Buy One, Get One Annoyed Customer

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(I work at a fairly large shoe store company where we do a gigantic “buy one, get one half off” sale twice a year. Very often we will have a pair of friends come in; each one gets a pair of shoes, then splits the total. They each pay less than they would have alone for the shoes, even if technically whoever is getting the half-off shoes is paying more than the shoes are actually worth. Usually, people understand this, but sometimes math is hard.)

Customer: “I need to return these shoes.”

Me: “I’d be happy to help with that. So it looks like you will be getting [amount] back today.”

Customer: “But I paid [amount higher].”

Me: “I see you did a split payment for a BOGO sale. You may have paid more, personally, but the amount paid for this item is only [amount].”

Customer: “But I PAID [amount higher]! Why am I not getting [amount higher] back? That’s how much I paid!”

Me: “I’m sorry that this wasn’t explained to you at the time of purchase, but you personally paid more than the price of these shoes. You paid for half the total, not just for your shoes. I can only return the price that was paid for these shoes because the other shoes aren’t being returned.”

Customer: “Where is your manager?”

Me: “I am the manager; that is why I can do a return for you.”

Customer: “The man who sold me this didn’t tell me that! You have to return everything I paid! I am returning my shoes and I want my money!”

Me: “Ma’am, I am returning the price paid for the item being returned. If you want the other $4, your friend has it because they paid less for their shoes with you both splitting the BOGO.”

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(I’m a department manager of a big box retail store. A customer goes to one of the cashiers trying to return items that are five days past the policy. When the cashier tells her she can’t, the customer asks for a manager. The cashier pages for me and I tell the cashier over the phone sorry, but we can’t take it back.)

Customer: “This is ridiculous. These items are just five days or so past the return policy, and you won’t take them back, huh!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but once they pass the return policy, we have no way to return or exchange them. Our registers won’t even let us.”

Customer: “This is absurd! You should have big signs posted at every register and in front of every door. This is why your company is going out of business. You’re gonna give me your corporate contact info so I can tell them about the service I got today!”

(After a bit more huffing and puffing from the customer, I gave the woman our company’s address, and went back to my dept. We do post our policy at every register in our building, and we aren’t going out of business. In fact we are opening up new locations!)

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(Today I was at the store when a woman with 3 kids are sitting in a buggy.)

Oldest Son:(Loudly) I need to go number two!

Mom: The restroom is the back. Can you hold it for a minute?


Warehouse Staff Brains All Stuffed With Fluff

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(I work the guest services line at the call center for the [Cartoon Brand] catalog. We have begun selling ‘[Bear]Grams,’ which are ‘[Bear]’ teddy bears dressed up in costumes for holidays and special occasions. The holiday ‘[Bear]Grams’ always sell out and we frequently worry that they won’t be delivered on time. The situation is the worst for Easter, but finally, a few days before Easter, the warehouse receives a large shipment of Easter ‘[Bear]Grams’ and is able to ship all of the orders out in time. A week or two after Easter, I receive a call from a woman who is obviously in emotional turmoil.)

Customer: “I need help.”

Me: “How may I help you? Is everything all right?”

Customer: *continuing to cry* “Well, a few weeks ago, my family and I were scheduled to leave for vacation and my best friend got sick and went into the hospital. She assured me she would be fine and that we should not miss our vacation due to her minor illness. I called and ordered her a ‘Get Well [Bear]Gram’ and we headed out for our vacation. By the way, we’re Jewish.”

(I think: ‘what does THAT have to do with anything?’)

Customer: “While we were gone, my friend took a turn for the worse and died. My husband and I flew back for the funeral. Afterwards, I was talking to her sister and she said, ‘she really loved the ‘Easter [Bear]Gram’ you sent her.'”

Me: *noticing that my manager was walking by* “Ma’am, I am so sorry. Can you hold on for one moment?” *I hit the hold button and turn frantically* “[Manager]! WE SENT A DYING JEWISH WOMAN AN ‘EASTER [Bear]GRAM’!”

Manager: *shock and confusion writ large across her face* “What? Give her back all of her money. Do whatever she needs you to do!”

(Obviously, in the Easter frenzy, the warehouse employees ‘decided’ that all of the ‘[Bear]Gram’ orders must be for Easter, and instead of sending the requested ‘Get Well [Bear]Gram,’ they did indeed send a dying Jewish woman an ‘Easter [Bear]Gram.’ Sometimes the customer is very, very right.)

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