Will Be Seen At The Disappointed Time

| New Zealand | Working | April 11, 2016

(We’re a very busy optometrist, often booking several days in advance so when we tell you to be there at a time, we expect you to be there at that time. A patient walks in 20 minutes late for her appointment and can’t understand why we can’t see her.)

Me: “So, you’re twenty minutes late, but we have an opening due to a recent cancellation this afternoon. I can rebook you for that time then.”

Patient: “But I can’t understand why you can’t see me now.”

Me: “You’re twenty minutes late for your appointment. The optometrist won’t see you now, but we can rebook you.”

Patient: “So, you’re saying you can’t do anything now.”

Me: “Not right now, no. But I can reschedule you for this afternoon.”

Patient: “I want to be seen now.”

(I just stare at her in complete silence, wondering how long it will take her to click that she won’t be seen because she is late.)

Patient: “I want your name. I’m going to complain that you won’t see me now.”

Me: “That’s fine. Now the next available appointment is two days away. While you were talking with me, this afternoon’s free appointment has gone.”

Give Them An Inch…

| IL, USA | Working | January 20, 2016

(One of our accounts received a box which had been smashed by the shipping company, destroying the lenses and frame inside. We placed a claim with the shipping company for reimbursement, as the damage was clearly their fault. My boss has called to check on the status of the claim and been told it was denied because our packaging was supposedly insufficient which lead to the contents being crushed, despite the fact that we package everything the same way and almost never have this problem.)

Boss: “So, how much weight are our boxes supposed to be able to hold to be considered sufficient?”

Customer Service Representative: “200 pounds per square inch.”

Boss: “Okay, so the package we sent was about two inches by five inches. That’s ten square inches. So you’re telling me that this package should have been able to hold… 20 thousand pounds?!”

Customer Service Representative: “…Let me have you speak to my supervisor.”

Makes You Want To ‘Walk Out’

, | England, UK | Working | January 15, 2016

(At weekends, I run the very small call centre for my workplace, usually just two people. This day, one of our newer members of staff is rota’d in with me. It’s worth noting she’s been in the industry nearly as long as I have, and is studying at university.)

Coworker: *on phone* “We don’t have any appointments for that time, but if you just come in we can see you as a walk-in.” *muffled reply* “Okay, so that will be 2.30 tomorrow, for a walk-in appointment.” *hangs up*

Me: *stares in abject horror*

Coworker: “[My Name], I think there’s something wrong with the system. It won’t let me book a walk-in appointment for tomorrow.”

(After twenty minutes of me trying to explain that a walk-in appointment can only be booked when a patient WALKS IN, I convinced a manager to take her off the phones, and never let her work them again. I’m still not sure she understands why.)

It Don’t Matter If You’re Black Or White Or High

| London, England, UK | Related | December 17, 2015

(A pair of preteen brothers are waiting to have their eyes tested. They are both black, and we have a poster for children’s glasses featuring a mixed race girl.)

Older Brother: “This girl in the poster — if you’re this colour, when you grow up you end up white.”

Younger Brother: “That’s not true!”

Older Brother: “Yeah, it happened to Michael Jackson!”

Younger Brother: “He took a lot of drugs.”

Older Brother: “That’s why. If you take drugs, it makes you white.”

Eye’ll See You in 15 Years!

| Chicago, IL, USA | Working | September 19, 2015

(My dad is basically the boss of many buildings in the company. In this story a customer hasn’t been in this office for fifteen years. When he first came he bought glasses.)

Customer: “I bought these glasses a while ago. They broke and I think they are defective and I want a refund.”

Dad: “You haven’t come here in fifteen years. They have been constantly used. No, you are not going to get a refund.”

Customer: “Well, you lost me as a customer!”

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