Dog-Gone Crazy

, , , , , , | Working | July 26, 2019

(I am leaving shortly on an international trip, and I’m leaving my two dogs at home with a sitter. A few days before my trip, my dog-sitter cancels due to a family emergency and I’m left scrambling to find someone to watch them. I’ve made arrangements for a woman from a dog-sitting website to meet my dogs the same day to make sure it’s a good fit. This is what happens after she arrives at my house.)

Me: “Thanks for coming over. I’ll let you meet [Dog #1] and [Dog #2] separately, and then together. They’ll be really excited to meet you; they love people.”

(I let them each out and then let them out both together. They sniff her, and she doesn’t seem to pet them or act interested at all, so they run off to play together in my room. )

Me: “Okay, so, this is the bedroom you’ll be sleeping in. They need to be fed twice a day and walked at least three to four times a day. I’ll leave emergency contacts for you in the kitchen. Do you have any questions?”

Sitter: “Look, I just can’t handle this. I’m sorry.”

(She then starts to cry. I’m really confused because the dogs have greeted her but not growled or barked, and she looks terrified.)

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry. Was it something I said? Are you okay?”

Sitter: “No, it’s the dogs. I’ve always had a fear of dogs, to be honest, and I thought this would be a good way to get past it, but it’s just not for me.”

(Thankfully, I found a sitter that didn’t fear dogs, but I couldn’t understand why she would advertise sitting services for an animal she is afraid of.)

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You’re Going To Need To Sit(ter) Down For This

, , , , , | Right | September 1, 2017

(I have a regular job, but I also have a side job pet- and house-sitting. I charge different rates depending on how far I’d have to commute to my regular job, how many pets the client has, etc. I’ve recently finished a job with [Client A], who lives near me and only has one cat. She has recommended me to [Client B], who contacts me.)

Client B: “Hello, I need to hire a sitter. I’ll be out of town for 12 days.”

Me: “Hi, thanks for contacting me. First, a few questions.” *I ask for relevant info.*

Client B: “I have three dogs and two cats, and my address is [street]. [Client A] told me you charge $35 a day.”

Me: “Well, [Client A] was getting a different rate. For your care, I’d have to charge a bit more.”

Client B: “Why?”

Me: “[Client A] lives much closer to me and has one cat, whereas you’re on the other side of town and have multiple animals. It would take more travel and more work.”

Client B: “They’re easy to take care of. Just feed them and let them in and out.”

Me: “Even so, it would still be a much longer drive for me to get to work. I’d be spending extra time and gas every day.”

Client B: “Work? I thought this was your work.”

Me: “I also have a day job. Sitting is nice supplemental income, but it’s not steady enough for me to pay rent from it alone.”

Client B: “Rent? Why would you pay rent? Don’t you just live at your client’s houses?”

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I’m Not A Cat (Remembering) Person

| Right | December 5, 2016

(I’m meeting a new client to sit for her three dogs while she is on vacation, the only pets she had informed me about via email. Right on cue after she finishes introducing the third dog, a cat runs up the stairs, meows, and throws himself down at my feet for attention.)

Client: “Oh, right! I have a cat, too…”

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