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(I work in a retail store, and when certain items go on sale we place hang tags on the item saying Buy One Get On 50% Off, etc. I was hang tagging items when a costumer went up to my manager at the counter.)

Manager: (rings up her two items and tells her the price)

Customer: Oh wait, I’ve got a coupon.

Customer: (precedes to hand my manager one of the hang tags that says Buy One Get One 50% Off)

Manager: I’m sorry mam, but that is not a coupon.

Costumer: What do you mean it isn’t a coupon? I got it in the mail yesterday.

Manager: I doubt that, seeming as this is one of our hang tags that [My name] is currently marking items with.

Costumer: No, I specifically got this in the mail. I want to speak to the manager.

Manager: M’am, I am the manager on duty and I can confirm that this is not a coupon.

Costumer: Oh, I see. (goes on and pays like nothing happened)

It’s Doctor Grammar!

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(I am in the first day of a freshman-level college English class, where the professor is apparently required to start with the most basic grammar just to make sure every student is at the same level. I quickly learn that one of the professor’s quirks is making sure the students address him as, “Dr. [Professor],” not, “Mr. [Professor].” It doesn’t end with him correcting students who call him, “Mr. [Professor].” He then gives the following grammar example:)

Professor: “Subject, verb, object sentence: ‘I have a Ph.D.’!”

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(My boyfriend works in a rehab facility for teens with either psych issues, substance abuse issues, or both. This particular client is there for drug related problems)

Client: *jokingly* Well I guess I’ll just go kill myself then!

(He walks away, pauses, then turns back to my boyfriend)

Client: Don’t chart that. I was just joking, I swear.

Boyfriend: Ehhh… technically I’m supposed to, but I know you’re not suicidal so I’ll let it slide.

Client: Jesus, thank you. I forgot you actually have kids like that here – I don’t wanna be here any longer than I have to!

An Unbearable Abundance Of Bears

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(I am getting some shampoo when I overhear the following conversation between an employee and a customer shopping for deodorant as a gift.)

Customer: “Well, he does like Old Spice.”

Employee: “We have several gift sets with Old Spice right here.”

Customer: “Oh, this has a bear on it. Why is there a bear on it?”

Employee: “It’s just their advertising. See? This one has a ship.”

Customer: “But there is a bear on it.”

Employee: “Would you like to get one of these?”

Customer: “I don’t know… There is a bear on it.”

(She walked away without buying any of them… or the bear.)

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A Storm In A Plastic Cup

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(I’m working as a traffic director at the state fair with several other people. We all have radios. I’m directing traffic along a road with a few other directors, all about a yard apart.)

Radio: “Come in, supervisor. We have a problem.”

Supervisor: “Yes, what’s the problem?”

Radio: “Um… There’s an old lady here at the tracks. She’s driving around the track and throwing plastic cups at people. She’s mad. I need backup.”

Supervisor: *stifled laughter* “I’m on my way.”

(The call ended, and my whole line was doubled over in laughter. The job was dull but calls like that made it.)

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