Wi-Fi Range Extender Extended Beyond All Physical Means To Work

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(A customer comes to return a Wi-Fi range extender. The receipt says that it was purchased yesterday.)

Me: “Why are you returning it?”

Customer: “It doesn’t work.”

Me: “All right.”

(I open the package, and before taking the range extender out of the box, I can see that it’s extremely dirty. I have a hard time believing this was purchased less than 24 hours ago, but I continue to look it over, anyway, and take it completely out of the box. Part of the plastic next to one of the plug-in prongs is burnt and melted.)

Me: “Um, this is melted.”

Customer: “Yeah, it did that.”

Me: “It just did that when you first plugged it in?”

Customer: “Yeah.”

Me: “Why didn’t you tell me that when I asked you why you’re returning it?”

Customer: “Because it came like that.”

Me: *pause* “It came burnt?”

Customer: “Yeah.”

Me: “Okay…”

(I turn the item over to check the serial number and sure enough, it doesn’t match the serial number on the box.)

Me: “Well, the serial numbers don’t match, so this isn’t the item that came in the box.”

Customer: “Yes, it is!”

Me: “There wouldn’t be a melted item in a brand-new box.”

(My manager comes over and starts looking at it.)

Manager: “Was the box opened when you bought it?”

Customer:She just opened it!” *pointing at me* “I didn’t do it!”

Manager: “Well the serial numbers don’t match, so this isn’t the item that came in the box.”

Customer: “Yes, it is! It’s the same model number!”

Manager: “Well, I can’t return this, because clearly you bought a new range extender yesterday to replace your damaged one, and you’re trying to swap them out so you don’t have to pay for your new one.”

Customer: “No, it was open when I bought it!”

Manager: “It wouldn’t have been opened when you bought it, because it would have had a sticker on it signed by a manager to say that everything was inside and working.”

Customer: “That’s how it came!”

Manager: “Well, I’m not returning it.”

(He didn’t argue anymore.)

Caller Causes Chaos, But Is Cold-heartedly Calm

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Content Warning: Car Accident.

I work at an inbound call center that answers for roughly 400 different companies, one of those being an American car-sharing program. I got a call, and the woman on the other end casually informed me that she had just been in an accident.

I asked if she’d had a collision with an object or another person; she replied that it was involving another person. I asked if she’d gotten the other person’s info.

Her response was, “No, because he is not alive anymore.”

It took me a couple seconds to process that, and I continued with the accident report.

The kicker is, the entire time I was filling everything out, she was sitting there complaining about the cold, and kept asking how much longer it was going to take.

That’s what was the most unsettling part of the call: the fact that she had just killed a guy — accidentally, but still — and did not seem to care at all.

Not something I’m going to forget any time soon!

You Had (Number) One Thing To Do

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(For a number of years, our menu was a little backwards; our bacon cheeseburger was the #1 combo and a plain burger was the #3 combo. Some variant of this conversation happened almost daily.)

Customer: “Can I get a #1, please?”

Me: “Okay, one bacon cheeseburger. Anything else today?”

Customer: “No, no, no, the number one.”

Me: “That is the number one.”

Customer: “Well, how was I supposed to know that?”

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(Near the beginning of the week, I had two short and quiet shifts of training on the customer service desk with another coworker. As I am terrified of talking on the phone during our training she took all the calls. It’s the end of the same week and I’m on the service desk alone for the first time. Most customers have been really good about mistakes and speed when I apologize and say that I’m just learning. An elderly woman comes up to the desk.)

Customer: Can you call me a taxi?

Me: Sure. (I pause for a moment for instructions, but she just stares at me.) Though, I’m just learning the service desk and I actually haven’t ever called a taxi in my life, so how do you want me to do this?

Customer: The number is [XXX-XXXX]. It should be [Name] Taxi.

(I carefully dial the number, but I forget to pick a line to dial out on and have to have her give me the number again while I try dialing again. The phone begins ringing on the other side and by this point I’m trembling.)

Taxi Service: Hello, this is [Name] Taxi. How may I help you?

Me: Hello. C-can I get a taxi at [Store]?

Taxi Service: Yes. And that would be for…?

Me: Huh?

Taxi Service: The name?

Me: (looks to customer) Er–?

Customer: It’s Pam.

Me: For Pam.

Taxi Service: Alright.

Me: (pause) Goodbye?

Taxi Service: Have a nice day.

(I hang up)

Customer: So how long will that be?

Me: (internally panicking) They, uh, they didn’t say.

Customer: Hmp. You should’ve asked.

Me: I’m sorry. I didn’t think to. I’m just learning… never called a taxi before, so I’m really sorry–

Customer: (stalks off, loudly muttering) Asleep on the job, are we?

Next Customer in Line: Cranky person, are we?

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Customer: Are your phones broken or something?

Me: No…? Um, we can’t answer the phones if we’re already with customers, so maybe that’s why no one picked up.

Customer: Oh someone picked up.

Me: … oh…? I thought you said no one answered?

Customer: No I didn’t! I asked you if they were broken!

Me: Oh, ok. Well I don’t understand why you’re asking me that, then.

Customer: Because I called three times!

Me: And only got through once?

Customer: No I got through each time!

Me: I don’t understand.

Customer: I kept getting cut off! And I had to keep calling back!

Me: Oh, weird. Maybe one of them is broken, then. Sorry about that. We’ll have to take a look at that.

Customer: Oh maybe she just didn’t want to talk to me!

Me: Um, I highly doubt she hung up on you…

(Turns out one of the phones was broken! haha)

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