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(It’s important for this story to note that I only have a few dresses that I don’t wear all that often, but all of them are flow-y, summery things. This conversation happens a handful of times every time I wear one.)

Customer: “Well, don’t you look pretty! Are you going out after work or something?”

Me: *Looks down at my dress and flats, neither of which have any buttons, zippers, or laces on them.* “You do realize this is, quite literally, my ‘too flipping lazy for pants’ outfit, right? This is what I wear when I just cannot be bothered with zippers or waistbands.”

Taking Stock Of Ridiculous Requests

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(A customer comes up to me asking if we carry a particular item.)

Me: “I know for sure that we do. Were you having trouble finding it?”

Customer: “No, I found it, but it says it’s out of stock.”

Me: “Okay, let me grab the tag so I can look up the SKU and see when we have more coming in.” *does that* “So, it looks like we’re expected to get more in next week, but that’s not guaranteed. When do you need it for?”

Customer: “Yesterday.”

Me: *fake laughing a bit* “Okay. So, would you like me to see if any other stores have any? I can get them to put it on hold for you.”

Customer: “No, I’m not driving out of town for it.”

Me: “Okay, then the next fastest way to get it is to order it online. We have a way to do that in store if you like.”

Customer: “No, I need it today.”

Me: “Okay, well, we don’t have any, unfortunately. So, if you need it today, I can have one put aside for you in [Nearby Town], or you could check [Major Retailer]?”

Customer: “No, I’m not going to [Major Retailer]. I need it now.”

Me: “Okay. I’m not sure what you would like me to do. We don’t have any.”

Customer: “I want you to have it in stock!”

Me: “I understand that, but we don’t.”

Customer: “Yeah, and that’s pretty ridiculous, isn’t it? You don’t even carry this popular item.”

Me: “We do carry it. We’ve just sold out of them. Because other people bought them… because they’re popular.”

Customer: “You’d think you guys would be more on top of your game, then! You should be ordering things way sooner than you are if you know how popular they are!”

Me: “We actually don’t do any ordering ourselves; it’s all automated. When stock gets to a certain number, a new order gets put in on its own.”

Customer: “Oh.”

Canadian Politeness Is Infuriating

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(We have just recently changed the store around, so many people are getting confused as to where stuff is. This older gentleman comes in and is looking at the videos, but looks really confused.)

Me: “Is there anything I can help you find today?”

Customer: *in a very thick Irish accent* “Why the f*** did you ask me that? Do I look like a f****** thief to you? All you Canadians are the same and so rude!”

Me: “I’m sorry I offended you, sir, I was just asking, as we recently rearranged the store, so I thought you may need some help.”

Customer: “I don’t care. You are so f****** rude! They don’t do that where I come from!”

(He walks out. I then have a regular customer come up:)

Regular: “What the h*** was his problem?”

Me: “I don’t know. I guess he didn’t like me being polite and trying to help him.”

When It Comes To The Rules Don’t Kid Around

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(I take my two-and-a-half-year-old son to the grocery store and park next to the cart corral in the middle of the lot. I take a cart out of the corral, bring it the far door of the car, and start getting my son out and settled in.)

Random Customer: “Hey! They have special parking for people with small kids up at the front, you should park up there.”

Me: “Oh, I know, but this is actually easier for me, as I don’t have to carry him or let him walk through the parking lot when I’m getting a cart or putting it away. Thanks, though.”

Random Customer: *getting more aggressive sounding* “But they have special parking, just for you! The store won’t let people without kids park there; we all have to walk so far and you’re not even parking there.”

Me: “There is no law about those spots; if you want to park there go ahead. It’s just a courtesy gesture. Take my spot if you want.”

Random Customer: “It makes no sense, the store won’t let us park there, we all have to walk, and you won’t even use it. Inconsiderate b****!”

(My son is starting to cry. I am getting stressed and thinking of just leaving when a store employee with the lot vest on comes jogging up, asking if everything is okay, causing the glowering customer to wander off. I tell the employee what was happening and he escorts us into the store, making faces with my son, getting him to giggle, and basically calming us down. As we are checking out after shopping, the same employee comes up, gives my son a couple of helium balloons, and makes excuses to walk us back out to our car. As I’m unloading the cart my son — who’s really big into following all the rules — notices the same customer has unloaded his groceries a ways off.)

Son: “Mommy, the mean man didn’t put his cart away; he left it out!”

Employee: “That’s okay. I’ll get it put away first so no one scratches their car.”

Son: “Mommy says it’s rude to leave the cart out; people could get hurt or hurt their car.” *calling out to the customer* “It’s rude to leave your cart out. You should put it away!”

(The customer looked over, saw who was calling to him, and got an embarrassed look on his face before squealing out so quickly that he turned too sharp and scraped the side of his car down the cart he had left in the next parking spot. Just as well that it wasn’t another car or a person he couldn’t be bothered to avoid hitting. Maybe he has learned not to shop angry!)

They’re A Chip Off The Old Block

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(I have just given my two-year-old daughter the leftover part of a muffin my wife and I got on a coffee date earlier that day.)

Wife: “Remember that muffin you brought [Daughter] and I from [Coffee Chain] the other day?”

Me: “Yeah, what about it?”

Wife: “Well, I gave it to her for breakfast; she peeled the wrapper off and then ate the bottom, completely ignoring the top.”

Me: “That’s weird.”

Wife: “Yeah, I was like, ‘Sweet, I get the best part,’ but also like, ‘What is wrong with our child?’”

Me: “You do know she’s two and that ‘eating’ a muffin means pulling it apart and finding the chocolate chips, right?”

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