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Our driver is making a delivery at an apartment where the customer prefers not to give their ring number.

Driver: *calls customer to come down before leaving* “hello sir, this is /restaurant/ calling for your delivery order. I will be there in 5 minutes if you can meet me downstairs, thank you”

* driver parks car, heads over to apartment, sees a guy walking towards him that greets driver*

Driver: -greets customer, hands over food and does the transaction, leaves.-

As driver returns to restaurant, he gets a call from original customer

Customer: excuse me. I’ve been waiting for 5 minutes and you are not here yet.
Driver: didn’t your friend come down and pay?
Customer: no, the order is just for myself.
Driver: please wait a moment, I shall return in a minute.

– At this time wrong order guy gets a call from the place he ordered. I shall assume the call went along the lines of

Pizza man: hello sir, I’m downstairs with your order now
Wrong order man: &/$$:$;83$3$/8:$:! Wtf shit. –

Driver: returns to the apartment and the four man encounter happens and everything works out.

But I’m still confused as to why the guy ordered a PIZZA and approached the delivery guy with no delivery box??????

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I am working in a small town electronics store with a big holiday sale going on, there are displays of all kinds of electronics , and huge sales signs over the entire store, when two men walk in. They walk past our displays of toys, TVs, cell phones, headphones etc etc, and approach me at the counter.

Me: Hi there!, can I help you find something today?
Customer: Is this the post office?
Me: Uhm… No?
Customer: Do you have migratory bird licenses here?
Me: No… We’re an electronics store…
Customer: Oh! this isn’t the post office?
Me: No, we sell electronics.
Customer: Oh… wheres the post office?

I gave the men directions to the post office, which is approximately 50 meters from our building straight down the road. You can see the big sign that says CANADA POST from the front door of our store.

It’s About To Get Real Nutty, Part 2

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I volunteer at a Fair Trade store for several years starting when I am sixteen. There is one overall manager and four assistant managers that are the only paid positions on staff. I am fortunate that the majority of customers are great; it is a store in an out-of-place area so most of them already know about our mission statement and everything before coming in. There are two incidents in particular that were interesting experiences:

We sell hazelnut chocolate bars that are pretty popular. Now, you would think, given that it says, “hazelNUT,” that customers would know that there are nuts in the bars. I’m restocking shelves when a woman walks in who bought one of these chocolate bars a few hours ago.

Customer: “I demand a refund for this chocolate bar!”

She shoves the bar at me, about three-quarters eaten. 

Me: “What was the problem, ma’am?”

Customer: “You didn’t tell me there were nuts in the chocolate! I had an allergic reaction and almost died.”

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that, but given that the name of the chocolate bar was ‘Hazelnut’ and there was no nut-free symbol, I didn’t see a need to tell you, especially since you gave no indication that you had an allergy.”

Customer: “B****! Get me your manager!”

I walk into the back room where the assistant manager for the day is making some hot chocolate. 

Me: “I’ll finish the hot chocolate; you’ll need after you deal with the crazy up front.”

The manager laughed before going up. The customer didn’t get her refund.

The other incident is near the holiday season, so we are actually pretty busy. It’s a small store with only one register; I am on cash, someone is bagging/gift wrapping, and two people are on the floor.

A lady comes up with piles of stuff. There are more than thirty items and several multiples — four or five of the same chocolate bars or bracelets. She insists that I scan everything individually instead of punching in how many; why, I don’t know. Her total is over $200, and she pulls out her debit and tries tapping it.

Me: “It won’t work for tapping anything over $100; you have to insert or swipe.”

The customer completely ignored me and tried tapping it multiple times while the machine was beeping. 

After several tries, she eventually inserted it, but then couldn’t remember her PIN. So, she called her bank; meanwhile, a line was forming behind her. They informed her that she did not have enough money in her account and she needed to come into the bank. I could hear her angrily yelling at them before hanging up and storming out, leaving all her items behind. I pushed them to the side and cashed out the remaining customers. When there was a bit of a lull, the other volunteers and I put all the items away.

Just before closing time, she reappeared and was beyond pissed that we had put away all her items, and she wanted a discount for her “trouble”. She glared at me the whole time she was being cashed out.

Holiday season can bring out the crazies.

It’s About To Get Real Nutty

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I’ll start by mentioning that I’m often told I look somewhat frightening to strangers as I have long blue hair, an impressive beard, and am basically built like a gorilla. When I wear my leather jacket – as I often do – people immediately assume I’m a biker.

My 12-year-old son and I are standing outside one of our local Thrift shops while I finish my cigarette and coffee before going in to shop for toys, when a disheveled man came walking through the entrance pushing a cart loaded with clothing. Since the carts aren’t allowed to leave the store, and all items are bagged after being purchased (not to mention, you have to pass through the checkouts to get to the exit, unlike the entrance) it was rather obvious he was trying to steal a large amount of product. A pair of employees are following him – one small older woman and a rather large young man.

Female Employee: Sir, you’ll have to come back inside and pay for those.
Man: No! You can’t charge me for these! It’s a sin!
Male employee grabs the cart and pulls it back through the entrance, while the attempted thief just stands and yells about sin, then tries to follow them back inside
Male employee: Sir, if you re-enter the store we are calling the police.
Man turns and leaves, then faces the store again and yells “You can’t sell things that were given away for charity! The bible says so!”

As he passes me, my son turns to me and asks “Dad, isn’t there something in the bible that says you shouldn’t steal?”
The man whips around to say something to my son, then notices me standing beside him.
He walks away quickly, muttering to himself over and over “It’s in the bible! It’s in the bible!”

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I volunteer at the front desk of a gym facility. Members scan their cards and I check the validity on the computer before granting them access. Sometimes members forget their cards but we are required to have them wait in line at the membership services desk so that the worker can enter their phone number into the system. We have a gate that I have to buzz open that keeps people from just walking into the actual facilities.

One day, it isn’t particularly busy but the worker at the membership services desk is setting up a membership and I am talking to the manager. A lady that I have seen only once or twice approaches the desk.

Me: Good morning!

Customer: *starts to say phone number but I interrupt her*

Me: I’m sorry but I can’t type in any phone numbers on this computer. If you could please wait in the line over there, my co-worker can type in your phone number when she is done helping those people.

Customer: You better type in my phone number right now!

Me: I’m sorry but I can’t actually type in-

Customer: You have to type in my phone number right now!

Me: I’m really sorry but this computer doesn’t allow me to-

Customer: If you don’t type in my phone number right now then I am going to jump over that gate right now!

At this point I had no idea what to do so I just look back at my manager.

Manager: I can help you over at one of those computers.

The customer and my manager walk over to the other end of the lobby while I help some other members. After a minute or so the customer walks back over. I smile at her as she approaches but she glares at me.

Customer: You can let me in, I’m not a hostage or should I say, terrorist.

I let the lady into the facility but am shocked and have no idea what she even meant.