Not The Flavor Of The Month

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(My mother’s boss visited the headquarters of a famous coffee brand in Switzerland for her work, and while there was given a flavour that she never tried before and really liked. She is also a regular at a [Coffee Brand] store in Paris and has a regular order there. This happens after she goes back to that store.)

Boss: “Hi, I’m here for my regular order, but would like to change it. I’d like to add some decaf and [flavour].”

Salesperson: “They haven’t had [flavour] since before I was born.”

Boss: “Can we please check on your computer?”

(The computer is checked by an older employee, who doesn’t find the flavour and insists it has been discontinued as well.)

Boss: “That’s strange, because I was talking with [Coffee Brand’s Vice-President] a few days ago, and he gave me [flavour].”

(Only after that did the older employee admit that [flavour] was actually a new flavour that hadn’t made it to the Paris store yet. They gave her free chocolates as an apology.)

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A Riot Of Color

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(Within our copy store there are about twelve copy machines. Every machine prints in black and white, except one. Our only colour copier is right next to our office. On its cover, and on the wall right above it, there are two large warning labels to advise people about it, since colour copies are six times more expensive than black and white. One thing about our copy cards: first, you buy one for 2€ — 1€ for the card itself, 1€ for the credit, so six black and white copies or one colour one. Then you can add credit on it for a whole year.)

Customer: *holding a perfect copy* “Excuse me?”

Me: “Yes? Can I help you?”

Customer: “I just bought a card. I did just one copy, and now it says my credit isn’t enough.”

Me: *knowing where this is going, and pointing to the colour copier* “Did you use that specific machine?”

Customer: “Yes! But I don’t understand what’s the matter.”

Me: “This one is a colour copier. Copies are 0.92€ a piece when you use it.”

Customer: “Oh, no! I only wanted a black and white copy! I needed the text, without pictures! Well, now, I guess you have to refund me.”

Me: “I’m truly sorry, but we use only a card system. Hence, we don’t keep any money in our office, and anyway, we’re prohibited to do any kind of refunding.”

Customer: “Come on! Why not?”

Me: “This is a self-service. We can help you to do your copies, but if you don’t ask for our help, if the copier works fine — which it did — we can’t do anything at all, even if you mess your copy. I’m sorry!”

Customer: “But I’m asking for your help right now!”

Me: “I mean help before doing any copy.”

Customer: *angry* “But it’s false advertisement! You didn’t warn me about it!”

Me: “Actually, we did.”

Customer: *angrier* “Really? And how was I supposed to know that it was a colour copier?”

Me: “There are labels on it, and on the wall in front of you.”

Customer: *getting more and more angry* “Nobody f****** reads these posters!”

Me: *now bored out of my mind* “Yes, I think you’re right. And that’s the main issue there. We are in a library where nobody even bothers to read.”

(In a way, I guess being a smart-a** didn’t help me to keep that job more than four months.)

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Language Barrier Before The Ticket Barrier

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(I am visiting my dad in Paris, but since I live in Germany and both my parents are German, my French is a little rusty. After some stressful time on the train to Paris, I have to find the right metro. I am already near an anxiety attack when I am approached by an older lady. The whole conversation takes place in French.)

Lady: “One euro? Two euros?”

Me: *confused stare, since she has interrupted me in my search for my metro*

Lady: “One euro? Two euros?”

Me: “What?”

Lady: “Do you speak French?”

Me: “Um, no, I don’t speak it very well.”

Lady: *mocking tone* “Oh, you don’t speak it well? Oh, well, you’re in France, aren’t you?”

Me: “Yes?”

Lady: “So, you speak French!”

(I feel very oppressed by her attitude; her tone is outright aggressive, and she comes nearer and nearer, so I snap.)

Me: “What do you want from me? Leave me alone!”

(I walked straight away from her, but while I searched for my trains, she tried to approach me several more times. I’ve never run so fast to the station. And lady: Just because I am in France, it doesn’t mean I speak French! I was in Switzerland once, but I still don’t speak their accent. But the rest of my stay at my dad’s apartment was lovely, and showed me why I love this country!)

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At that time I worked for a company which sells computer specifically designed for old people and computer noobs (with a specific user interface very simple, with big buttons and all functionnalities color coded) and did a little lvl2 tech support for them in addition to developpement.
So we get calls from people who had never touch a computer before…

Caller: hello, a messaged appeared when I tried to print something and said that I need to change the cartridge of my printer.
Me: Yes sir, your cartridge must be empty. What is the brand and model of your printer?
Caller : its [brand name]
Me: Allright, and the model? It should be just after the brand on the front or on a white paper panel on the back.
Caller: I don’t find it…
Me: that’s no problem, what color is your printer? (I open a google picture search and look for all printers to find his model)
Caller: Black
Me: Ok, is the printer rather squared or rectangular?
Caller: I don’t know…
Me: is it wider than high?
(after a good 15 minutes of this kind of question, I actually find his model)
Me: Ok, so this model is pretty simple, you just have to go buy a black [Brand] [Model] cartridge, open the little lid in front of the printer (and another 10 minutes of discussion to explain him step by step how to do it) And that’s all
Caller: That’s too much of a hassle! I will just buy a new printer it will be easier!
Me: (after loosing more than 30mn with him for nothing) You could do that sir, but it will cost you much more than just replacing the cartridge!
Caller: It’s not worth the hassle, I don’t want to loose my time! bye!

Thanks for making me loose my time sir…

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At that time I worked for a company which sells computer specifically designed for old people and computer noobs (with a specific user interface very simple, with big buttons and all functionnalities color coded) and did a little lvl2 tech support for them in addition to developpement.
So we get calls from people who had never touch a computer before…

Caller: Hello, I have a problem with my printer. I put a color picture and it came out in black and wite
Me: Ok sir, you must have clicked on the wrong button, click on the green tab to go to the printer page. Then you click on the “do a color copy” button and not the other one labelled “black and white copy”. It should print you a copy of your picture in color as you wanted to.
Caller: No, you don’t understand, my picture is black and white now.
Me: What do you mean? the printer printed a black and white copy of your picture, that’s right?
Caller: No, the picture I put in the printer is black and white!
Me: So… You put a black and white picture and want to copy it in color???
Caller: No! you don’t understand! I put a colored picture in the printer and that picture is now black and white! I want it colored like before! You ruined my picture!
Me: You are telling me that you put a colored picture in your printer and that your original picture has changed to black and white?
Caller: At least! You youngster don’t understand a simple thing! That’s what I’m saying from the begining!
Me: Sir, this is impossible…
Caller: I assure you that my picture is now black and white! you f***ed up an old family picture, that’s innaceptable!
Me: Sir, could you please open the lid of the printer in order to see the glass panel that is in there.
Caller: Oh, there is my picture
Me: Is it still in color
Caller: Humm… Yes… Bye *Click*