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I work in a popular drug store, in an area with a large arabic population, although the country’s official languages are french and english.

I’m a cashier at a popular drug store. Because this area of the city has a large arabic population, in the pharmacy we have a sign written in english and arabic. A woman walks from the pharmacy to the cash and asks to speak to a manager. I call my manager, and I can hear them talking while I’m cashing out other customers.

Manager: What seems to be the problem?

Woman (in perfect, non-accented english): your sign in the back is in english and arabic, with no french. I’m offended by that. I want it in french as well.

Manager (nicely): Unfortunately, that’s our head office’s decision. You can call them and make a complaint if you want.

Woman: Go to hell!

Manager: Excuse me?

Woman: I saw the way you smirked at me! This is ridiculous! (scoffs and walks out).

Manager (to me): You mean the way I was smiling?

The Roof, The Roof, The Roof Is On Fire

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(My dad owns a construction company. This week we have had a heatwave with temperatures feeling like 40 degrees with humidity. Yesterday, we also had severe thunderstorms with a chance of a tornado. My dad gets this call:)

Customer: *freaking out* “Where are the roofers?! They were supposed to be here today!”

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(We’ve recently had some renovations done. But as new as the place looks, one thing that hadn’t changed was how we take payment with debit/credit. We have the standard machine, with no touch screen, which hasn’t changed for years.)

Customer: (Tapping her finger on the screen as hard as she can again and again) Why isn’t it working?! I’m tapping on debit, WHY THE F*** ISN’T IT WORKING?!!

Lighting Of The Lost Ark

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(Despite having a large lighting showroom, because of the high volume of products we carry, we often encourage customers to browse our many catalogues.)

Me: “Well, it seems like we don’t have what you need here in stock. I know that several manufacturers we carry do make a version of that item, though. Would you like to take a look through some of their catalogues and see if we can order something for you? It would take a couple of weeks, but then you’d get the exact look you want.”

Customer: “Yes, please.”

(The customer proceeds to sit for over an hour, flipping through our binders. I run back and forth the entire time, getting new binders, putting away old ones, and pricing out dozens of fixtures she finds interesting. Finally…)

Customer: “I really like this one. I think it’s perfect. Can I see it in person now?”

Me: “Unfortunately, that particular item will have to be ordered from the manufacturer. The only way we can take a look at it now is in the catalogue.”

Customer: “That’s ridiculous! If you have it in your book, you should have it here!”

Me: “Well, by looking through the books, you’ve seen that there are tens of thousands of lights available. We’d have to have a warehouse as big as Raiders of the Lost Ark to hold them all!”

Customer: “This is stupid. I’ll never shop here again! What a waste of time!” *storms out of the store*

Me: “I agree.”

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What Would Jesus Discount?, Part 7

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(I work at the customer service desk of a department store. Customers normally come to me if there’s damage to an item and they want a discount. Two gentlemen come up to my desk with a metal framed futon, which has been partially opened, but still has the plastic straps around it.)

Customer: “This is open, and I’m not sure if there’s anything wrong with it or missing from it, so I was wondering if I could get 10% off?”

(I proceed to check if the amount is low enough for me to authorize myself. He and his friend are chitchatting, and I catch bits and pieces, but I hear that they are going to ask for more off.)

Me: “All right, I can give you the discount.”

Customer: “Which one?”

Me: “10%.”

Customer: “Can I get the taxes off?”

(I do the math, and it’s more than I’m willing to authorize myself, so I go find a manager. I explain the situation, and she says absolutely not. She says she wouldn’t even give the 10% as there’s nothing wrong with the futon, but I’m free to if I want. I go back to the customer.)

Me: “Sorry, sir, she’s only giving the 10%.”

Customer: “I actually work with the Royal Canadian Legion; I’m a chaplain there. Do you want to ask again?” *slides a business card towards me*

Me: “She’s not going to change her answer; it was a hard no.”

Customer: “Okay, thanks for trying!”

(He was all smiles from then on, thanking me profusely for my help several times. Little did he know that I am in a type of reserves in the Canadian Forces, so was not one for this to be tried on, and using Jesus to try to get a discount on a futon is just tacky.)

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