Swing Low

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(I am a third-grade teacher on recess duty monitoring the students when I notice one of my “behavior problem” students walk in front of a little girl swinging on the swings and almost get hit. I go to stand directly in front of him for the following interaction.)

Me: “[Student], please come here.”

Student: *walks up to me but stops a few feet away*

Me: “I need you to be careful and watch where you are going. You almost–”

(During this, he begins to wander off, and he wanders in front of the little girl swinging and gets creamed. She laid him out flat on the ground.)

Little Girl: *continues swinging*

Me: *watching student lay on the ground, rolling a bit* “Well, I told you to watch where you are going. I don’t really feel sorry for you. Shake it off; you’re okay.”

Student: *gets up and limps for a few minutes before going back to play*

(I think the little girl might have knocked some sense into him because after that incident he hasn’t disrupted my class once.)

Change The Stall, And Their Attitudes

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(I have a disability that is invisible quite a lot of the time but does mean that I need to use the accessible toilet when out in public. I’ve come directly from work to meet a friend for dinner and I’m still wearing my uniform. I walk through the back half of the dining room to use the restroom, passing a table of four women on the way, one of whom has a baby in her lap. This occurs a moment after I’ve sat down.)

Someone: *rattles door*

Me: “Occupied.”

Someone: *knock knock knock knock*

Me: “Yes, just one moment.”

(I complete my business and leave the stall to find nobody there. As I am finishing washing my hands, the lady holding the baby comes into the bathroom with a female manager. The female manager asks if I was just using the accessible stall and I confirm that I was. I suspect at this point I know where this was going — those of us with invisible disabilities face this nonsense regularly — but I really have no clue the turn it will take.)

Manager: “In the future, please leave that stall for those who need it. It also has the changing table, and this lady—” *points to the woman with the baby, who is silently but visibly seething* “—needed to change her baby.”

Me: “I needed it, actually.” *gives boring medical history*

Manager: *looking surprised* “Oh, I’m sorry. Of course—“

Woman:No!  Do not apologize to her! I needed to change my baby!

Manager: “Ma’am, she had a reason to use that stall. We—”

Woman: *sneering and turning red in the face* “THAT STALL IS FOR MOTHERS! SHE’S OBVIOUSLY NOT A MOTHER! LOOK! SHE WORKS!” *gestures toward my uniform*

(As someone who has always wanted children and can’t have them, that is enough for me, and I walk out while the manager is still trying to calm the woman down. I have to pass the table with the woman’s three friends, who stare at me as I am passing. Just as I get past the one sitting on the far side, she gets brave.)

Woman #2: “Yeah, she needed that changing table.”

Me: *completely done, stopping dead and walking back to a table of women who are now all tense and not so smug* “AND I NEEDED THE ACCESSIBLE STALL, SO MAYBE TELL THE RESTAURANT TO TAKE THE CHANGING TABLE OUT OF THE STALL AND PUT IT ON THE WALL ACROSS FROM THE SINKS!”

(I walked back to my table, where my friend jokingly asked if I’d fallen in, as I’d been gone so long and he had no idea what had happened. We paid our tab and left. Two months later, when I returned to the restaurant, the changing table had been moved out of the accessible stall.)

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I’m at the cash register at a well-known convenience store, waiting for the cashier to finish the process of refunding my money order.

Suddenly, a customer who was trying to get a fountain soda shouts out to the cashiers that none of the drink stations are working, to which one of the cashiers says back, “I know, sir, that’s why they have signs all over them!”

Not Overdoing The Oversleeping Excuse

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(This story was relayed to me by my boyfriend. He missed a test and has gone to his professor to ask if he can make it up, though he knows this professor is very strict.)

Professor: “Uh-huh… and why did you miss this test?”

Boyfriend: “I overslept.”

Professor: “Sure, you… Wait. What?”

Boyfriend: “Yeah, I overslept and missed it.”

Professor: “I… you… You know what? Sure.”

Boyfriend: “Really?”

Professor: “Yeah. You know why? Because you told the truth. You didn’t make up some story; you accepted guilt for missing the test. I have so many students come up here and give me wild stories for why they were absent, but no one, no one ever ‘just overslept.’ So, you get a make up, just this once.”

(At this he turns to the rest of the class.)


(My boyfriend did really well on the makeup test!)

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(I am on the sales floor offering to help customers as they browse. I come across a woman looking at beads, which come with different colored labels. It is typical for only one color label of beads to be on sale at a time, and the signs hung in this area clearly state which ones are on sale each week.)

Me: Is there anything I can help you with, ma’am?

Customer: Oh, yes. I was wondering if any of these beads are on sale?

(She holds out her hand to display a few strings of beads with different colored labels)

Me: Well, if we look at the sign, it says that only the green label beads are on sale this week. So all of the ones here that have a green tag will ring up at the sale price.

Customer: Okay. (ponders) Are these ones on sale?

(She holds a string of beads that have a blue tag)

Me: I’m afraid not. Only the ones with a green tag are on sale right now.

(I look at her and she still looks puzzled)

Me: The ones you have in your hand right now have a blue tag (pointing to the tag). But the sign (pointing to sign) says here that only the green label beads are on sale. So it’s just the ones that have this color tag (pointing to a string of beads with a green label).

Customer: Hmm, alright. But are these on sale?

(She holds up the same beads with the blue tag)

Me: No, those are not on sale. They have a blue tag. None of the beads with blue, red, or brown tags are on sale this week. Only the ones with this color (pointing again to a green label string) label are part of the sale.

Customer: Oh. Then are these on sale? (Again referring to the blue label beads in her hand)

Me: No, ma’am. Those beads do not have a green label and are therefore not part of this sale.

Customer: (thinking) Okay. I guess I’ll just figure it out. This is so confusing… thanks for the help though!

Me: (Trying to smile) No worries, ma’am. If you need anything else, just find an associate and they’ll be happy to help.

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