Trying Wheely Hard To Be Sensitive

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My boyfriend uses a wheelchair. We’re at the pharmacy for his appointment to get the second dose of a two-course vaccine in 2021.

They have a table set up for check-ins. The employee checks him in and gestures us to an area a few feet away to wait. A minute or two later, another woman signs in. The employee gestures to our area.

Employee: “Please wait on the circle behind the gentleman in the…”

There is a very long, very obvious, very conspicuous pause. He finally says:

Employee: “…black T-shirt.”

I wanted to tell him it was okay and he didn’t need to worry, but I didn’t in case that would’ve made things more awkward. I know he only wanted to be considerate.

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The Second Charge Was The A**hole Tax

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I’m working at the customer service desk when a guy and a girl come up, maybe twenty at the oldest. He saunters up to the desk and puts his hand down, turning to his friend to roll his eyes. He mouths, “Watch this,” to his companion.

Me: *Smiling* “Hi, how—”

Male Customer:You are going to give me a refund.”

Me: “Did you buy something you didn’t like? I can take a look and—”

Male Customer: *In a mocking, sing-song tone* “No, sweet cheeks, you don’t understand.”

Me: “What did you buy?”

Male Customer: *Sighs* “I bought this VISA gift card here, like, two weeks ago? And you guys charged me twice.”

I’m almost sure this isn’t possible since each card has its own activation ID.

Me: “Okay, can I see the receipt?”

Male Customer: “Why? Just give me the money.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but in order to process a refund, I need to see how much was charged, the date, and how you paid.”

Male Customer: “Nooo. I went to [Mall Store] and you guys charged me twice for it.”

Me: “Umm, I think there’s some confusion. Can I see what you’re talking about?”

Male Customer: “Fine.”

He pulls up a transaction history on his phone, showing that he has used the card at various places, including the mall.

Female Customer: “See? Two charges. That’s theft. You could be sued!”

Me: “I see. So, here where it says [Mall Store] twice—”

Male Customer: “Yeah?”

Me: “That means [Mall Store] charged you twice.”

Male Customer: “Okay, so just give me back my money.”

Me: “I can’t do that. It’s—”

Female Customer: “Is it because he’s gay?”

Me: “No. It’s because we didn’t charge him.”

Male Customer: *Loudly* “You know I’m gay and you’re refusing a refund? Is that how [My Store] treats people?”

Me: *Firmly* “Look. [Mall Store] charged you twice. Not us. If it said [My Store] twice, then it would be our fault.”

Male Customer: *Scoffs* “Jesus, you are dumb! I paid you!”

Me: “To buy the card.”

Male Customer: “And now there are duplicate charges on my card!”

Me: “From [Mall Store].”

Male Customer: “I don’t know what kind of game you’re playing but—”

Female Customer: “Hold on. This says [Mall Store].”

Male Customer: “Yeah?”

Female Customer: “Did they charge you twice?”

Male Customer: “What?!”

He looks at the same list of transactions he showed me.

Female Customer: “You have to go to [Mall Store].”

Male Customer: “Oh.” *Pauses* “Ohh!”

They both laugh and playfully slap each other.

Me: “Okay, now that we have that sorted out, is there anything else I can help you with?”

Male Customer: “No. We figured it out on our own.”

Me: *Sigh of relief* “Excellent, well, you two have a won—”

Male Customer: “Did you know that God hates [gay slur]s?”

Me: *Tight smile* “You guys have a wonderful day.”

I gesture toward the store, hinting that they should leave.

Male Customer: “I love them!”

The girl blew me a kiss before they linked arms and walked away.

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This Is Not A Clean Return

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Customer: “I would like to return these shoes.”

After checking her receipt to make sure she’s still within the return period, I pull the shoes from the bag and begin inspecting them. The first thing I do is flip them over to check the soles, and I immediately see that the white soles are dirty.

Me: “I’m sorry, but these have been worn, so I can’t take them back.”

Customer: “But they hurt my feet.”

Me: “I understand that can be frustrating, but we can’t take them back since you wore them around.”

Cue a few rounds of the customer insisting I have to take them because they hurt her feet.

Me: “I’m sorry, but I really can’t issue you a refund for these.”

Customer: “Can I speak to a manager?”

Me: “I am a manager. To receive a return for an item, it must be in unused condition so we can resell it. These shoes are no longer new and I can’t resell them since they are obviously dirty and worn.”

Customer: *Without missing a beat and completely serious* “Then just clean them.”

Me: *Blinks a few times* “I’m… sorry. We… can’t do that. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

The customer put her shoes back in the bag and walked away. She was never angry or rude with me, but it completely baffled me that she seriously thought it was acceptable to return dirty shoes and expect us to just clean them and resell them as new.

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Welcome To Retail: The Gluten-Free Edition

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I am a baker at a popular cafe. The only gluten-free dessert we offer is a triple chocolate cookie, but there is cross-contamination, and we have to warn customers about this in case they are allergic. A teenage cashier who has just finished her training calls me over to help her with a customer.

Me: “Can I help you?”

Customer: “The triple chocolate cookie. Does it have gluten?”

It says gluten-conscious right on the tag, but it’s written pretty small, so it can be easy to miss.

Me: “No, but there is cross-contamination with things that do have gluten.”

Customer: “Oh, sweetie, I don’t think you understand. I want to know if there is gluten in the cookie.”

Me: “There is no gluten in the cookie itself, but it is around things that do have gluten.”

Customer: “But does the triple chocolate cookie have gluten?”

Me: “Are you allergic to gluten?”

Customer: “Oh, yes. But, not so bad that I have to worry about cross-contamination.”

Me: “Then you should be fine, ma’am. The triple chocolate cookie has absolutely no gluten, whatsoever.”

Customer: “So, there is gluten?”

Me: *Internally screaming* “No.”

The customer finally buys her cookie. When she is gone, I turn to the cashier, who looks like a deer in the headlights.

Me: “Is this your first job?”

Cashier: “Yeah.”

Me: “Welcome.”

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The Only Smith In Pennsylvania

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Me: “Hi there. What was the name for your order?”

Customer: “Smith.”

I look at my order screen and see two orders where the only name given is Smith. Fortunately, customers also have to give a phone number in case we need to contact them.

Me: “Okay, ma’am, we have two orders for Smith. Can I ask the phone number you gave for the order?”

Customer: “It’s under Smith.”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, I know, but I have more than one order for Smith, so if you could give me the phone number you used, I can determine which order is yours.”

Customer: “I don’t know. My daughter put it in under Smith. Just give me my order.”

Me: “Okay, do you know what she ordered? I can look for that, then.”

Customer: “Smith, it’s under Smith. Why is this so difficult for you?!”

Me: “Ma’am, there is more than one person named Smith that ordered tonight. I need either the phone number or at least what was ordered so I know which order is yours. I don’t want to give you the wrong order and then also not have the other customer’s order.”

Customer: “I don’t know the number. Just give me my order.”

Me: “Ma’am, at this point, if you can’t give me any way of knowing which one is yours, I can’t. If you’d like to call your daughter for that, then I can help you. Otherwise, the best I can tell you is to wait for the other Smith order to come in, and then I’ll know which order is yours.”

Customer: “This is stupid. I just want my pizza.”

She walks off dialing her phone. I ring out several customers while she’s standing off to the side talking to, I hope, her daughter on her phone. Eventually, a man comes up and says he’s there for Smith, I explain the two orders, and he chuckles as he gives me his number. I ring him out and give him his food.

Me: “Ma’am, I can ring you out now. I know which one is yours.”

Customer: “You mean I still have to pay after waiting this long?”

Me: “Yes, ma’am. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t tell which one was yours until now.”

She says into the phone that we’re charging her.

Customer: “My husband says we shouldn’t have to pay since you made me wait.”

She paid and then complained to corporate. Thankfully, the area VP called to ask what happened. When we told him, he said there was no way she was getting anything for not knowing what she ordered. Folks, please, at the very least, give a first AND last name on orders so this doesn’t happen.

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