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(We are outrageously busy)

Me on Front counter:”Sorry guys I’ll be right back I have to help cook”

Waiting to order customers: “Ok that’s fine”

As I’m in the kitchen a lady walks up to the counter and yells: “Excuse me have you forgot about us!?” 

Me: “No, we are just really busy and coworker needs help in kitchen”

Angry customer: *scoffs and walks away*

Me: “So sorry about that here’s your food”

Customer: “That’s not what we ordered god can’t you get this right!?”

(Another customer walks up to me) 

Other customer: “Sorry we grabbed the wrong number”
(I take his food to him and then the other lady her order)

Customer: “About D*** time” 

Coworker (who is also manager):”Someone’s happy!”