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I’m working at a well known home improvement store this day. I’m working the customer service desk when this call comes in.

Me: Thank you for calling [Company name] how may I direct your call?

Caller: Got any jelly beans?

Me: No, we don’t sell any jelly beans. May I direct your call somewhere else?

Caller: Moova Doova

Me: Huh? Who is this?

(At this point I’m thinking it is one of my coworkers at the store or someone who knows me)

Caller: Moova Doova. You have my jelly beans.

After a brief pause they hung up.

How To Be His B****

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(My boyfriend likes to try and be cute by making a certain sound when he sees me. Unfortunately, knowing what the only other circumstance he uses that sound under is dampens the effect somewhat.)

Boyfriend: *makes the sound*

Me: “Noooo…”

Boyfriend: “I love youuuu…”

Me: “And yet the sound of affection you make at me is also the one you make at dogs!”

Boyfriend: “…but I also love dogs.”

(He still makes that sound at me.)

No Need To Voice Your Concerns

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(I recently finished a project for a children’s educational facility. Some people don’t know that programmers often have to develop such things before any artwork is created. We make placeholder graphics and sound — anything from stick-figures to images and sound stolen from the web — until proper media can be made. One such item is a short phrase I spoke that plays randomly every few minutes. For the final stages before a major event at the facility, I have to show up onsite to tweak a few things. It is technically my day off, so I show up unannounced when I feel like it. There is a young lady at the entrance desk, and there are gobs of children running around all over the place who are nominally monitored by a few parents and teachers.)

Me: “Um, hi. I’m [My Name], looking for [Colleague] regarding one of the exhibits.”

Receptionist: “Oh, yes. He’s not here right now, but let me give you his cell phone number.” *she calls off the number*

Me: “Thank you.”

Receptionist: “No problem. Here’s a visitor’s badge, and let me find the key to the unit.”

Me: “Thank you?”

(At this point I’m bewildered. These days, venues with small children are almost guarded like Fort Knox — thankfully — and she is giving me, a mystery middle-aged guy, VIP treatment without asking to see any ID. I look at her strangely.)

Receptionist: “That thing kept playing a message at random all day the other day, so I recognized you by your voice and figured you were here for that.”

Me: “Oh! Sorry about that.”

(I laughed when I realized just how crazy my non-stop message must have made her. It was the first and only time I had ever been positively identified by my voice. Removing the random message was one of the final requests made for the project. Good riddance to it.)

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I work at a local hotel here in oklahoma city as a front desk agent in the mornings. I had an experience with a guest that went as follows:

Guest: Yes, I need a receipt to turn into my work for compensation.

Me: Okay, Sir, if you can just tell me your room number, please.

Guest: *says room number*

Me: Sir, I see you stayed free last nights on your reward points. I cannot give you a receipt since you didn’t pay anything for your room.

Guest: Why not? I need to get compensated for my stay!

Me: Sir, you used points to stay last night. It was a free stay.

Guest: Yes, but my company needs to compensate me for the money I spent here.

Me: ….Sir, I cannot give you a receipt because it was a free stay. However, I have you checked out.

Guest: Okay…. well have a good day then…

Me: Thank you, Sir, you too.

Cashing Out On Bad Attitudes

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(I am working as a cashier at a grocery store. I always make sure to greet my customers at the beginning of the transaction, but as I am soft-spoken, some customers don’t hear me or respond. This customer is an older lady with what looks to be her grandchild.)

Customer: “Hello.”

(She starts putting groceries on the belt, so I scan them through as a regular transaction.)

Me: *softly responds* “Hello. How are you?”

Customer: “…”

Me: “All right, ma’am, your total is [amount].”

Customer: “Why didn’t you say, ‘hello,’ back? It is horribly rude to not say, ‘hello,’ back when somebody greets you!”

Me: “I apologize, ma’am. I said, ‘hello,’ back; I’m just soft-spoken is all. I guess you didn’t hear me.”

(The customer whispers to her granddaughter, making her look at me and laugh, then pays her total and leaves with a snarky comment. I think it’s insulting, but I brush it off. Fast forward two weeks: the same customer shows up again, but this time with her daughter and granddaughter. I decide to greet her loudly so we don’t have a repeat of what happened before.)

Me: “HELLO!”

(The customer loads all her groceries on belt. I scan them in with care and wait as she stands in front of me getting ready to pay.)

Customer: “Every time I come in here you are absolutely rude. I have never met a ruder or more horrible girl in my entire life!”

Me: “Uh… What?”

Customer: “You are rude, and I will complain to management and get you fired.

Me: “My manager is right there in that office; please feel free to talk to him.”

Customer: “Oh, I will, and I’ll tell him what all you did.”

Me: “Then go.”

Customer’s Daughter: “Don’t you dare tell my mom what to do!”

Me: “Just go talk to him; I don’t want to deal with you anymore.”

(She told my manager that I threw her change in her face, cussed them out, and insulted them. Thank goodness he responded with, “I know her and she would never do that.” He told me next time to just grin through it. Thank goodness I got a better job offer a month later and haven’t been in customer service since.)

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