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(My girlfriend and I work at the same clothing store, so I am watching all of those happen. It would be good to note that my girlfriend stands at around 6’2 and boxes for fun. My girlfriend is knelt behind a counter so you can only see the top of her head. This customer has been all over the store demanding the same thing, and is getting more and more agitated.)
Angry customer: *storms up to the counter my girlfriend at* I DEMAND you give me a f****** refund or I will kick your f****** a**.
Girlfriend: *stands up and looks down at the guy a good half a foot shorter than her* You’ll have to wait until the end of my shift but I’d be more than happy to.
(The guy stared at her for a moment, before running out of the store.)

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I used to think some stories on Not Always Right were fake, there’s no way people would say some of the things I read. After what I witnessed yesterday, I know it’s not fake! I was another customer waiting for my sandwich to be ready for pickup and witnessed this:

Customer approaching counter: “My friend just picked up a sandwich for me and it’s on the wrong bread. It was supposed to be [type of bread] but it’s white! I would never order white bread!!”
Deli worker: “I asked the woman what kind of bread the sandwich should be on, and she said white.”
Customer: “I would never order white!! Your menu is very confusing. See, your sandwiches are listed as ‘[Type of Bread]’ sandwiches, so they should be on that kind of bread!!”
Deli worker: “The name of this deli is [Type of Bread] Deli. That’s all that means. You still get to choose whatever kind of bread you want.”
Customer: “Well just because that makes sense to you, doesn’t mean it’s clear to customers! It’s confusing!!”
Deli worker, gesturing toward menu on wall: “See, it clearly says what you can choose from.”
Customer: “Well we had the to-go menu. I’m the customer and you should give me what I want!!”
Deli worker, with great patience: “Would you like me to give you a couple slices of pumpernickel bread?”
Customer: “Yes. Can I get some mustard too?”

(For the record, both the menu on the wall and the to-go menu were completely clear, and the staff asked me what kind of bread I wanted too. I got exactly what I asked for, just like the person who ordered this bad customer’s sandwich.)