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Our return system is set up so that if the customer does not have a receipt, the item they are returning automatically rings up at the cheapest price it’s been sold at over the last 90 days. We also have the ability to look up receipts using the card number that was used on that purchase. I have looked for a receipt for this customer on four of his cards, and no receipts are showing up, so we continue the return without a receipt.
The item rings up at a penny.

Me: Unfortunately it’s ringing up at a penny.

Customer: But I’m just exchanging, so it’s ok.

Me: No, it’s not, because the items are completely different. I can’t give you any money back for this, because sometime within the last 90 days, this item has been given out for free. It was probably a promo with a certain purchase.

Customer: Well I never got this for free, I paid for it, so you have to give me my money back.

Me: No, I can’t give you your money back, because the register is only letting me give you a penny. Which is nothing, since we don’t have pennies anymore.

Customer: But I’m exchanging it. So it’s ok.

Me: No, it’s not ok, because you are getting a different item. If they were the same, I could swap them out no problem. But they’re different, so they have to go through the til, and because you don’t have a receipt, it’s ringing up at the lowest price it’s been in the last 90 days. Which is a penny.

Customer: But this isn’t fair. I paid for it.

Me: Unfortunately without a receipt, we don’t have proof of that. If you find your receipt, I’ll be happy to give you back what you paid.

Customer: Why can’t you give me back what I paid for it!?

Me: Because we don’t know what you paid for it. You don’t have a receipt.

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(I work as a Teaching Assistant (TA). It is the winter holidays and the other TAs and I have come to campus to collect our students’ final exams so we can grade them before Christmas, which is five days away. After we have organized everything and discussed grading schemes, I look around the room.)

Me: “So, can I start now?”

TA #1: “Oh no! No-ho-ho-ho no. No way. Not a chance. Absolutely not.”

Me: *beat* “Can I start NOW?”

TA #1: “Yes, you may.”

Waffling On For Christmas

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(I work in the bakery department for a popular supermarket chain. It is three days before Christmas, so we are naturally busy and a little low on products. As I am refilling a display, a woman comes up to me.)

Me: “Hi! How can I help you today?”

Customer: “Hi. I’m looking for waffles and I know you sell them here; where can I find them?”

Me: “We sure do; they should be right over here.”

(The waffles she is looking for are already sent to us premade and prepackaged, but they are not a popular product, so we don’t get them regularly delivered, and of course, we have just run out of them.)

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but it appears we don’t have any more. They’ve all been sold.”

Customer: “Oh, well, can’t you check the back to see if you have any left?”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I was just in the back a few minutes ago and I didn’t see any.”

Customer: *still in a nice tone but I can see she’s getting annoyed* “Okay, but will you get them in before Christmas?”

Me: “Again, I’m sorry, but no. Our shipment day is after Christmas and because we don’t get them in often, there is a small chance they wouldn’t even be included.”

Customer: *now annoyed* “Well, then, what am I supposed to do? My family has a tradition of eating these on Christmas morning every year!”

Me: “Well, if you’d like, I can direct you towards our baking aisle for waffle ingredients.”

Customer: “No, I don’t want to make the waffles. I want to buy these waffles!”

Me: “Oh. Then I’m sorry, ma’am, but there’s nothing I can do.”

Customer: “I guess you just ruined my Christmas, then.”

(I laughed nervously and apologized again for the inconvenience as she left the store without buying anything. For the rest of my shift, I was in a daze after having been told I ruined someone’s Christmas all because of a package of waffles that, in my opinion, looked very stale and unappetizing.)

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For Christmas, I Would Like A Time Machine

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(This year, Boxing Day falls on a Wednesday, and our local newspaper is delivered on Thursdays. This takes place on the Saturday before Christmas, and therefore not Boxing Day.)

Customer: “Um, actually, that item is [price]!”

Me: “Oh, did you see it that price on the shelf?”

Customer: “No, it was in the flyer!”

(She shoves it in my face and I take it. It looks like the Boxing Day flyer, but before I say anything about it, I look for the date on the flyer.)

Customer: “What are you doing!? I had it open to the item that’s on sale!”

Me: “I’m just looking for the date to be sure, because this looks like the Boxing Day flyer.” *finds the date* “Yup, here it is; it starts on the 26th.”

Customer: “Are you serious? But the flyer is already out; we got it in the paper on Thursday! You’re telling me you’re not going to honour a price from a flyer that’s already out?”

Me: “Um, yes, because it says right on it that it’s for Boxing Day.”

Customer: “Well, maybe you shouldn’t put the flyer out before the sale starts, then!”

Me: “If we did that, you wouldn’t have gotten it until next Thursday, and by then, the sale would be over.”

Customer: “Oh… Yeah… Right…”

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From The Mouth Of Babes

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Our family went out for dinner one evening. As the waitress came to take our order, we could see that she looked like she was having a terrible day. She looked like she was completely exhausted and worn out. She took our orders and left, returning to the table shortly with our drinks orders. My nine-year-old son looked up, gave her a big smile, and said, “Awesome service!”

Her whole face lit up. From then on, we received VIP treatment, everything was perfect, she couldn’t do enough for us. We asked for her name and told her manager the service was great. Every time we went after that, we asked for her, and every time, we got amazing service and big smiles.

Sometimes just a kind word or two can make such a difference.

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