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In this story I am the ‘customer’, and 17 years old.

The general election of 2005 is drawing near and I’m going to be 4 months too young to vote, but I’m studying Politics and have become really interested. My friends and I are walking down the street when we notice politicians campaigning ahead of us.

I’m excited about the opportunity to talk to a politician, to hear first-hand how they campaign for votes, so I’m feeling very lucky when they stop me:

Politician: Hello there, can I stop you for a second please?
Me: Yes, sure!
Politician: How old are you? Are you old enough to vote?
Me: *realising that the conversation is about to end, and thinking on the spot to see if I can talk policies for a bit longer* No! But…but my Mum is!

Grandpa Was A Playa!

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(When my grandfather was in high school, he and one of his friends made a bet to see who could take more girls on dates in one month. They both ended up taking out a lot of girls in a short amount of time, and something was bound to blow up in their faces. One day my grandfather and several of his friends are messing around on the boardwalk and they meet up with a girl my grandfather knows vaguely from school. She joins the group and spends over half the day with them. After they’ve been hanging out for a few hours, she turns to my grandfather.)

Girl: “You have no idea who I am, do you?”

Grandfather: “Um… not really.”

Girl: “You’re supposed to be picking me up in half an hour.”

(He was very lucky that the girl thought the whole thing was hilarious and wasn’t offended that the guy who was supposed to be taking her out on a date didn’t recognize her.)

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A “Bit” Too Late

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(I’m walking to the bus stop when a group of grey-haired men walks toward me.)

Gray-Haired Man: “But I don’t need to hear the problems of a bit–” *sees me* “–female customer.”

(I appreciated that he didn’t want to offend me!)

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Scream Bloody Murder

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I have a large dog that is very vocal. One day, I was walking through our local woodlands and my dog jumped into the bushes and away from sight. I wasn’t worried as my dog has good recall.

All of a sudden, a female deer jumped across the path and bounded away. My dog became so excited by her find that she began to scream. When I say scream, I mean legitimately scream. She is from a breed known for their “singing.”

A few minutes later, a woman ran in front of me from one of the adjourning paths. She was frantic and out of breath. She asked me if I had been screaming and if I was okay. She asked if I had been attacked or if I had fallen, etc., and I calmly explained that my dog had seen a deer and had gotten overexcited.

The woman wouldn’t hear it. She was adamant that she “knew what a human scream sounded like” and that if I was “covering for someone, there was a special place in Hell for people like me.”

I explained that it was my dog, but when I tried to leave, the woman grabbed me and got out her phone to call the police.

Luckily, my dog spotted a squirrel and began to chirp and sing with excitement. Point proven, the woman blushed and let go. She did not apologise before walking away.

Whilst I am happy to know that the people in my area are willing to run to the rescue, I think that the woman could have handled the situation better.

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Biking In The Netherlands Is Taken Seriously

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(I’ve just impaled myself on a fence after I was riding my bike, avoided a car, noticed no working brakes, went into the sidewalk, and then hit a bump which sent me into said fence. I’m clearly hurting and stuck when a person who was on the sidewalk walks over. I am a tourist.)

Woman: “Bikes are for the road.”

Me: “I know, but I didn’t have a choice.”

Woman: “You should have stayed on the road!”

Me: “I’m not a good enough rider to stay on the road and not get hit by a car when there are no brakes!”

Woman: “You are a terrible rider. Bikes stay in the street! No sidewalk riding!”

(At this point, I get off the fence and fall into the bushes on the other side. I have blood dripping down my leg and other, far more minor injuries like scratches that are obvious as I finally stand up.)

Me: “I understand. I’m not a good rider, but I had no chance. I couldn’t stop the bike and I think I did pretty well to not hit you or anyone else.”

(I’ve got a lovely scar just above my right knee as a reminder but hey, at least she told me off for “riding on the sidewalk.”)

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