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(This takes place in a pharmacy. Patient calls in, asking if we have a certain controlled substance in stock. We don’t, and the following ensues)
Patient: “What do you mean, you don’t have it? I’ve been getting it here for years.”
(I look up the patient’s profile. They haven’t filled it since January- it’s now July)
Me: “I’m sorry sir, it looks like we don’t have it. But if you could bring in your new prescription, we could enter it into our system and order the medication in for you. The order would take about two days.”
Patient: “Two days? What do you mean? I need it now! Today!!”
Me: “Unfortunately that’s how long it would take to get this medication in.”
Patient: “Do you want me to be in pain until then?? Why don’t you have it in stock? I get it here all the time, so it should always be in stock!”
Me: “It looks like you last picked this up in January, and we’ve not had any prescriptions since then. It’s not a common medication, so it’s not something we have on automatic order if no one’s getting it.”
Me: “Unfortunately we cannot order in a controlled substance without already having the physical prescription, so I can’t order this until you bring in the prescription. We haven’t had any prescriptions for it recently, so we haven’t ordered it.”
(This circular conversation went on for the next twenty minutes, and I had to hang up on him because he started cursing at me. Turns out he did bring in the prescription after my shift ended, and the pharmacist made sure to tell him not to treat his employees like that again!)

Delivering Back Some Bad News

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(I work in an office. I am absent-minded and forget to eat fairly often; therefore, I wind up ordering out a lot. Never had a single issue until Halloween, which I guess not only brings out crazy customers, but also crazy employees. My food is supposed to arrive at around 7:00 pm. It is late and I am getting hangry, so I contact the delivery folks just to check in. I’m trying to be patient. They contact the driver and then say she’ll be there in the next ten minutes. Cool. Then the driver arrives.)

Driver: “You know, I had until 7:39 to deliver your food.”

Me: “That’s fair; I was just going by the website, which said 7:00 to 7:10.”

Driver: “Well, my phone said 7:39.”

Me: “Awesome. All I care about is that the food is here. I’m a walking Snickers commercial, so I was getting a little crazy.”


(The driver proceeds to show the names and addresses of her six other deliveries.)

Me: “You probably shouldn’t be showing other customers’ information to me.”

Driver: “You probably shouldn’t act like you’re my only customer. I had seven deliveries to take. You needed to know I had other deliveries.”

(The driver storms off. I call up the delivery company and this conversation happens:)

Me: “So, y’all are in a call center, right?”

Call Center Rep: “Yes, sir.”

Me: “Do the words PCI Compliance mean anything?”

Call Center Rep: “Yes, why?”

Me: *relays details*

Call Center Rep: “Are you serious? That’s not okay.”

Me: “Yeah, I mean, what if I was a lunatic? She just handed me a list of victims. I mean, I know that’s outlandish to say, but—”

Call Center Rep: “—you’re worried that if she showed you their info, she’ll show yours to others.”

Me: “Precisely.”

Call Center Rep: “Don’t worry; we’ll sort that. That’s absolutely not something we do. We could be fined or sued for that. I’m going to refund your order and we’ll sort her out.”

(So in closing, if she blew up because I just wanted to make sure she was on her way, I’d hate to find out how she’s going to react to violating PCI Compliance.)

Graduated Up To A Personalized Service

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(I am picking up my medicine and in order to do so, you must give your name and birth date, including year.)

Clerk: “Name?”

Me: “[My Name].”

Clerk: “Birthday?”

Me: “[Date].”

Clerk: “That’s the same day I graduated. To the day.”

Me: “And year. Next time you ask, I’m just going to say, ‘the exact day you graduated.’”

Time To Start Taking Time Seriously

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(This is a conversation between my sister and a customer who is calling to inquire about picking up a car he just bought via auction.)

Customer: “What’s the latest time I can pick up a car?”

Sister: “Last load out is at 4:15 pm.”

Customer: “So, if I get there at 4:30 or 4:45, will they still load me?”

Sister: “No, sir. Last load out is at 4:15 pm.”

Customer: “Wow, so, you’re, like, serious about that.”

A Testing Set Of Circumstances

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(I’m taking my very first exam in my freshman Biology 101 course at college, which is in a huge lecture hall made to seat around 300 people. As I have anxiety issues, especially regarding time limits, I am allowed 50% extra time on tests. The professor and I have agreed that I will sit in the upper corner of the hall so no other students notice me when they leave and the next set of test-takers arrives. As the last of the first batch of students leave, the professor approaches me, but I think nothing of it.)

Professor: “The test is over; you need to hand it in now.”

(I continue on the essay questions.)

Professor: “I said, you need to hand in your test and leave.”

(I wonder who he could be talking to, and why they wouldn’t hand in their test.)

Professor: *takes my test off my desk* “For the last time, the test is over! You need to leave so the next class can take their test!”

Me: *shocked expression* “But you told me to sit here! We agreed about extra time!”

(The professor looks at me, remembers who I am, and immediately becomes flustered.)

Professor: “Oh! Oh, my goodness. I’m so sorry. With all the other students, I forgot. Here! Take all the time you need.” *hands test back and walks off*

(It took me a little while longer due to the shock and panic from my test being taken away like that, but I finished it up in time and ended up getting a great grade. The professor apologized again on my way out. In such a large class, these things are to be expected, I guess! And he was always very polite when we talked after that.)

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