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(I’m the difficult customer in this story. We rent our house and have just recieved a call from a pest control company after our real estate requested an annual pest spray).

Caller: Is there a time/day that suits you best?

Me: Ummm… Not really, It varies drastically. When do you guys want to come?

Caller: How about 8am Thursday?

Me: Oh my husband works night shift.

Caller: Say no more, how about 3pm the following Thursday?

Me: Ah… Can we make it a week later?

Caller: Sure, how about 3pm that Wednesday?

Me: Yeah… Oh wait… Let me check the calendar… (fiddles on my phone to check the calendar)… Yeah that works.

Caller: Okay, 3pm that Wednesday…

Dinner Has Been Exterminated

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(My husband has gone to the kitchen to cook dinner and has just gotten all the pans down and ingredients set out when the door opens. It is the exterminator.)

Husband: “Hi. What are you doing here?”

Exterminator: “The landlady paid me to come out and spray for bugs today.”

Husband: “Oh… at dinner time?”

Exterminator: “Yeah, I got busy.”

Me: *when the story was told to me* “Oh, good. The landlady didn’t pay him to poison our dinner; that was an optional service.”

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Me: [Company name], this is [My Name], how can I help you?

Customer: Yeah I am looking to buy some products you sell

Me: Certainly. What company are you with?

Customer: Oh I am just a licensed individual.

Me: Oh well, unfortunately, we only sell to businesses in the food and grain industry. I would recommend you try contacting [Other pest control company] or the manufacturer.

Customer: Why should I have to do that if I am licensed? [Pest Control Company] is my competitor, why should I buy from them?

Me: Uh…well, I’m really sorry, but we do not sell to individuals.

Customer: Fine, well you should know that I am a US-licenced auditor for places like the ones you service. And I will make sure to do a real good job in the future.

Me: (…what? Was that supposed to magically make me able to sell to him? How would he even know the locations we service?)

I’m Not A Snake Oil Salesman

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(I run a small business catching and relocating venomous snakes from people’s yards and public areas. Australia is up top of the list for deadliest snakes in the world. I get a phone call one morning from a very anxious person saying they had a black snake in their yard. From the accent it sounds like they are not local to Australia.)

Me: “Can you see the snake right now?”

Customer: “YES! YES! YES! It’s right beside the kid’s pool. Come get it! Get it now!”

Me: “Okay, sir, slow down a moment and give me your address, and just to advise it’s a $[total] call out fee, even if the snake moves away.”

Customer: “That’s fine! Come get it!”

(I quickly drive to the address, armed with my usual equipment, to meet the petrified client, who rushes me into the backyard and points towards a little wading pool for the kids. I move towards it carefully and to my shock… it’s the customer’s garden hose. He didn’t want to pay but he also didn’t like it when I pulled one of the boxes out of my car with a six-foot Eastern Brown Snake in it and told him I needed a place to relocate this snake to. The cash appeared quickly after that.)

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Has Slugs And Snails And Puppy Dog Tails

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Customer: “I need someone to treat around my water meter.”

Me: “What kind of pests are you seeing?”

Customer: “I am not sure. They are either scorpions or rats. They have tails.”

Me: *aside to coworker* “Puppies have tails. Do you think there are puppies in his water box?”

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