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I work in a store that requires us to wear an all black polo shirt, black jeans and a clip on yellow name tag. On this day, I am on a ladder stocking product with a regular female customer not too far away. She always stops in after her shift and her uniform is a white blouse, tan dress pants and a lanyard style name tag. A man walks past me and stops her to ask several questions about where products are located. She points towards me and I address the man as I step down from the ladder but he blocks my way and indicates “She can help you in a minute”. I try several more times to no avail as he is literally shooing me away. The woman and I are eyeballing each other and trying not to laugh as he asks her questions and she gives him directions as I mime the correct answers behind his back.

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We are a town known for our Spring Break and as a result alcohol and tobacco sales are very limited. The store I work in has an extremely strict policy on these items. Along with several other rules, you MUST card EVERY person, EVERY time. NO exceptions.

Cashiers are monitored via CCTV and if a purchase is made without showing ID the cashier is immediately fired. One of our employees has just been let go for failure to check ID when this occurs:

My coworker has just declined the sale of a woman (claiming to be) in her 40’s for lack of ID.

Customer: “I’m not some d–mn Spring Breaker!! I’m clearly old enough!! This is bull—!! I’M FROM HERE!!”

She tries to grab the beer from my coworker and leave with it anyway but after a short wrestling match my coworker wins. The woman walks away as if she’s leaving the store but runs and grabs another 6 pack and gets in my line.

Me: “Hello! How are you today? Unfortunately….”

As I’m moving her 6 pack and before I can decline her sale the Customer (with extremely thick Southern accent) replies: “I’m doing fantastic, honey! How are you?  I just can’t believe all these people here! I’m from Louisiana and—-”

Me & My coworker in unison: “Get out.”

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(I work overnight at an independently-owned franchise of a very large fast food company that has a reputation for making sandwiches and fries in bulk ahead of time and leaving them in warmers to save time on orders. Many, many customers complain about this and will often resort to claiming allergies to ensure their food is made fresh. However, at my location, we cook everything to order late at night to maintain quality and to prevent food waste. We only have three or four people on this shift but only the drive-thru is open at this time, and we all wear headsets; that way, when an order comes through we can all hear it and we know what to make. Cook times are very similar on food items and are usually only just a few minutes (with only one or two exceptions) so while drive-thru is taking the order someone makes fries while someone else cooks meat, etc. so that everything comes out together and the wait time for the customer really isn’t much longer than if we made everything ahead of time. We get a lot of people like cops, hospital workers, cab drivers, and other people working late who really appreciate being able to get a hot meal late at night and we rarely get complaints.)

Me: “Hi, welcome to [Restaurant]! What can I get for you tonight?”

Customer: “Hey! I want three cheeseburgers, no ketchup or onions, one large fry, and a large chocolate milkshake.”

Me: “Okay that’s [repeats order]. No problem! Your total is [total] and I will see you at the first window.”

(He pulls up and starts counting out his money. Someone calls out the time on my headset and says they are getting ready to bring the food back to me.)

Me: “Okay, so that’s [total]. Your food is going to be out in just a minute so I’m going to have you stay at this window.”

Customer: *pulling back his hand with the money in it* “NO.”

Me: *confused* “No?”

Customer: “No. I’m not waiting. I want my food NOW. This is [Fast Food Company]. Why am I waiting?”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry. We make all the food to order at this location but when I said ‘just a minute’ I meant that literally. That wasn’t very clear and I do apologize. You actually have—“ *leaning around the corner to see the timer on the grill* “—45 seconds left.”

Customer: “I didn’t come here for fresh food! You don’t have any just sitting around you can just scrape the toppings off of?”

Me: “Umm…”

(His food was already done by that point so I cashed him out and wished him a good night but I couldn’t believe someone complained that we didn’t have food just sitting around.)

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