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Over Time, This Can Become Very Frustrating

, , , , , , | Working | April 19, 2021

I work for the local council. Due to the current health crisis, we have had to close the office and work from home. This means helping the contact centre. It’s not difficult as we did more or less the same job face to face. The only difference is we help with applications (Blue Badge for disabled residents, Bus Pass applications, Council Benefit applications, etc.).

After the second lockdown, we ran a limited service from the local library. This was to try and be as “normal” as possible. But to adhere to social distancing, we had to book appointments instead of a walk-in service. As soon as the third lockdown hit, the library closed. So that customers wouldn’t lose their appointments, we instead worked overtime and weekends to help customers with applications over the phone. That’s something we can’t normally do due to needing photographs, documents, etc., but we’re trying our best to provide the service even though it is much more limited.

I decide to do a bit of overtime to help with these appointments. My manager sends me three tasks to complete during my one-hour overtime: two that will take around fifteen minutes each and one that will take around half an hour. Therefore, I will finish at 6:00 pm. My manager sends me two of the tasks and keeps referring to the third. However, he has not sent it to me. I keep asking for it to be sent to me as I do not have it, but she keeps implying that I have deleted the email. At 5:00 pm, my manager is showing as “offline,” so any emails or messages I send will not be picked up straight away. I complete the two applications which take around forty-five minutes and then pick up some emails for the remaining time.

I log on the next morning and the first thing I see is an email from my manager containing the last task. 

Manager: “This was in my drafts.”

It was sent at 6:18 pm. No apology. I was also suffering from a flu — tested negative for the health crisis illness, thankfully — and had informed my manager of this. There was no sympathy at all. I decided not to do any more overtime.

The Saturday Blues

, , , , | Right | January 25, 2021

I work four part-time jobs, usually about sixty to eighty hours a week, 5:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, 5:00 am to 1:00 pm on Sundays, and 8:00 am to 12:00 pm on Saturdays.

My car needs service, but as I work during the hours of operation for most businesses and can’t leave my car overnight, my options are limited. Finally, I find a dealership near me with extended Saturday hours. I make an appointment and bring my car in.

Technician: “Hello, how can I help you?”

Me: “Hi, my name is [My Name], and I have an appointment for 1:30.”

Technician: “Okay, I found you here. Let’s get you checked in. What seems to be the problem?”

I explain the issue.

Me: “I probably should have come sooner, but I work a lot, and this was the only time I wasn’t working and you were open. I work Saturdays, too, so this was the earliest I could come in.”

Technician: “Yeah… I work Saturdays, too…”

I felt so stupid and ignorant, complaining about working on Saturdays to someone who was working on a Saturday. It’s like the people who go shopping on holidays and complain to the workers that they shouldn’t be working, but they can’t be closed if you’re going to shop there.

The rest of the transaction went fine, though, with no resentment — I hope!

PEBCAK, Episode IX

, , , , , , | Working | CREDIT: Surtur_176 | September 10, 2020

My father works as a tech support in a hospital. He is sometimes “on call,” which basically means everyone in the hospital can call him at every, yes, EVERY hour of the day if there is a problem with a PC.

It is 3:00 am, and my mom and dad and I are sleeping in our rooms; mine is right next to theirs. We all suddenly wake as there’s a loud noise; it’s my father’s phone ringing and it’s someone from the hospital. It pisses us off but it happens less than once a month, and no one usually calls at night. It’s a nurse calling.

Dad: “Hello?”

Nurse: “Hello, is this [Dad’s Surname]?”

Dad: “Yes, what seems to be the issue?”

Nurse: “I am at the end of my night shift and I need to write a report down before I go home, but the office PC doesn’t start!”

Dad: “Okay, has it had problems in the past few days? The nurse before you said something about it not working well.”

Nurse: “No, nothing! What do I do?! I need to sleeeeep!

Dad: “What does the monitor say?”

Nurse: “‘No signal. ‘What does it mean?”

Dad: “Okay.”

He tells her what “no signal” stands for and tries to solve the problem. This goes on for about fifteen minutes but the PC still won’t start. Suddenly, my dad has a realization.

Dad: “Wait, look under the desk.”

Nurse: “Okay, what now?”

Dad: “Is the charger in the power-point?”

Nurse: “No? Should it be?”

Dad: *Huffs* “Yes, or else the PC has no electricity to work!”

Nurse: “Eww, but it’s gross! There’s too much dust! Can’t you come here and put it in for me?”

Dad: “Are you kidding me? I am here to tell you what to do, not to do it for you! You are a d*** nurse; you should have some gloves! If you’re so picky, use them! BYE!” *Hangs up*

My dad was fuming, and he was super tired and went back to sleep.

The hospital is one hour’s drive from my house, so the nurse wanted my dad to get in the car in the middle of the night, drive an hour, put a d*** charger in, and come back home. Some people!

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Ready To Clothes This Sale

, , , , , | Working | April 22, 2020

I work at a rather expensive clothing store. My coworkers and I work on commission as well as a fixed salary, so making sales is not necessary to get a decent wage, but can enhance the salary quite nicely. Also, whenever business is slow, we get to leave an hour or even two early to save the store some money.

Since I wouldn’t get home until after 9:00 pm — after having been at work for ten hours — I am delighted when my manager tells me I get to leave early. However, ten minutes before I am allowed to leave, a customer approaches me and asks for help finding some clothes. I am not allowed to say no and I am not supposed to “hand him over” to a coworker when I get to leave early instead of my shift ending.

So, begrudgingly, I put on a customer-service smile and help him find the clothes. Many of the items he wants are either in the back or on a mannequin so I need to ask coworkers to help me locate them or undress the dolls; I have been working here for two weeks.

Some of the clothes I pull for the customer don’t fit, so the customer is happily trying on several items as I watch the minutes passing by, and I finally see that I won’t get to leave an hour early as I was planning to. When they are done, however, they smile and go, “I’ll take them all,” dumping about six items of — very expensive — clothing into my arms. They then go on to ask for several other items and, realising that they are actually going to buy clothes — a lot of people just come in, make us help them find a good size, and then go somewhere else to buy it cheaper there — my mood lightens dramatically.

I put the clothes on “my” table and go on to advise the customer for another half-hour, at the end of which the customer has selected clothes that come to a price of more than 500$. When they are done, I fold the clothes as quickly as possible to get them to the cashier and mark some as my sales, as well as putting down some as sales of the coworkers who helped me locate them.

My manager catches me with over fifteen items on my arm and asks me what I’m still doing in the store since I should’ve been gone for over an hour. When I point to the clothes and tell her that I have to get them to the cash registers ASAP for a customer, her jaw drops and she lets me get on my way.

That is the one and only time I was happy to stay later than planned.

Keep A Furry Upper Lip About It

, , | Working | October 31, 2019

(I work in a year-round costume store. This takes place the week before Halloween. The employees have been working overtime and it’s starting to take its toll on us. A customer approaches me with a fake mustache.)

Customer: “Hi. I was wondering if this comes with tape, or if it needs adhesive to stick it on?”

(The mustache has tape included with it, which isn’t visible in the package. I clearly know this and attempt to tell him that.)

Me: *big smile* “This is a mustache!”

(After realizing what I said, I put my hands over my mouth and try to hold in my laughter.)

Customer: “It’s been a long day for you, hasn’t it?”