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Even With Tips, It’s Still Not Worth It

, , , , , , , | Right | CREDIT: Illustrious_Day4634 | July 10, 2022

I’ve been working as a pizza delivery guy for a pizza chain for the past two years. I get an order for a condominium, and on the receipt, the customer has left instructions to call as soon as I arrive to find out which apartment she lives in. I get there and I call five times, and she doesn’t pick up.

I call my manager about what to do, and he tells me to call the customer’s daughter since she made an order with her and also left her number. I eventually make it to the customer’s door.

Customer: “Where were you?! You’re late!”

Me: “I tried calling you several times.”

Customer: “I thought those were scam calls.”

Me: “How would you like to pay?”

The order is $15.46 and she wants to pay with $100, and she wants exact change with no tip.

Me: “I don’t have the change necessary for that.”

Customer: *Yelling* “What the f*** is your problem?! This is your job!”

Me: “Do you have a debit or credit card?”

The woman finally pays, with no tip, and the daughter pays for her order and gives me a two-dollar tip.

Customer: “Now get the h*** off my property!”

I get back to work and my manager comes to talk to me.

Manager: “I got a call from your last customer. She says you pushed her, hit her, and called her a b****. She demanded that I fire you and give her a lifetime discount or she was going to call the cops.”

To this day, my manager is the best man alive. After that, he told her that she would be blacklisted from our chain and any other stores in the chain in the area. He told the other restaurants not to give her service or deliver to her.

When You Want An Everything Bagel We Give You Everything

, , , , , , | Right | July 7, 2022

In my last two years of university, I did my one stint in hospitality/food service. I worked part-time at one of the campus cafeterias that specialized mostly in sandwiches and pizzas.

One evening, I was working at the sandwich station when a female student came in and ordered a toasted bagel. At the time, we were simply using one of the bread knives (long and sharp) to cut the bagels in half for toasting. The most common technique was to hold the bagel down with the palm of one hand and slice it horizontally.

In my rush to get it cut, I didn’t hold the bagel down firmly enough. The bagel slipped under my hand and my thumb basically ran up the length of the knife, almost slicing a fair chunk of the end of my thumb off.

There was no pain (thank you, sharp knife), but as I looked in shock at the copious flow of blood from my thumb, I dropped the knife and ran back to the kitchen for first aid. As I stumbled through the door to the back, I heard the following:

Student: “Don’t get any blood on my bagel!”

The on-duty supervisor helped me bandage my injury enough to get to Medical Services for proper treatment and stitches.

When I came in for my next shift a few days later, the sandwich station had been supplied with a proper bagel holder to prevent any further “incidents”.

I still remember the customer’s reaction over forty years later.

Making Assumptions About Assumptions

, , , , , | Learning | July 5, 2022

I’m on a high school trivia team, and we are going through a practice game to prepare for the upcoming tournament. I’m on a team with three other people, one of whom is a person I’ve known for almost four years, and I am close with his girlfriend. I am given an assigned question which means I am the only player allowed to answer it.

The teacher asks a question about a country, and I do not know the answer.

Teammate: *Excitedly* “Oh, oh, [My Name]!”

He points to himself while giving me a look as if I should know the answer. I remember that his family is from Honduras and I assume that he is giving me the answer.

Me: “Honduras.”

Teacher: “Incorrect.”

Teammate: “[My Name]! The answer was Mexico! That’s why I was pointing at myself.”

Me: “[Teammate], you arent from Mexico; you’re from Honduras.”

Teammate: “Yeah, but everyone always assumes that I’m from Mexico. I figured you would too.”

Me: “[Teammate #2] is actually Mexican. Why didn’t you point at her?”

Teammate: “Oh, crap.”

We went on to lose three out of four of our games in the first half of the tournament, and then we lost four out of five of our games in the second half. We did not move on to the playoffs for obvious reasons.

This Story Goes From Zero To Hundred

, , , , , , | Right Working | June 14, 2022

I’m working in the drive-thru. I take an order and the car pulls to the window to pay. I do my usual spiel and the driver goes to pass me a folded-up bill.

I reach out, but just as I’m about to grab it, I realize that it’s a $100 bill which we don’t accept.

Me: *Pulling my hand back* “Oh, I’m sorry, but we don’t—”

The customer, thinking I was holding the bill, lets go, sending it off in the wind.

I have never moved so fast in my life. I practically vault the counter and go Juggernaut through the front door to chase after the money. Thankfully, it doesn’t get far. Thoroughly out of breath, I run inside and hand it back to the customer.

Me: *Panting* “I’m sorry… We… don’t take $100… bills… Do you… have… another way… to pay?”

Lettuce Break This Down A Little

, , , , , , | Right Working | June 10, 2022

We’ve introduced chicken snack wraps as a promotional item. I’ve somehow managed to become the go-to for making them. One of my coworkers will even specifically ask for me by name to make hers for break, even if I’m on another station, since I’m the only one who can ever do her only special request properly.

That request is, and I quote:

Customer: “Extra lettuce, but like, not a lot extra. Just a little extra. But not too much.”

I put the normal amount on every single one and she’s never said a word.