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I answer the phone for a small take-out place:

Me, “Good Afternoon, is this for pick-up or delivery?”
Customer, “uh…Delivery- do you deliver to…”
Me, “Let me go check”

I talk to my boss who tells me we do not deliver since this man has tried to rip us off and is always quite rude toward staff.

Me, “Sorry sir we do not”
Customer, “Why not?! You use to!”
Me, “Sorry, we just changed our polices in delivery”
Customer, “Always a problem with this place!”

Silence, I wait a few moments he says nothing so I assume he hung up not wanting delivery. I hang up and the phone rings a few moments later.

Customer, “Why did you hang up on me?”
Me, “Sorry sir I thought you did not want to order, you went silent.”
Customer, “That is rude! How dare you hang up on a customer! You could have asked if I wanted pick-up!”
Me, “Again I apologi…”

Customer Hangs up, a few moments later he calls back again,

Customer, “So you really do not deliver?”
Me, “No, I am very sorry sir we do not deliver”
Customer, “I will pay extra”
Me, “No sir”
Customer, “Let me speak to a manager!”
Me, “Sure”

I call my boss over, he literally tells him the same. He calls back about three times they spend lengthy conversations where my boss tells him we do not deliver. The customer threatens to write a bad review.
My boss tells him, “Go someplace else, please”

A little bit later we get a call from an unknown number:

Me, “Hello this is _______ is this for pick-up or delivery?”
Customer, “uh…pick-up”
Me, “Sure, what would you like?”
Customer, “Lists a few items about $30 worth”
Me, “Thank you, it will be about 15min”

A moment passes, the phone rings with the same number,

Customer, “Actually cancel that order…I will go someplace else!”

Talked to my boss said he knew it was him (since it is what is would have regularly ordered) and told me if he called back at anytime after, tell him you will call the cops. He never did call back but gave us a 1 star on Yelp for not delivering to his location.
(Note: I did think it was the same guy calling back but a lot of people on the phone sound alike so I did not want to call someone else out by accident.)

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The associate at customer service has just paged me to answer a call that was for jewelry since half of our callers don’t choose the extension option when calling and just say what department they want when the reach the customer service desk. I answer the phone and say my usual speech.
Me: Thank you for calling Store Name this is My Name in jewelry. How can assist you today?
Customer: Can I talk to you about toys?
Me: I’m sorry can you repeat that. Did you say toys?
Customer: Yes, I want to speak with someone in toys.
Me: Okay let me transfer you.
I’m not sure how she thought I was toys but first, she didn’t choose the toys extension and had to tell the customer service associate she wanted jewelry. Then she heard me say I worked in jewelry and still thought that was correct?

I Wonder If That Was His Final Form?

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I’m a pharmacy technician who greatly enjoys video games. My head pharmacist does not. Still, she sometimes tries to use “gaming terms” to better motivate me during the crazier shifts, although she usually ends up asking, “Was that right?” Today was one of those days.

Just before the end of my shift, a very intimidating customer drops off a script for a controlled item and stays at the counter for several minutes to instruct me on how it is to be done. For the record, as far as I have been taught, if certain controlled items are only partially dispensed, then the remainder is void and a new script would need to be written for more. This is one such item.

Customer: “The last time I was here, your other pharmacist denied me this prescription because you did not have enough in stock. The time before that, they only gave me half and never the rest. I never had this problem in [County next to ours]. I don’t know why doctors in this backwoods county have no balls, but you will fill this today. If you do not have it all today, then you will give me what you have and then the rest of the script next week.”

I make sure to keep eye contact and say little more than “okay” as they rant about government prescription coverage and more about medical professionals “not having balls,” including something about another pharmacy wanting to overcharge them this morning, which is why they are back to “deal with us.” They are practically shaking with restrained anger by this point.

Customer: “Also, you will never give me one of those stickers again! I have been taking [medication] for over twenty years. I worked at [Nearby Hospital]. I know how to use it!”

Me: “My apologies. We are now required to add those stickers to the bottles of all [medications].”

Seeing they are about to explode in another tirade, all 5’2″ of me cringes and I hastily continue.

Me: “But I will add a note to your profile today.”

The customer is seemingly placated for now.

Customer: “Fine! Make sure they never give me another safety cap again, too!”

Me: “Okay. I will get started on this with my pharmacist.”

The customer stalks off to wait. I assure my pharmacist and a coworker, who have both been listening in, that I will be fine, and we all agree to get the customer out as soon as possible. After filling them in, we actually get to work on the script, as corporate has been breathing down our necks about any customer complaints, and refusing this person would very well end up giving us one. My pharmacist says she will ring up the sale, but I insist, telling her I can finish this. As I call the customer back up, I can see that they have had time to cool off and have visibly deflated a little.

Customer: “Look, I’m sorry for my tone. This whole government system has me so fed up!”

They continue to, more politely at least, repeat their previous rant about Medicare and doctors with “no balls” as I quietly ring up the sale. At one point, they even notice they forgot an item, and I go the extra mile by heading out to grab it for them. By the end of the transaction, we are actually having a partially civil conversation.

Customer: “Anyway, thank you for the help.”

We wait until the customer is gone before I turn to my pharmacist.

Me:That is what we call a Boss Battle, and I just pwned its a**!”

Looking back, I added all the notes, including a warning for future shifts, but forgot to double-check the safety cap. I’m going to need some hi-potions and phoenix downs if they show back up tomorrow. Still taking the win tonight!

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The End Is Just The Beginning

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I work for a company that manufactures technology for quick-service restaurants. My team supports a computer we made for a large fast food chain that is used to view training videos.

A customer calls in on July 4th. Since we have a limited staff, I’m not able to get to this ticket until two days later. The restaurant phone number we have on file is no longer in service, so I call the customer on his cell.

Me: “Hi, this is [My Name] from [Company]. I was calling about your training computer.”

Customer: “I called this in over 24 hours ago! Why are you only calling me now?”

Me: “I apologize for the delay; we had a limited staff over the holiday and most of us were pulled to work on other products. I’m just now working through the backlog.”

Customer: “Well, this is ridiculous. I should be getting help right away! Why aren’t you guys more reliable?!”

Me: “Again, I apologize for the delay. The ticket I have here says you weren’t able to watch some of the training videos. Can you describe the issue in more detail?”

Customer: “Every time I watch the ‘Getting Started’ video, it stops at a certain point and won’t go forward.”

I check to make sure the software is running properly, the network connection is stable, etc.

Me: “Well, I’m not seeing anything wrong at the moment. Would you be able to go through the video with me while I monitor the software to check for any errors?”

Customer: “I’m not at the restaurant. You’ll have to call me on Monday.”

On Monday, I call the customer and get a similar tirade on how this is taking too long, etc. We go through the video and he tells me where it stops.

Me: “Okay, I think I see the problem here. That’s the end of the video. You need to close it and start the next one.”

Customer: “Oh… Well, it shouldn’t have taken you so long to figure that out!” *Click*

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Always A Good Idea

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I work in an office. Yesterday, a client was trying to reply to an email sent by [Coworker #1], but it was never received. The next morning, we are both the first in the office.

Me: “Hey, did you ever get that email from [Client]?”

Coworker #1: “Yeah! It went to my junk folder for some reason.”

Me: “Huh, weird.”

Curious, I start to peruse the junk folder on my computer. I am absent-mindedly clicking through emails while other coworkers file into the office.

Me: “Wow! I need to clean my junk!”

There is a pause while I realize what I’ve just announced and look up to everyone staring at me.

Coworker #2: “Well, good morning to you, too.”

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