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(We have a Gray, 15ft ladder that is specifically used for the Balloon Wall we have at the front of the store. The floor crew sometimes use this ladder when we need to do some stocking that is dangerous on our other ladders; as this one is more of a staircase-style ladder. Today, Myself and another member of the floor crew had been stocking some heavy helium tanks on top of one of our isles using the ladder, and left it in place to get more of the tanks. The ‘Employees Only’ chain is on it, but there are at least three children playing on it while their mother is shopping nearby when we return. Please note that we are close to a very wealthy neighborhood, and every team member has a radio on them.)

Me: Excuse me, ma’am, but your children can’t play on the ladder – it isn’t safe for them.

Mother: My precious angels can do whatever they want!

Me: No, they can’t. Notice the ‘Employee Only’ sign on that chain?

Mother: If they get hurt, I’m blaming you and the store anyway. Sue you for all you have, which probably isn’t much anyway.

Me: *launches into our liability spiel, which pretty much explains that I’ve given a verbal warning to her and the children and that I or the store cannot be held responsible if the children get hurt.*

Mother: I don’t care about any of that! My husband is a wealthy lawyer! I will sue if they get hurt, and win!

(We both hear a loud “THUNK” and the sudden sound of crying – one of the kids has hit his head on the cross-bar of the ladder. The mother drops what she’s holding and rushes to pick him up, coddling him)

Mother: Look what you’ve done, you wretched b****! I’m going to sue you for everything your poor a** has! You’ll be out of the job for this! *She starts throwing napkins and plates at me and my coworker, in full view of everyone at the registers*

(The whole time during this exchange, my coworker – unbeknownst to me – has been pressing the talk button on his radio. He says something I can’t hear, as I’m trying to clean up the items she is throwing at me. Suddenly my boss – a younger Asian man, has appeared in the isle.)

Boss: What is going on here? Why are you throwing things at my employees?!

Mother: She did it! This fata**, Incompetent b**** caused my precious angel to fall and hurt himself! I demand she be fired!

Boss: I’m not going to fire one of the best floor specialists because you and your child ignore safety signs. I heard her over the radio explain our liability and accountability contract, which states that a verbal warning is all she needed to give you. I will also not allow anyone to talk to any of my staff like this, especially the members of staff who have been here longer than I have been. Our employees are here to work, not to babysit. I am going to have to ask you and your children to leave, since you’ve shown that you cannot listen when someone says ‘no’.

Mother: *grabbing her children, two of which were STILL playing on the ladder* Well then! I’ve never been so rudely spoken to in my life! I’m still going to sue! Your c**** a** and that fata** c*** will be seeing me in court! *promptly leaves, with her children crying as she drags them away*

Boss: *turning to me* Go for a break… Lunch is on me for you having to deal with this.

(We got a very amusing email from our district manager the next day, talking about a crazy woman who demanded the “short fat girl with no hair and the stupid Korean” to be fired!)

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(For a bit of extra cash I was occasionally asked to look after a small shop belonging to a friend, selling novelty items and party costumes, a large group of well dressed French teenagers enters the shop and all are chatting excitedly, as it happens I speak conversational French having lived and worked overseas for a little while, so I’m quietly shocked to hear what I hear:)

Teen #1: *holding a plushy* ” This time I will steal this. Pascal, what are you going to steal here!?”

Teen #2: *whispering loudly* “I will steal that thing over there, I already stole one of those from the previous place.”

Teen #3: “It’s ok Jean, there is no need to whisper, he is a stupid ignorant Englishman, he understands nothing that we say, this time you distract him so that we can all steal again!”

Teen #4: “Yes! Don’t worry, they understand nothing, he is a stupid ugly idiot, hahaha! See!? We can say and do anything we wish here, they all know nothing! England is s***! The Queen is a dirty wh***! Hahaha!”

(They all laugh at their funny jokes, I’m of course stunned and wondering how to handle this alone, when it’s at this point a similarly dressed adult walks into the shop, and the teens all suddenly stop talking.)

Adult speaking French: “Now, what are you all doing in here my little children?”

Me speaking French: “Well, let me see, Pascal was just saying to his friend here how he was going to steal that toy that he has in his pocket, and Jean said he would distract me so all the others could steal something too, which they say they’ve been doing in all the other shops around here! Apparently all of us stupid ignorant English people don’t speak French, and therefore we deserve to have all our goods stolen by visiting French teenagers proudly bragging about their crimes in front of us, calling us nasty names, oh yes, and they insulted the Queen too, called her a dirty wh*** actually, just now, just before you arrived. Did I get all that right, my little children?”

The adult who was in charge of this party of visiting French shoplifters gasped and went very red and wide eyed, as did all the teenagers. The pocket was checked, the toy and many other varied merchandise from other shops was duly discovered hidden in various pockets and satchels, they’d practically stolen half the city! There was much sincere apologising by the adult, who was then joined by the other adults in charge as they caught up to the group, and after much astonishment and more apologising as each had the situation explained to them, a lot of very wide eyed and worried looking crying teenagers got marched off to return a lot of stolen goods and, I imagine, get into an awful lot of trouble!

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(My dad, sister and I walked into a Party City store to buy some supplies to make shoes for my aunt’s daughters. We had never been inside of the store before and we all stood for an entire minute staring at the brightly decorated store.)

Me: This is ridiculous.

Sister: Uh-huh.

Me: I’m going back to the car.

(My sister managed to grab me before I ran out of the store.

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(My sister used to work at a party rental supply place, and took calls at the front desk. Every day when she came home she would tell us about the ridiculous calls she would get, and one day came home with this gem:)

Sister: [Party rental supply], this is [her name].

Caller: What’s the cheapest thing y’all’s got?

Sister: Well, what sort of item are you looking to rent? We have a wide variety of-

Caller: Just the cheapest thing- what’s the cheapest thing y’all’s got?

Sister: Sir, I would need to know what you’re interested in; we have tents, tables, chairs, linens, bounce houses, utensils…

Caller: What’s the cheapest thing y’all’s got?

Sister: *sigh* Um, maybe a fork..? or a table skirt clip..?

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I work at a party store and we sell tons of Halloween product, including bags of spiderwebs, you know, like the kind you can’t go anywhere without seeing in the month of October. The following interaction is about a small bag of spiderwebs.

Customer: “Excuse me, but how big does this stretch?”

Me: “It’s not really a measurable thing because it depends how you use it”

Customer: “How many feet”

Me: “It depends on what you are doing with it, it will cover a surprising amount tho”

Customer: “How many feet”

Me: “I wouldn’t be able to say”

Customer: “How many feet”

Me: “5.”

Me: “Oh thanks”

….. Walks away then comes back

Customer “Are you sure it’s 5 feet”

Me: “Sure”

Customer: “Why is this bag more expensive than this one?”

Me: “Because the smaller one is 1 oz and the larger one is 4.01 oz”

Customer: “So they are the Same price”

Me: “No, one has more in it”

Customer: “But they are the same product?”

Me: “Yes, just one has more”

Customer: “How many feet is it”