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My friend and I are at a local coffee shop. We both just left school so we are wearing our backpacks, which are bulky and cumbersome. As my friend is walking past a table to leave her backpack catches a spice shaker and knocks it onto the floor. The shaker is small and doesn’t make much noise when it lands, that coupled with the background noise in the coffee shop causes her not to notice what happened.
She is already out the door, so I go to pick the shaker. Then this woman, who I have never seen before in my life, comes up to me ranting and raving about disrespectful teens and how we can’t just start destroying things and not picking up after ourselves. I point out that I am picking it up, that my friend knocked it over by accident, and that there is no harm done. This does not placate the rude woman. She then starts yelling at the barista that my friend and I are trying to destroy coffee shop property and should be banned. The barista, who was watching this whole insane situation takes my side and tells the woman she cannot harass other customers.
I leave the coffee shop and my friend asks me what delayed me. As I am explaining the rude woman comes out after me and starts screaming at my friend and I more. My friend’s dad pulls up in his car to drive us home; we hurry to the car as the woman is yelling incoherently behind us. He asks us what happened as the woman is literally banging on the car windows and yelling about how disrespectful and awful both my friend and I are. I’m shaken but I explain the best I can. My friend’s dad isn’t amused, he rolls down his window enough to roar at the woman to keep her hands off his car. She pales, shuts up, and back up. My friend’s dad then gets out of the car and marches into the coffee shop. A minute later him and barista appear, the barista starts talking to the rude woman who begins crying and storms off in the direction of the parking lot. My friend’s dad explains that the barista has banned the woman from the coffee shop.
About a week later I am walking home. I am passing a crosswalk that a man is crossing when a convertible comes out of nowhere and screeches to a halt right in front of the man, nearly hitting him. The driver then starts screaming at the man for being in the middle of the road, saying it would have been his fault if she had hit him, and so on. Lo and behold, it is the same rude woman from the coffee shop. The man she nearly hit just flips her off and walks away. The rude woman turns towards me for support, saying that you just can’t reason with some people.
I tell her I agree completely and that I see she’s just as unreasonable and crazy wherever she goes. Her face first goes blank, then bright red as she recognizes me. She steps on the gas pedal and swerves off, tires screeching, towards a street corner that a cop usually stays by with a radar gun, waiting to catch people speeding. I walked away cackling as she was screaming at the police officer for pulling her over.

This Setup Fee Is A Setup

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(I am changing phones, and because my prepaid phone provider doesn’t actually make phones and has a very limited number of phones that will work under their plan, I have few options. After nearly three months of looking for a decent price, I decide to purchase from an office supply store. After paying, this happens.)

Electronic Salesman: “So, you’re all cashed out and just need to go to [Phone Company] to get your phone set up. There is a location in the mall.”

Me: “This $10 setup fee on the receipt; what was that for?”

Electronic Salesman: “Oh, that’s for if we set up your phone.”

Me: “So, can’t you set it up?”

Electronic Salesman: “Yes, but you should go to [Phone Company].”

Me: “Can you give me a refund for the setup fee?”

Electronic Salesman: “Oh, no. That’s on all of the bills.”

Me: “So, can you set it up for me?”

Electronic Salesman: “Yeah, but you should go to [Phone Company] and have them do it.”

Me: “No, I think you’re going to do it before I leave today.”

Electronic Salesman: “Fine!”

(He was seriously mad that I made him set up a phone I had paid him to set up. I asked at the phone company later and they said if I had needed it set up when I got to them, they would have charged me $10, too, so I would have paid twice.)

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I go into a pizza joint for a slice of pizza. I see that there’s a half a pizza left in the warmer and I ask for a slice of it. She asks me if she could just give it to me or if she’d like to make me a fresh one. I say that the one in the warmer is fine, and I’m willing to pay for it.

She insists that she doesn’t feel right about selling me a pizza that’s just going to go to waste, and allows me to have it for free. I feel bad about having her give it to me for free, but I appreciate it! It’s random acts of kindness like this that don’t make me lose faith in humanity!

Push Up And Beyond

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My best friend and I had a particular loathing for high school gym class. Our teacher was one of those strict, no-nonsense types who was pretty much always yelling. The worst part was push-ups. Whenever we did them, everyone always laughed at me and said it looked like I was humping the ground, but the teacher never said what I was doing wrong, so I had to keep doing it that way, which didn’t help my already low self-esteem. Thankfully, I only needed to endure it for a year to get the mandatory credit.

Fast forward a few years, and I decide I want to get more into shape. I decide to try push-ups again. This time I get the idea to ask my father — a former gymnast — for advice. I demonstrate what I’ve been doing my whole life, and he tells me that since girls have a different center of gravity, because of the extra weight in the chest area, it’s better for girls to start by keeping their knees on the ground until they build up their strength. I had essentially been doing advanced-level push-ups my whole life, and nobody, not even the gym teacher — who should have known this –had bothered to correct me.

My friend, who also didn’t know about the knee thing, took the words right out of my mouth when I told her about this: “I’m gonna kill her.”

A Huge Hole In Their Logic

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(I work at a popular clothing company. I am almost finished with a seven-hour shift, after one of those crazy one-day sales, when a customer comes up to me and demands to return a jacket that was on sale. We have a policy that if it’s a manufacturing defect, we can exchange the item with no problem.)

Customer: “I’d like to get a new jacket because this jacket has a huge hole under the arm!”

Me: “Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. May I please take a look at the jacket?”

(She hands over the jacket. I quickly find the tear, but the tear is obviously manmade with a pair of scissors. Of course, I’m supposed to give her the benefit of the doubt.)

Me: “Let me just check our systems to see if we have the same jacket in the same colour in stock.”

Customer: “Fine. Just be quick, though.”

(Unfortunately, we don’t have it in the same colour, but we do have the same jacket in a different colour.)

Me: “I’m so sorry to inform you that we currently don’t have the same colour of jacket in stock, but we do have it in the grey.”

Customer: “That’s fine, I guess, but can you bring it up? I want my new jacket, and then I’m going to go get my mom to deal with the broken one.”

Me: “I’m sorry? I can only process this jacket as an exchange or return. If you are planning on fixing the jacket, then I can’t authorize any returns or exchanges.”

Customer: “But it’s broken! I want to speak to a manager!”

(I call up my manager, who repeats exactly what I told the lady. She obviously doesn’t like what she’s hearing.)

Manager: “So, what you’re telling me is that you want to exchange the broken jacket for a new one, and still keep the old jacket?”

Customer: “Yes! Why is that so hard to understand?!”

Manager: “Uh… no. You can either exchange or return the jacket, not both.”

(The customer then left in a huff. I turned to talk to my manager who just rolled his eyes. Sadly, that wasn’t even the worst customer we had that day.)