Almost 50 But Acting Like A Child

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(The chain I work at holds a senior’s day each week for people 55 and older who present their rewards card. Unfortunately, the rewards card doesn’t tell us their age nor automatically applies the discount, and they often don’t remember to tell us despite the copious signage, so we often either have to assume one way or another, or ask directly. I’m not the greatest at judging ages, so this often gets me into trouble. On this occasion, I’m dealing with the very first customer of my shift.)

Me: *feeling pretty safe in my guess* “And do you get the senior’s discount?”

Customer: “No.”

Me: “Oh, okay!” *continues with the transaction*

Customer: *sounding angry* “Thanks. I’m not even fifty yet.”

Me: “Sorry about that. Honestly, though, anyone who’s older than, say, thirty-five, can look just about any age, so I end up asking a lot of–”

Customer: “You should be careful about that.”

Me: *cheerfully* “I try to be.”

Customer: *with no trace of humour* “You’re lucky my husband’s not here. He’d kick your a**.”

Me: *sighs internally, but smiles outwardly as if she were joking*

(I do understand why people get offended in these situations, but I don’t understand why they have to be so rude about it. If I never asked, a lot of actual seniors would be upset because they didn’t get their discount. We can’t win either way. I wish we had a policy that they don’t get the discount unless they bring it up.)

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Man! I Feel Like A Bigot

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(My dad and I are waiting in line at the checkout of a local grocer. There’s one young woman in her early thirties ahead of us who has been complaining the entire time. The cashier — a young boy no older than seventeen — is doing his best to process her as quickly as possible. To the poor kid’s dismay, the woman starts screaming at him about being too slow. Just a note, I’m a feminist but have zero tolerance for sexism on either side.)

Customer: “You men are all alike! I bet you’re just keeping me here so long because I’m a woman! You think I’m buying these groceries just to get home to my family and cook for them! Well, I’ll have you know I have my husband cook! Let the useless man do something for once!”

Cashier: “I’m sorry you feel that way, ma’am. I think you should know, however, I do not think bad of you–”


Cashier: “Ma’am–”


(I’ve had enough and step in. I’m six feet tall and I tower a good foot over this lady.)

Me: *to my dad, loud enough for the whole line to hear* “Wow, bigot alert!”

Customer: *whipping around to glare at me* “I’M NOT A BIGOT! HE’S THE BIGOT! GOOD FOR NOTHING MEN!”

(My dad rolls his eyes, figuring it would be best not to step into an argument between me and this woman.)

Me: “Did I say, ‘bigot’? I meant ‘misandrist.’”

Customer: *scoffing as if I’m stupid* “It’s pronounced ‘misogynist’! And how could you turn on your own gender?! Women are supposed to support each other!”

Me: *as sweetly as I can* “Oh, I’m sorry, the discrimination card is two-sided.”

(She turned red and turned around and walked out without her groceries. We heard her storm out of the parking lot. I apologized to the cashier and gave him a tip. A couple of days later, he told me that the woman tried to return to buy the groceries she had left behind. She blew up when she found that they’d been put back on the shelves, and she had to be escorted out when she found out she was banned from the chain! Sweet justice!)

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(I’m a cashier at a popular pizza chain. At our store, we have a dine-in restaurant; 1st and only dine-in under this particular pizza chain, as well as the takeout side. This took place on the phone)
ME: Ciao, thank you for calling *Pizza company name*, this is *my name* speaking. How may I help you?
CUSTOMER: I’d like to order some pizza
ME: Alright, can we start with your phone number?
CUSTOMER: Here’s some numbers for you: 1234567890!
ME:…your phone number please, sir.
CUSTOMER: Have you people ever heard of a thing called caller ID! *the call came from “UNKNOWN NAME”*
ME: Sorry, it says “UNKNOWN NAME”. Can I get your phone number so I can take your order?
ME: ?!?! Yes, we would love your business! Can I please get your phone number please!
ME: sir…can I please get your phone number so I can take your order.
*Customer finally gives me the phone number and we go through the order*
ME: Okay, so it’ll be about 20 minutes.
CUSTOMER: Make sure there’s lots of that f****** garlic dip there because I love that s***!

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(I work in a retail store that has a pharmacy. The pharmacy staff are separate from the retail staff, work at different counters, and generally don’t have much interaction. I am working at the retail counter when I hear the pharmacist in a disagreement with a customer over their insurance details. From where I am, I can’t really see what’s happening or hear the particulars of the conversation. A few minutes later, I ring up an unrelated customer who apparently witnessed the argument.)

Customer: “Your pharmacist does not treat customers very well.”

(I don’t know what happened, and I don’t know the pharmacist very well, so I can neither agree nor disagree. I say some vaguely sympathetic things, since I know people like to let off steam when they think someone’s done wrong.)

Customer: “I feel sorry for you having to work under her.”

(Now I’m rather irritated. For one thing, I don’t work under or even with the pharmacist. For another, I find the customer’s pity pretentious and insensitive, since she has no idea how I actually feel about working here, or how I feel about the coworker that she’s bad-mouthing to my face.)

Customer: “Pharmacists think they’re above everyone, so they treat customers like they don’t matter. She’s just so incompetent.”

(She doesn’t actually explain what happened, but continues going on about how awful the pharmacist was. I continue to say vaguely sympathetic things, but try my best not to express overt agreement or disagreement. As she’s leaving:)

Customer: *as if imparting great wisdom* “I suggest you find work elsewhere.”

Me: “…” *in my usual cheerful tone* “Have a great weekend.”

(Sure, I’m going to go find another job just because a customer I don’t know claims that someone I don’t work with was mean to another customer. The pharmacist later told me that she was more upset by this customer than the customers she had been arguing with in the first place.)

Refuses To Not Sweat The Sweater

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(While I am normally a cashier, at my store everyone works everywhere. I could be in the back, I could be a stock girl, I could be a cashier, I could work guest service counter, etc. Today I am working in the back because we got a HUGE delivery. Because it is always cold in the back, we are allowed to wear non-company sweaters over our uniforms. I get paged to get on cash so I grab my company jacket and get on a cash register.)

Me: “I can help whoever is next.”

Woman: “Are you wearing your uniform?”

(I look down and notice I forgot to zip up my uniform.)

Me: “Oh, yeah, sorry, I was in the back and—”

Woman: “Does your manager know you aren’t following company procedure?”

Me: “Well, yeah, she gave me permission to—”

Woman: “You know, when I worked here, I had respect for the store and its policies. Teenagers nowadays…”

(She droned on for so long that the rest of the line was dealt with by other cashiers. She eventually went and complained about me to guest services. I didn’t realize wearing a university sweater could be so insulting.)

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