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Everyone’s Huffy About The Huskies

, , , , , , | Friendly | April 19, 2022

After my wife and I got married and moved into our townhouse, we got a dog. I’ve always loved huskies and so did the wife, so we got ourselves a Siberian husky.

We’ve been living in the area for about a year now, and I take my dog on daily walks. The weather dictates how far we walk. My dog loves everyone and wants to meet everyone. Most people in the area recognize my dog and me as we’re walking.

One day, a resident of the neighborhood stops us as we are walking and my dog is more than happy to say hi!

Neighbor #1: “I saw your dog running around the neighborhood the other day. Good to see you got him back.”

Me: “No, he’s never off-leash. There’s no fenced yard here. Any time he’s outside, he’s with me and always on a leash. Huskies love to run, and you’d be hard-pressed to get him back if he starts running.”

Neighbor #1: “Oh… Well, I could swear it was your dog. Looked just like him. Have a good day!”

We continue our walk.

A few days pass, and I have another quick conversation with a different resident as I’m walking my dog.

Neighbor #2: “Your dog has been running around the neighborhood on the loose and causing problems. He’s been chasing rabbits and other neighborhood dogs.”

Me: “No. My dog is never off his leash. I don’t appreciate you making wild accusations and not minding your own d*** business.”

The person looks really offended that I’d speak to her like that, and I went go my way.

So far, multiple people have told me they’ve seen my dog outside running around all willy-nilly, causing havoc. Sadly, it sounds like someone’s husky got loose and is just running around the local neighborhoods. 

The next day, a third person approaches me as I am walking my dog and has a similar story. I explain to them it’s not my dog and go about my business.

A few days pass and I don’t get harassed, and I figure it’s over.

My husky and I are walking down a sidewalk when, all of a sudden, I hear the front door open on one of the townhouse units I just passed. My back is to the door as my dog and I are walking away.

Lady: “Hey!”

I don’t respond to “hey”. If someone wants my attention, they can be respectful and use something more like, “Excuse me, can I talk to you?” or the use of “Sir”. I don’t give jerks the time of day. I keep walking, ignoring her.

Lady: *Louder* “Hey! HEY!”

I continue to ignore her.

Lady: *Louder, almost yelling* “Hey, you! HEY!”

I continue to ignore her.


I continue to ignore them and keep walking. I hear their door slam shut. My dog and I finish our walk and enjoy the rest of the night.

The very next day as I’m walking, we happen by the same townhouse unit where some lady was screaming at me. The lady steps out of her townhouse when she sees me walking.

Lady: “Hey, I was yelling for you the other day. Why didn’t you answer me?”

Me: “I don’t like to encourage rude behavior, and I don’t answer to ‘hey’ or ‘you’. If you want someone’s attention, do it respectfully. I don’t owe you any kind of answer if you’re going to continue to be rude and disrespectful.”

She looks a bit stunned, almost like I slapped her in the face. She doesn’t seem to know what to say next and I don’t care. I keep walking and start to turn away from her.

Lady: “Your dog has been running around loose harassing other dogs!”

By this time, I’ve turned completely away from her and I’m walking down the sidewalk.

Lady: “Hey! What are you going to do about it?”

I ignore her and keep walking.

Lady: “Hey! You!”

I give her a middle finger as I’m walking away, and I yell back”

Me: “I’m not going to do a g**d*** thing about it.”

I heard her door slam shut and that was the last I ever had to deal with her.

I don’t know what happened to the husky that was running around loose, but I do hope it was safely found and returned to the family it got away from or at least found a new home.

Huskies are good at escaping and running, so don’t think they’re safe in your fenced-in yard if you don’t have a nice tall fence. Even then, they like to dig and could possibly go under the fence. So, please keep a close eye on your husky if you ever get one, and understand that they need a lot of exercise and shed like crazy.

What Part Of “No, Thank You” Do You Not Comprehend?

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I have two dogs I love to take on walking tours in Saint Augustine. One is a pointer Dalmatian and the other one is a small black dachshund cocker spaniel mix. On this occasion, the smaller dog is in his stroller and I am walking my larger dog while holding his stroller. I am fine doing this as I have had both dogs for years and they both know how to behave. It is also important to note that the smaller dog, Eraser, is extremely sensitive. He doesn’t let ANYONE hold him except for me and my grandmother. Petting is fine! Just don’t pick him up.

While on this tour, a couple is nearby, and the woman keeps eyeing Eraser in his stroller.

Woman: “I can help you walk your dogs.”

Me: “No, thank you.”

Woman: “No, but I can help you with them. You can trust us; we have dogs at home in [City out of state].”

Me: “Well, that’s fine, but they don’t let just anyone walk them.”

Woman’s Husband: “[Woman], leave her alone.”

Woman: *Whining almost* “But look at her! She needs help!”

Me: *Sharply* “No, I don’t. I’m fine, thank you.”

This shuts the woman up for a few minutes and I continue my walk with my dogs. Eraser is now standing in his stroller trying to get pets from the other people before sitting back down, and the woman approaches me again. This time she grabs the stroller and tries hip-butting me out of the way. I keep a firm grip on the stroller. 

Woman: “Let me just walk him!”

Me: “I said no!”

Woman: “Come on, it’ll be fine. See?”

She walks around and tries to pick Eraser up, which causes him to bark at her and growl. The woman yanks her hands back and then looks at me, completely shocked

Me: “I said no! Do not touch my dog!”

The woman sheepishly went to stand next to her husband as everyone in the tour group had now stopped to see what the commotion was about. I was pissed but calmed down and checked on Eraser, who was happily wagging his tail just fine. After that, the woman didn’t speak to me again, and she and her husband left the tour early. I have a feeling she wanted to steal Eraser as he is a small and adorable little dog; plus, it made no sense that she wanted to walk him when he was in his stroller and just fine.

From Offspring To Human Meat Shield

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This happens when I’m around fifteen. My family is looking to move into a new house and are looking at some options. We’re looking over a lovely house in the country that has a fantastic view of a nearby river. Despite the fact that it would have very poor Internet and the river has been known to flood, my mom seems to be warming up to it.

Suddenly, though, we round a corner of the house and she SHRIEKS and simultaneously jumps about ten feet backward while shoving me forward. We all look at her like she’s lost her mind.

Her defense?

Mom: “I just saw a huge snake!”

So much for parental protection instincts!

Bussers Can’t Be Choosers

, , , , | Friendly | March 28, 2022

I worked in a large South Florida City with a world-famous beach. However, I worked downtown, which, at the time, consisted mostly of office buildings and a few restaurants. The bus terminal was also downtown. This resulted in people (invariably young men) getting off of the Greyhound bus, expecting to be at the beach, which was somewhat far away.

Every day, I would leave my workplace and walk to my mom’s office to catch a ride home. I would be stopped by these lost (and I suspect broke) people and asked for directions to the beach.

I would point out the bus stop and tell them which bus number to take. I would offer them bus fare, and I was never turned down. I wish I had given them money for fast food, too, but I was young. They were so appreciative.

One day, I was stopped by one guy who asked where the beach was. I pointed out the bus stop and told him the number. Before I could offer him the fifty cents, he spotted a bus that was far down the street. I couldn’t read the sign.

Guy: “What bus is that?”

Me: “I don’t know.”

Guy: “You don’t know much.”

Me: “I know where I am.”

Some Sports Fans Need To CHILL

, , , , , , | Friendly | March 27, 2022

Our pediatrician’s office has an odd setup where you park across from the clinic in a separate parking lot and have to cross the street in order to get to the front door. While there are several blinking signs to inform drivers to stop when there are pedestrians in the crosswalk, people often speed down the street, and I have been almost hit several times.

Today, I am taking my one-year-old for a checkup. As it’s winter, he is wearing a knit hat with a logo for an NFL team that is the rival of the local favorite team. I hit the walk button and, seeing no one, start to walk across the street while holding my son.

Suddenly, a large truck comes racing down the street. They don’t look like they are going to stop, so I hurry across. They do stop at the last minute as I get to the front of the clinic.

The guy driving rolls down his window.

Guy: “Now that I see your kid’s hat, maybe I should have hit you guys! Go [Local Favorite NFL Team]!”

He laughed and drove off.

I stood there in disbelief. Who says that to someone, but especially about an obviously very little kid?