Sounds Like She Should Get A Lot More Curse Words

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(I graduated high school two years before this story happened. I had a terrible time in school, mostly due to intense bullying, to the point of near panic attacks. Because of this, I never attended my graduation to receive my diploma and class transcripts, and also had no intention of doing any higher education. Although my grades were fine enough, I thought “school was not for me.” After high school, I floated around a few jobs before deciding to go to college to do something better. Now, I need to go back to my high school to get the required info for college applications. The deadline to apply is in roughly one week. I try calling the school repeatedly, leaving many messages. I am mostly polite, but in one message I regrettably use a single curse word. Although the word begins with an F, it is used in reference to the situation and NOT directed to the person who would hear the message. I also visit daily to find only maintenance and janitorial staff who can’t help. One visit, there is finally a receptionist present.) 

Receptionist: “Can I help you?”

Me: “Yes, I’d like to get my diploma and transcripts to use for college applications. My name is [My Name] and I graduated in [year].”

Receptionist: *angrily* “Oh.” *breaks eye contact, and refuses to look me in the eye for the remainder of the conversation* “You’re the one that left all the messages.”

Me: “Yes, that was me. I’ve been trying desperately to get this before the deadline to apply.”

Receptionist: *says nothing, looking very snooty*

Me: “If you got my messages, how come you didn’t call me back to say someone was in to help me?”

Receptionist: “I was on vacation last week. I have a right to go on vacation.”

Me: “I understand that. But I also have a right to receive my diploma. It was never sent to me.”

Receptionist: “You shouldn’t need them again. They were given to you at your graduation.”

Me: “I didn’t attend my graduation ceremony. I was told at the time that they would be mailed to any students who didn’t pick them up in person. But I never got them.”

Receptionist: *angrily* “I have a right to go on vacation! I work hard all year.”

Me: “I believe you. But I also worked hard for four years to earn my diploma, and it was never given to me.”

Receptionist: *long silence* “I don’t like the way you talked to me on the phone.”

Me: “Well, I apologize for being rude in a message.”

Receptionist: *long silence* “You shouldn’t speak to me that way! You can’t use that language with me.”

(By now, two janitors are listening in from the hallway outside the office. I am trying to remain calm, but she has still not budged to get what I came for and still will not even look at me.) 

Me: “Well, it was at this fine institution that I learned that kind of language. I will apologize again. I’m sorry for swearing on the voicemail. But I need my transcripts now, please.”

Receptionist: *reluctantly hands me an envelope that was sitting in front of her the entire time*

Me: “Thank you.”

Receptionist: *silence*

Me: “I said, ‘Thank you.’”

Receptionist: “The principal would like to speak with you about your attitude.”

Me: *realising this is a silly and empty threat* “Good! I’m not some scared student you can send to the principal’s office. I graduated two years ago. I would love to speak to her, and I’ll be sure to mention how you’ve treated me. I was picked on in this building for years, and I won’t take it from you for another minute. Have fun holding onto your grudge.”

(I walked out past the janitors who were laughing at the whole thing. I got into college, but strangely never heard from the high school principal.)

So THAT’S Why There Are So Many Nazis Lately!

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(I am working the customer service area of a large grocery store — the small booth that sells smokes and lotto tickets. A customer walks up and I start to check him out.)

Customer: “You aren’t charging me for the bag.”

Me: “Yeah, I am.”

Customer: “No, seriously, you aren’t charging me for a bag.”

(It’s a five-cent charge that some places in Ontario have banned and some still use.)

Customer: “It’s a scam, you know; the price is built into the cost of the groceries. So, you are scamming us.”

(I smile and now while he’s going on about this.)

Customer: “So, as I said, it’s a scam. You are scamming me.”

Me: “I just do as I’m told, sir.”

Customer: “That’s what the Nazis said.”

(I stood there flabbergasted for a moment, but later had a few laughs with my coworkers about being called a Nazi. “Wage-slave” might have been a better term. My wife was right POed when I got home and told her about it.)

Because Pushing Tires Would Be Silly

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(I’m following a father and son into a nearby mall. I assume they are not Canadian after the following happens. There’s a bilingual sticker on the door in English and French saying, “Pull/Tirez.”)

Son: “Dad, why does it say, ‘Pull tires,’ on the door?”

Father: “I don’t know. They just do things strange up here.”

Un-fee-sibly Unhelpful

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(I buy image editing software on a subscription basis, paying $20 monthly for it for school. The school year ends and I no longer need the software, so I do an online chat with a customer service representative. He says he has ended my subscription with no cancellation fee. I thank him and go about my business… until I receive a bill for my subscription the next month. I do another online chat with their customer service.)

Me: “Hi. I believe there was a mistake with your system. I ended my subscription with you last month but I was billed for it this month.”

Rep #1: “Yes, that was the payment for your image editing software.”

Me: “Yes, I know, but I ended that subscription last month.”

Rep #1: “I would like to inform you that your credit card information was updated so your subscription was renewed.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but that didn’t happen. I did not change anything with my bank account or update my credit card info with you at all. That is incorrect.”

Rep #1: “I would like to inform you that the subscription gets renewed automatically; since you were in a one-year commitment you were billed for the subscription.”

Me: “That’s not what the last rep told me. He told me my subscription had ended. I have the transcript of our conversation to prove that.”

Rep #1: “I have checked out your previous case and the representative said that the subscription was suspended and it would be renewed upon your credit card information being updated.”

Me: “No, that’s not what he said.” *copies and pastes his post saying the subscription was cancelled into the chat* “That is what he said, verbatim, copied from the transcript. It clearly says the subscription was cancelled.”

Rep #1: “I apologize for the inconvenience, but if you have the funds in your bank account you will be charged for your subscription.”

Me: “But I ended the subscription, so I shouldn’t have been charged.”

Rep #1: “Do you want to cancel your subscription now?”

Me: “Yes, please, but I also want to be refunded the money you took without my permission after the subscription should’ve been cancelled.”

Rep #1: “One moment while I transfer you to our cancellations department.”

Rep #2: “Hi. I would like to inform you that by cancelling today you will be ending your subscription early and be subject to a $135.00 cancellation fee. If you would like to continue, I can offer you one month of free service.”

Me: “The first representative I talked to said there was no cancellation fee.”

Rep #2: “As the subscription is annually based with lower monthly fees, if you cancel the subscription within the commitment, you will have to pay a cancellation fee. Would it be helpful for you to continue your annual membership, if I could go one step further and give you two months of service for free?”

Me: “I was told the subscription had been ended already.”

Rep #2: “The subscription was not cancelled; the payment for the subscription was processing from your bank.”

Me: “That’s not what I was told.”

Rep #2: “The payment for the subscription was processing and it was in a suspended state; you will have to pay the cancellation fee if you cancel before the commitment ends.”

Me: “But I contacted your representative specifically to cancel the subscription, and he said that it was cancelled. He also told me there was nothing I needed to do: no cancellation fee, no paying for May.”

(We go back and forth for about thirty minutes, with him repeating that I need to pay the cancellation fee and continuing to offer me more months for free. I continue to decline, telling him my subscription should’ve been cancelled. Eventually, after forty-five minutes…)

Me: “Either your rep didn’t charge me the fee or he didn’t cancel the subscription. Either way, that’s not my fault, but I was told the subscription was cancelled and I would not have to do anything else, so that’s the commitment I expected from your company. I do not expect to pay a fee for something that should have happened in April, that I was told would not have a fee.”

Rep #2: “We will not able to cancel the subscription without a fee; if you cancel the subscription now, you will be charged a cancellation fee.”

Me: “If you cannot do what I ask and end my subscription now, without the fee that I was told I would not have to pay, then elevate me to someone who can.”

Rep #2: “As per the terms and conditions, we will not able to cancel the subscription without a fee; however, I will go ahead and escalate this case to my higher- level support team to check if we can waive off the cancellation fee. You will receive the confirmation email within two or three business days.”

Me: “Thank you.”

(Two weeks go by with no word from the company. I contact them back twice, with the last time getting lucky.)

Me: “Hello. I’m involved in an ongoing issue where my subscription failed to be cancelled and have been told to pay a fee I was initially told would be waived.”

Rep #3: “I’m so sorry to hear that. I will do everything I can to help you today!”

([Rep #3] got my subscription cancelled and the fee waived within 24 hours! I honestly expected to see more charges appear on my bank account, so I blocked any withdrawals coming from them, just in case. Amazing how different some people working for the same company can be.)

I Feel Sorry For This Guy’s Dog

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(I am a certified ASL — American Sign Language — interpreter and a volunteer for an organization that makes various resources available to the deaf community. As part of our outreach initiative, we will visit deaf individuals at their personal homes to discuss what we offer. We get a tip about a possible deaf person living in our area, so I go with my deaf friend and coworker to meet him. My coworker does not read lips, so I act as an ASL interpreter during the entire conversation. I never speak as myself the entire time and translate every word dutifully.)

Coworker: *signing* “Hi! My name is [Coworker] and I am deaf. Someone told us that there is a deaf man living here. I would like to meet him.” *big smile*

Homeowner: *speaking to me* “A deaf man? There’s no one deaf here.”

Coworker: *gets his attention and continues speaking in ASL* “Oh, I see. Maybe we got incorrect info. Thanks, anyway.”

Homeowner: *now speaking, as he should, to my coworker* “So, you’re deaf, huh? You can’t understand my words?”

(This seems innocent enough, as many people are curious when someone’s using an interpreter. And people tend to like watching sign language. We would be happy to answer a few questions if he is talkative. But it quickly turns ugly.)

Coworker: “That’s correct. Although I read and write in English just fine, I can’t hear it and I don’t speak it.”

Homeowner: *points to me* “So, without him, you could never understand anyone?”

Coworker: “I usually do just fine without an interpreter, actually.”

Homeowner: “This is so fun. It’s like I’m talking to a dog. I talk, and you just have no idea what I’m saying. You’re just watching me talk with a smile.”

Coworker: *stunned*

Homeowner: “I talk, and you know it’s meant for you. And you want to tell me something back. But you just can’t. It’s just like talking to a dog.”

(The man continued on for another minute or so, referring to my friend as a dog the entire time. My coworker eventually threw his hands up, giving up, and we walked away. It would have been rude of me to cut off my friend and speak up; instead, I had to stand there and translate the insults for him. It was agony.)

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