Any Reasonableness Has Melted Away

, , , , , | Right | February 6, 2019

(It’s my last summer working at an ice cream store where I’ve been working for seven years now, and I’m working this closing shift with the other senior member of staff. This year we’ve had a troublesome customer, and every time she’s been in I’ve had to serve her, which has resulted in me witnessing a very personal fight between her and her boyfriend while trying to make her a banana split, as well as being hit on by said boyfriend. When she comes in on this particular shift, I decide that this is a good time for a bathroom break, as I know full well that my coworker can handle her. When I get back from the bathroom, she tells me all she made her was a small cone, which is unusual because usually, her orders are much more intricate. Maybe fifteen minutes later, we’re serving a large family when she comes back in. She’s holding her ice cream cone up in the air, and the look on her face is concerning. Of course, this time I get stuck with her.)

Me: “I’m sorry, I’m serving this group right now. I’ll be with you in a minute.”

Customer #2: “Oh, no, it’s fine. [Coworker] can finish helping us!”

Customer #1: “I need a refund for this ice cream.”

(It has been an incredibly hot summer. It’s around 9:00 pm now, but it’s still very hot outside. Her small ice cream has melted all down her arm.)

Me: “I can’t give you a refund for a cone you’ve partially eaten.”

Customer #1: “But it melted.”

Me: “Um…”

Customer #1: “And besides, it was disgusting. You shouldn’t serve this flavour to anyone. And especially not me, because I’m pregnant.”

Me: “You could have asked for a sample.”

Customer #1: “Well, I didn’t know you did that! I need a refund for this cone! I want to talk to your manager!”

Me: “I can’t give you a refund; my manager has gone home, but I can give you the card with our number and you can call tomorrow afternoon?”

(I gave her the card, and she left, still complaining about the flavour of the ice cream — which happens to be one of our most popular flavours. I texted my manager to warn him about what had happened, and he let me know that if she came in again or called to complain she’d be banned from the shop because of that and previous incidents. She never called, and we never saw her again. We weren’t very disappointed.)

Lipsticks On Pugs

, , , , | Right | February 5, 2019

(I’m cashing a woman out and making casual conversation.)

Customer: “How long have you worked here?”

Me: “About a year and a half. What do you do for a living?”

Customer: “Oh, I’m starting a business. It’s like a brothel, but you trade a pug in for a prostitute. I started a Kickstarter to fund it.”

Me: “Oh, well… Good luck with that.”

Customer: “Thanks, darling. Have a great day!”

Burritos Contain Meat, Beans, And Stupid Sauce

, , , , | Right | February 5, 2019

(I’m in line behind the customer, and this food place has a promotion that your burrito will be $5 plus tax if you buy a drink. Normally a regular burrito is $8.95 plus tax.)

Employee: “What drink would you like?”

Customer: “I don’t want a drink.”

Employee: “It’s the regular price if you don’t buy a drink.”

Customer: “That’s okay. I just want a burrito.”

Employee: “That’ll be $10.11.”

(The customer paid and left. If she’d bought the drink it would have been $8.99.)

The Brightest Things In The Library Are The Librarians

, , , , , | Hopeless | February 3, 2019

The library has a light therapy lamp for winter blues. On this day, I’d been specifically planning to use the lamp, and I’d been having a bit of a bad day, so it was pretty important to me. Usually, no one is using it, but when I got there, there were people sitting in both of the seats. I waited ten or fifteen minutes and then asked them how long they planned to use the lamp; there’s a sign on the lamp asking patrons to limit their use if there are people waiting to use it.

They said they were going to be there a while. I told them I was hoping to use the light therapy lamp for a little bit; they muttered a few things, and while I didn’t catch the exact words, the general gist was that they weren’t moving.

I wasn’t assertive enough to press the issue or show my displeasure, but I was pretty upset, since they’d clearly been there for a while before I even got there, and I suspected they weren’t even using the lamp for light therapy. I was also angry at myself, for not being assertive both in that situation and in general.

I wanted to ask a librarian for help, but I was too nervous to, both because I didn’t want to be “that person” and because I was afraid the two patrons would overhear and get mad at me. But a few minutes later, one of the librarians, who had apparently noticed the situation, came up to me and offered to move the lamp to where I was. Presumably, those two patrons didn’t actually need it; I suppose they were only attached to the seats.

I was really surprised and really grateful to her for doing that. She helped make my bad day a lot better, especially since using the lamp was the last thing I planned to do before I went home. She also would have had to approach those two patrons to ask if they were all right with her taking the lamp, which came with a risk of them getting mad at her. And she did that on her own initiative, without being asked at all.

I’ve always liked the librarians here, but this is really going to stand out for me.

Beerly Holding It Together

, , , | Right | February 2, 2019

(In our province it is illegal to sell alcohol after 6:00 pm in any store.)

Customer: “Can you make this quick? I’m in a hurry.”

Me: “I will go as quickly as I can, sir.”

(As I’m going through the items I notice some alcohol; it is 6:30.)

Me: “Unfortunately, sir, due to the law, we are unable to sell beer through our system past 6:00 pm.”

Customer: “Well, this is just flipping amazing. Just bypass this law and let me have my beer.”

Me: “I am sincerely sorry, sir, but unfortunately the computer system will not allow me to bypass this law.”

Customer: “Fine!”

(He then proceeded to throw the case of beer on the floor, which exploded all over the place. He bolted out. All this over beer.)


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