She’s Very Person-able  

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(I am four years old or so when this occurs. My family and I are at a large store that has furniture, as well as some odds and ends. I wander to a cushioned swing on display in the store. I sit down, and the following happens. Note that I am visually impaired.)

Me: *to a worker hanging up decorations* “Hi.”

Worker: *sounding happy* “Hi.”

(I sit there for a long time and get scared because I don’t know where my mom is.)

Me: “Can you help me find my mom?”

Worker: “Sure. What does she look like?”

Me: “She is a person.”

(I can’t see what people look like very well.)

Worker: *laughing* “Let’s look for her.”

(I don’t know how she did it, but she found my mom. My mom thanked her and laughed.)

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