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[I work in the children’s department of a large department store. We have few toys, but one of them which is fairly popular is a sound puzzle. It’s one of those block puzzles for kids, but when you match the pieces together it makes a sound. I get a call one day from a customer asking if we had any. After checking the floor and the stockroom, I can’t find any.]

Me: I’m sorry, ma’am, but it looks like we don’t have any in store. I can check my computer system to see if any other stores in the area have it.

Customer: That sounds good.

[I search for the item on the computer, and it shows absolutely none anywhere nearby. I even expanded the search to 100 miles, and still nothing.]

Me: Well, unfortunately, it looks like it isn’t available anywhere nearby, and the inventory is showing at 0 which means I can’t order it for you either. It was pretty popular over the holidays, so we must have sold out, but I imagine we’ll get more in.

Customer: So it’s not in store and you can’t order it for me?

Me: That’s correct, and I do apologize.

Customer: So what you’re saying is, there’s nothing else you can do?

Me: *puzzled by the question* At this point, we have none available at any of our stores company-wide, so no, I’m sorry.

Customer: All right, well, [Competitor store] told me they have plenty in the area, so I’m not sure if your computer system is right. But thanks anyway.

[I hung up the phone, confused as to why she thought we would have access to a competitor’s stock.]

For The Love Of All That Is Hole-y

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(My boyfriend and I are customers at a convenience store. The cashier, who is a family friend of my boyfriend’s and is on friendly terms with us, has just finished ringing us up when she gets a phone call.)

Cashier: “Thank you for calling [Store]!”

(She listens for a moment and, as she does so, her face becomes increasingly more confused.)

Cashier: “Your… donuts had no holes in them?”

(She listens for another moment, a skeptical look on her face, before hanging up.)

Cashier: “I hope I don’t get in trouble for hanging up on them! It was a prank call. They said their donuts’ holes weren’t big enough!”

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Discount? Discount. Discount!

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(Our store is having a sale where if you buy one item, you get 20% off that item. If you buy two items, you get 25% off both items. If you buy three items, you get 30% off all three items. There are certain exclusions, items on which there is no discount because they are clearance.)

Customer: “Can you tell me if I can get any kind of discount on this item?”

Me: *scans item* “This is clearance; it does not qualify for a discount, but it does qualify as an item that will give you a discount on those items.” *pointing to the other items she is holding*

Customer: “So, I’ll get a discount on all of these?” *referring to the first clearance item, as well*

Me: “No, the discount only applies to regular-price and sale-price items, but all items qualify to give you a larger percent off items that are regular or sale-priced.”

Customer: “So, I get a discount on all of these things?”

Me: “No, only on this and this—” *indicating the regular-priced items* “The rest of these give you enough items to qualify for the discount on the full-priced items.”

Customer: “So, all of this will be discounted?”

Me: “…”

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Should Nut Have Said It That Way

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(I work in the kitchen of a high-end hotel. We give out “welcome packages” to VIPs, usually consisting of a small plate of food of some kind. Today, we had two people from a large company receiving welcome packages, each including a package of mixed nuts. One of the packages of mixed nuts was a bit larger than the other.)

Me: “Who gets which package, since they’re a little different in size?”

Manager: “I’m not sure! Let me call someone and find out who has seniority!” *on phone* “Hi. I was wondering who has bigger nuts in [Company]?”

Me: *stifles laughter*

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Acting Like A Toddler Who Didn’t Get His Hot Milk

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(I am stocking items in the infant section of the store when a teenage boy comes up to me.)

Customer: “Excuse me, miss, but could you point me in the direction of your pedialyte drinks for toddlers?”

Me: “Sure, just turn around and look down.”

(The customer turns around and still looks confused.)

Customer: “Where is it?”

Me: “Okay, now look down, on the bottom shelf.”

Customer: “Well, you could have just told me where it was!”

(The customer storms off with the product in his hands.)

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