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(I’m a manager at a local branch of a nationwide chain of discount stores. I overhear this conversation between my cashier and a customer. The customer is a woman in her 30’s.)
Customer: Can I play with one of those dollar coins.
Cashier: Absolutely!
(Customer hands the cashier a coin.)
Cashier: I’m sorry, this is just a quarter, not a dollar.
Customer: No. It’s a dollar. See, right there is says quarter DOLLAR.
(We then had to explain to this woman the difference between a quarter and a dollar.)

Not-So-Smart TV

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(I work at a big name shipping and retail store. The store is run by the owner, me, and one other coworker. Today it is just the owner and me. A few days previously someone had broken in after hours and stolen several high-value packages off the shelf in the back. We had filed a police report and reviewed the security footage. We did not know this person but our cameras clearly showed her face. Fast forward to today and she comes back. The owner and I instantly recognize her, and the owner goes to the back to call the police while I stall her. The customer storms in and slams down a large box containing a smart TV on the counter; I can hear glass rattling inside.)

Customer: “I picked this up the other day and it’s broken! You owe me $2,000!”

Me: *stalling for time and playing along* “I’m very sorry to hear that; let’s take a look.”

Customer: “It’s broken! What else matters?”

Me: “Well, depending on the extent of the damage, we may be able to replace it. If the shipper insured it, we will have to file a claim describing the nature of the damage.”

Customer: *sighs loudly, clearly annoyed* “Fine, but I don’t see why you can’t just give me the money.”

Me: “Well, unfortunately, false claims are very common. Some people will run scams in order to get free stuff. I know it’s a pain, but before we can pay out we have to make sure the claim is legitimate and that the damage was caused by our drivers.”

Customer: “So, I might not get my money back, then? Thats f****** ridiculous! You broke it, so you should pay for it! What kind of dishonest bulls*** is this?”

(This goes on for a good ten minutes with the store’s owner standing by to diffuse the situation if it gets out of hand while we wait for the police. Finally they pull in to the parking lot. At this point the customer is becoming more irate.)


Owner: *chimes in as two officers enter the store* “He has been, ma’am; he did an excellent job stalling you.” *then to the police* “This is her, officers.”

(All the color drains from her face and her mouth drops open to a perfect comical O shape.)

Customer: “Wha… what’s this about?”

Owner: “It’s about the security footage from last Saturday.” *pointing to the cameras*

Police Officer #1: “Ma’am, I need you to put both hands on the counter, and spread your feet.”

(Her eyes dart around rapidly before she makes a break for the front door. [Officer #2] tackles her and she goes down hard, yelling something about police brutality.)

Me: “Looks like they can add resisting arrest to your charges now.”

Owner: “And next time you steal something, it’s probably best not to try to return it to the same store.”

(The total value of all the packages she stole — coupled with a list of other charges from other retail stores in our area — turned out to be enough to send her to prison. The majority was from the smart TV she was trying to get us to cover.)

Nature Creates Blessed Juxtapositions

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(I am in a park and hear these totally unrelated conversations:)

Little Girl: “Help! My hair is stuck!”

40-Year-Old Man: *condescendingly* “Maybe you should try taking it out of your armpit!”

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I work in as an office staff member (meaning I don’t sell policies, but I service them). My coworker has been with the office many years and knows our customers well.
A customer walks in and approached me desk:. Hi, is (Coworker) in?
Me: Yes, but she’s at lunch right now. I would be happy to help you, though?
Customer:. No thanks. (Coworker) called me earlier, and I’ve been working with her for years! She sold me my original policy, you know!
Me:. That’s great! We love our long term customers! She’s probably going to be out for any twenty minutes or so. Do you want me to leave her a message, or perhaps I could look up something for you?
Customer:. Oh no. I’ll just wait for her.
Me:. Are you sure? I’d feel bad for keeping you.
Customer:. It’s no problem.
Me:. Alrighty. Can I get you a water or coffee while you wait?
Customer:. Oh no thanks. I’ll just play with my phone a bit.
Me:. Can I get your name, then, so I can have your file ready for (Coworker) when she gets back?
Customer:. Oh no- she’ll know who I am.
Me: I’m sure she will, but if I can grab your file, she’ll be able to get right to you.
The customer waves me off, and sits in the lobby, playing with his phone. Approximately every five minutes, he grumbles about having to wait, and ponders why we’re given such long lunch breaks when we’re supposed to be working. Each time, I politely inform him that coworker will return, and ask him if he’s sure I couldn’t help him.
After approximately 20 minutes, Co-worker does, indeed, return.
Coworker:. Hey, Customer! How are you?
Customer:. It’s about time you got back! I been sitting here this whole time!
Coworker:. Well, you know, I had to run some errands! What can I do for you?
Customer:. Well, you called me this morning, and I didn’t understand the message!
Coworker: (confused). I haven’t called you today. Are you sure it wasn’t (me)?
Customer:. It couldn’t have been her.
Coworker (to me):. Did you call (Customer’s full name)?
Me: Yes, I did. I wanted to let him know his payment had gone through, as he requested yesterday.
Customer:. That’s not right! I’ve never spoken to you in my life! I ONLY speak to (Coworker)!
Me: I’m sorry. I spoke to (Customer full name) yesterday, who requested I keep an eye on his automatic payment, as he had just updated his credit card info online, and I called to confirm it was posted to a card ending in xxxx. Was that not you?
Customer:. That was me, but I never talked to you!! I talked to (Coworker)!! I never talk to anyone else, ever!
Coworker (reviewing our interaction notes): I’m sorry (Customer), but I haven’t spoken to you since last year. You’ve worked with (me) five times over the past several months.
Customer:. Well this isn’t right. I shouldn’t be tricked like this! I expect to talk to Coworker every time!
Coworker:. I’m sorry, but sometimes I’m not available. (Me) is just as licensed and knows what I do.
Customer:. What am I paying for if I don’t get to talk to (coworker)? This is ridiculous!!
Coworker:. You are paying for an insurance product. We are the staff that advises and guides you. Everyone in this office is licensed by the state and bonded by the company to help you.
Customer:. This is ridiculous. You’ve been lying to me all year. I wait all day to talk to you, and you tell me I can’t even talk to you. SHE (me) can’t even help me!
Coworker starts to explain again that she is not always available, but Customer has had enough, and leaves with a slam of the door. He later called to cancel all of his policies, but never completed the process. Sadly, this was a pretty common occurrence in our small town.

Getting A Sweet Reaction

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In some quirk of fate, almost every store I have frequented within a two-week period has had some new or hard-to-find candy that my grandsons would love. As you can imagine, the candy stash at my house started to pile up in that two weeks.

They spent today and tonight with us and met all my conditions to be permitted a piece of the candy. The older brother spread it out for them to choose from, looked at the very large collection, and said, “You did good, Grandma.”

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