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Conversations in retail.

Customer: Can you tell me the price of this stuffed penguin?
Me: Oh, the price sticker is just on the tag on the side of him there.
Customer: *stares blankly, remains motionless*
Me: *walk around, look where I told her to look* Thirty dollars.
Customer: Do you have a card for him?
Me: A what?
Customer: A card?
Me: A… what?
Customer: A business card for him?
Me: A business card for the penguin?
Customer: Yes.
Me: … A… a business card. For the penguin. … Like… does the penguin… have a business card?
Customer: …Yes
Me: …
Customer: So I can order him later if I want him?

That Was A Bad ID-ea

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(This post office is in the back corner of a shop. In the post office queue, the guy at the front is taking ages, getting annoyed.)

Guy: “Look, get me your manager. I was told this would be fine. She’ll back me up.”

Cashier: “Do you mean the manager of the post office or of the whole store?”

Guy: “The post office, obviously. God, are you stupid?”

(The cashier makes a phone call, and it’s obvious the manager tells her to go along with the guy’s demands.)

Cashier: “Okay, then, we’ll just need to see some ID…”

Guy: “But didn’t your manager tell you who I am? She’s a friend of mine, you know.”

Cashier: “Sir, my manager’s a guy, so…”

(The guy shut up and handed over his ID.)

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(Despite our 30 day return policy, and the fact that there was no additional coverage purchased with a printer, the customer is insisting that we return her 5 month old printer. We finally agree to store credit only, and explain to her that we are breaking store policy. The customer gets a new, more expensive printer, along with the ink for it)

Me: That’ll be *price*

Customer: ….That you owe me…

Me: No, that you owe us.

Customer: Well how does that work?

Me: The printer you returned was $70 and your new one is $100. plus the ink.

Customer; I thought the ink came with it!

Me: yes, the printer does come with ink, but it’s just a starter cartridge, so it’s not full at all. You’ll have to come back fairly soon to replace it. That’s why *coworker* suggested you get the ink off the shelf.

Customer: NO! I thought the ink was free with my printer since I just bought ink for my old printer that doesn’t work anymore! I just bought ink for it the other day from *different store*!

Me: Um, well just because you just bought new ink doesn’t mean you get this ink for free. You also bought it from a different store. Also the printer you’re returning is 4 months past the return policy, so we shouldn’t even be giving you a refund on that.

Customer: Then I don’t want the ink. Just the new printer.

His Brain Was Lost In The Wash

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Customer: “I’d like to buy a car wash.”

Me: “Sure thing! Which type of wash would you like?”

Customer: “A car wash.”

(I think for a moment that perhaps he’s misheard me.) 

Me: “Which type of car wash are you interested in?”

Customer: “A car wash.”

Me: “The different washes are listed right here, sir.”

(I point at the sign right in front of me.)

Customer: “A car wash.”

Me: “How about our top-of-the-line wash?”

Customer: “Uh… sure.”

Me: “All righty, your total is [total]; just insert your card.”

(He is already holding his credit card out.)

Customer: “Uh…”

Me: “Right here.” *points at the terminal*

Customer: “Oh! Okay.”

(He inserts the card incorrectly and an error slip prints out. I hand him the slip.)

Me: “That didn’t go through; you’ll have to try that again. Insert the other end first.”

(He inserts the card incorrectly again and another error slip prints out.)

Me: “That did not go through; we’ll have to try that again.”

(I hand him the second slip. He takes both slips and walks out without another word. I’m a little surprised, but figure that maybe he brought the wrong card with him and was embarrassed. He comes back in about a half-hour later.)

Customer: “Excuse me, miss. Sorry to bother you… But neither of these slips worked at the car wash.” *places his error slips on the counter*

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I Am The Captain Now!

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(I am fifteen and my brother is thirteen. We start lawn care business together at the beginning of the summer. We work together to mow lawns and such. Recently, he broke his foot, so I’ve been handling the mowing, communication, money, etc. I went from making $22.50 a week to $45 a week, so I can’t complain. Today was very hot and I am all sweaty from working.)

Mom: “You look tired.”

Me: “Yeah, I’m going to take a freezie break. Let me just ask my manager.”

(I do a spin.)

Me: “I am the manager! Take a freezie break.”

(I spun again.)

Me: “I guess that’s settled. Can I, Mom?”

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