: “No! It’s rude to use towels to clean a dog! This is not your house!”

Me: “They’ve had this dog for years; she’s obviously used to being bathed. I guarantee you that they use their towels to dry their dog every time.”

My girlfriend couldn’t be persuaded that it is normal for dog owners to dry their dogs with towels. She decided the best thing to use to dry the dog was… the blanket she’d been sleeping with. I told her that she wasn’t making sense but tried to dry the dog with the blanket. Obviously, the blanket was not designed to be the optimal moisture absorber, so it took a lot of rubbing to try and get the dog halfway dry. Her fur was still matted and damp and she started rubbing herself against the floor.

To my horror, my girlfriend beckoned the dog to the sliding glass door to put her in the backyard.

Me: “No, don’t let her out yet. Let her dry more first!”

Girlfriend: “She has to stay in the backyard when we leave.”

Me: “I know, but let’s do that last. She’s just going to roll in the dirt and get muddy.”

She didn’t listen to me and put the dog outside without another word. I watched as the dog immediately rubbed herself on the ground and got her wet fur caked in mud.

I helped my girlfriend put the blanket in the washing machine and run it, put away clean dishes, and do a few other tasks before I drove her home while contemplating the bizarre experience. It probably comes to no surprise that we broke up later; I could no longer deal with her stubbornly sticking to such strange expectations.

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Can’t Chow Down On His Reasoning

, , , , | Right | July 22, 2021

I’m working reception at a vet’s office when I see one of our more unpleasant clients come into the lobby. He has a habit of bringing his dog in off-leash, often causing issues with our other patients. On this occasion, he does not have his dog but is carrying a metal pet food bowl. He comes up to my window and firmly places the bowl in front of me.

Me: “How can I help you today?”

Client: “Is this food okay?”

Me: “I’m sorry? I’m not quite sure what you mean.”

Client: “My dog won’t eat it.”

Me: “Oh, I see. Have you recently changed brands? Pets are creatures of habit, so they can sometimes be put off by a change in their food.”

Client: “No, it’s the same food I always feed him.”

Me: “Okay. Has he been unwell at all, or recently injured? Sometimes pain or illness can put them off their food.”

Client: “No, he’s fine. He just won’t eat this.”

Me: “I see. I’m afraid I don’t know why he won’t eat it. If you’d like, I could set you up with an appointment—”

Client: *Interrupting* “I just want to know if this food is okay. I mean, does it taste bad?”

Me: *Taken aback* “I… don’t know, sir. Have you tasted it?”

Client: “What? H***, no! I don’t eat dog food!”

Me: “Neither do I, sir, so I can’t offer an opinion.”

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Barking Up The Wrong Discount

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: freshtohospitality | July 11, 2021

I work in a very popular National Park area. We are a pet-friendly hotel that only charges $25 per pet — the cheapest in the area. Yesterday was crazy with dog owners. All have to sign the pet policy that they will not leave their pet unattended in the room for any length of time. We even have a fee of $100 if the dog is a disruption to other guests and we know no one is in the room.

After receiving four complaints about one room’s dog barking nonstop since 5:00 am and not being able to get a hold of the guests, we discounted the four rooms and charged the discount to the room with the barking dog. This totaled less than the $100 fee and it made all the guests happy.

Now, the cherry on top. Another room came up for checkout and demanded a discount because her own dog kept her up by barking when other people walked past her door. I looked up at her like she had lost her mind. I pulled up her reservation — no pet fee added. So, instead of getting a discount, she had to pay us. She was not happy.

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Context Matters

, , , , | Working | July 6, 2021

Everyone in my agency is working from home with daily online meetings. I have two German shepherds, and they are normally let outside when I’m on the computer, but today it is raining. I shut them in the bedroom, which is right next to the wall where my computer desk is located.

About ten minutes into the meeting, they start to whine. German shepherds have really loud, obnoxious whines. I’ve finally had enough.

Me: *Yelling* “Quit whining and I’ll let you out of the bedroom!”

No, I was not on mute.

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