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(I am working at a quite popular fast food restaurant. I’m running around a lot gathering people’s orders. While we aren’t packed, we are doing steady business.)
Child: Is your job hard?
Me: Its fairly hard.
Child: It doesn’t look hard.
(The mother and I just stood there dumbstruck.)

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(I’m working the register at the kid’s section of a popular clothing retail store around the holidays. Due to the volume of customers we deal with during this season, we have run out of gift boxes before the next shipment is due. Also note that the adult section of the store is actually a separate store right next to ours in the strip.)
Customer: I have just come from the adult store and they have run out of gift boxes. Do you have any?
Me: No I’m sorry we have also run out of them here.
Customer: Are you kidding me?! It’s just so tacky to give a gift like this! I can’t just give someone this in the store bag!
Me: Well I’m sorry, but we don’t have any boxes. Many people want them around this time.
Customer: What am I supposed to do? I need to have a box!
(She turns and stomps up to my manager and has the EXACT same conversation word for word before storming out of the store. We weren’t sure why she couldn’t just but another box!)

Giving Birth To Inconsideration

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I was hired into my convenience store job pregnant, with management aware. Everything started out okay, but as time goes by and I near the end of my pregnancy, my feet become extremely swollen and painful to stand on continuously, usually reducing me to tears if I don’t get a chance to sit down. I also get winded easily and feel faint if I overwork myself. Simply sitting for a few minutes and drinking water fixes it. I can still perform my job duties, but my doctor wants me to have access to a chair or a stool while I ring out customers. He writes a note, I give it to my manager who has no problem offering me a chair, and everything seems okay. I should also mention I’m not a smoker, so I do not get any other breaks apart from my lunch, while smoking employees get a break about every half hour.

A few weeks later, I’m working the register and stock, and the district manager comes in. I have my chair next to me and occasionally stop between totes or customers to sit down and have a breather. A few minutes after she comes in, the assistant manager comes up to me and tells me I have to go home, because the district manager said I was a liability. Furious, I go to the back office and ask for a letter from her stating that she is sending me home and why. She says they need a doctor’s note stating I can still work, and until then, I’m not allowed. Then she tells me to call the disability office.

I leave in tears and immediately call human resources. A few days later, the regional manager tells the district manager that I am indeed allowed to work, and I return, with no more issues.

About a week before I am scheduled to go on maternity leave — I am 36 weeks — the district manager returns. At this point, I’m very pregnant, so much so that people ask if I’m having twins. I’m also having practice contractions and am generally uncomfortable, but I still work, as it’s relatively simple and I only have a few days left.

The district manager walks up to me while I’m straightening the front end and hands me a bucket of hot, soapy water and a rag. She tells me to get on my hands and knees and clean the bottoms and tops of all the displays, shelving, and vending machines. I have just dusted them the day prior, but I guess that wasn’t good enough.

I spend the next three hours scrubbing on the floor and on a broken step-ladder, while also ringing people out. It is hard work, and I am able to do it, but it was still pretty inconsiderate, especially considering there are three other employees there who aren’t about nine months pregnant and working the till.

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(I work in a popular chain of fast food restaurants. Because our restaurant is a franchise, owned by a different owner, prices and policies differ from other of the same company.)
Customer: “I would like one medium iced coffee.”
Me: “Alright. Will that be all?”
Customer: “And a senior discount.”
Me: “We actually do not have a senior discount price for iced coffee. We just have reduced prices for small soft drinks and regular coffees.”
Customer: “I don’t understand why not. Every other place has it.”
Me: “I am sorry. We don’t have one in this location.”
Customer: “It’s always $1.74.”
Me: (Trying not to laugh.) Okay, that will be $1.39.”
(It doesn’t usually work out this way, but I’ve never seen somebody stop complaining faster in my life.)

Brought A Knife To A… You Get It

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(I work security at a popular football stadium. My job is to check bags and make sure people don’t try to smuggle any weapons into the stadium. A fan is entering through my gate and I see a rather large pocket-knife clipped to his back pocket.)

Me: “Excuse me, sir, but you can’t bring that knife into the stadium.”

Fan: “Why not? I brought it in last weekend and no one seemed to care.”

Me: “Sir, I’m not going to let you into the stadium if you have a weapon with you. You can either give it to me and you will not get it back, or you can take it back to your car and keep it, but I cannot let you in. If you decide to walk into the stadium, I will have those nice state troopers behind me escort you out, but you cannot bring that in.”

Fan: “Why can’t I bring in a pocket knife?”

Me: “Well, sir, for two reasons. One: it’s for your safety and everyone else’s safety. Two: we have fifty highly-trained state troopers with high-caliber pistols that could potentially blow a hole clear through your chest. So, my question to you is, why do you need a pocket knife?”

Fan: *looking shocked about what I have just told him, he turns around* “I think I’ll just take it to my truck.”

Me: “Thank you for your cooperation, sir.”

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