Ahhh, We See The Problem

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When my dad was a child, he confused my grandmother — his mom — to no end, because his grades in school were terrible, but he always seemed to understand the concepts fine while doing his homework. Finally, someone suggested that she should get his eyes tested, and he turned out to be extremely nearsighted.

On his first day back to school after getting his glasses, he sat down at his desk and looked up at the chalkboard.

Dad: *Suddenly exclaiming* “There are letters on there! And words!” 

His eyesight was so bad that he had legitimately not been able to tell the teacher was writing anything on the chalkboard, and he’d had no idea how all the other kids were following along. Once he could actually see what was happening, no surprise, his grades got a whole lot better!

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I was shopping at Target, I don’t work there, I’m not wearing any clothes that even resemble the Target uniform. And then this woman walks up to me looking annoyed.
Woman: Hey!
Me: What?
Woman: My toddler ran off, go get him.
Me: Why would I do that?
Woman: It’s your job!
(She started freaking out)
Me: Sorry mam, but I don’t work here
Woman: Shut up, I’ll get you fired!
Me: Go talk to one of the ACTUAL workers
Woman: (Starts freaking out) YOU ****ing ***** I’LL GET YOU FIRED IF YOU DON’T DO WHAT I SAY YOU ****ing ******!
Me: I don’t work here, stop yelling at me
(This continues for a while, eventually, an actual worker walks up and tells her to leave, she starts screaming and has to be removed from the store. What still confuses me is what I found out afterwards, she didn’t even have a toddler.)

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(I work in a popular fast food restaurant. We are in the middle of a dinner rush when a older man who is known for giving us trouble walks in)

Coworker: “Hi! How may I help you today?

Customer: “Pancakes”

Coworker: “Oh, um. We don’t serve breakfast past 10:30”

Customer: “Well (Other restaurant) does!”

Coworker: “I’m sorry but we can not serve breakfast at this time”

Customer: “Call (other restaurant)! They’ll tell you how to do it!!”

(At this point there is a long line behind the man)

Me: “I’m sorry but we can not call (other restaurant) and we can not serve breakfast at this time. Can we get you anything else?”

Customer: “CALL THEM!!!”

Me: “Sir, I am not going to call them, please look at menu and let me know if you want anything we can serve”

Customer: “Nuggets and ice cream”

Me: “Any sauce for your nuggets and would you lik a cup or cone?”


Me: “okay sir. I’ll have those made fresh for you”

(He pays in all change and we get to the people behind him apologizing for the scene. After a few minutes he pushes back to the counter”

Customer: “Wheres my strawberry sauce for the ice cream!?”

Me: “You only ordered a plain ice cream cup. Besides we dont sell strawberry sundaes so we cant put strawberry syrup on there”

Customer: “YOU DID IT BEFORE.”

Me: “We discontinued the strawberry sundae a few years ago. I’m sorry sir but I can only offer you chocolate or carmel topping which is 30 cents extra”


(at this point my manger came over)

Manager: “Sir you have been causing a scene and being rude towards our customers and workers. you need to leave.”


Manger: “Or you can leave and take your ass to (other restaurant) before I call the cops!”

(The man then mumbles something and leaves but not before stealing all of our sugar packets from the dinning room)

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(My co-worker and I work at a supermarket deli that closes at 9 pm sharp. We walk to our time clock, which is in the employee area of the deli and past a hard plastic door. The very second I clock out, someone knocks on the plastic door. We look at each other confused.)
Me: Did someone just?…
Co-worker: *peeks out* yep…
(Turns out a customer walked through an employee area, which requires slip-resistant shoes, and knocked on the door to get our attention, then walked back out of the employee area. My co-worker sighs, ties her hair back up, and goes to help him as I watch from the door.)
Customer: I tried to get your attention, but you didn’t hear me.
(Neither of us heard this man, not one peep.)
Co-worker: I’m sorry, sir, but the deli is closed. We’ve already clocked out.
Customer: *points to his watch* But it’s nine
Co-worker: *nods* yes, that’s when the deli closes. We can’t do anything, we’ve already clocked out.
(The customer grumbles and walks away and my co-worker quickly clocks out. I have never seen someone with the audacity to walk into an employee area to flag someone down as they closed.)

They Lost The Stair-ing Match, Part 2

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I used to work for a moving company. One of our regular jobs was moving office furniture between buildings at one of the local university campuses, which happened every summer.

For this particular move, we were moving several offices located on the second floor of the campus’s oldest building, which had only one elevator. Among the things we were moving were filled fireproof file cabinets, which were heavy enough that more than one would trip the elevator’s overload safety, although we could fit other things on there to avoid wasting too much time. 

Still, the elevator was a bottleneck, to the point where we had the entire hallway lined with furniture on wheels while we loaded the elevator up, sent it downstairs by itself, had a crew unload it and send it back up while they loaded the truck, and repeated the process.

This very hot and strenuous work was interrupted as a student — presumably in summer classes — walked up, saw that the elevator was not useable, and proceeded to shout, “You lazy motherf*****s need to learn how to use the g**d**n stairs,” before storming off, leaving us bewildered and furious.

They Lost The Stair-ing Match

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