Their Days In Business Are Numbered

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(Some coworkers and I decide to order take-out from a Mexican restaurant for lunch. We look at the menu online and I call in the order. The meals on the menu all have numbers assigned to them, so I order by telling the employee which numbers we want. I pick up the food and bring it back to the office. We are able to sort out each meal, except for mine. The only meal left is not what I ordered. I call the restaurant.)

Me: “I ordered a #7, but I didn’t get the enchilada meal. This is something different.”

Employee: “Oh, the #7 is chile rellenos, not enchiladas.”

Me: “Your menu says it’s enchiladas.”

Employee: “No, we changed the numbers.”

Me: “You changed the numbers, but you didn’t change it on the menu?”

Employee: “Right.”

Me: “How are people supposed to know what they’re ordering?”

Employee: “Sorry.”

(We never ordered from there again. They’re not in business anymore.)

Will Need Therapy About Your Gene Therapy

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(For a few years now, several doctors have suspected that I have some form of an autoimmune disease, as I’ve had problems with excessive bleeding and joint pains most of my life. I’ve just been to a specialist, who, based on the limited information I had about my family’s medical history, concluded that the odds of me having a genetic disease are limited. I’m at my GP’s office, with a list from my mother. My mother and I have the same GP, and I’ve been seeing her my whole life.)

GP: “I know you mother has [Condition #1], and you’re saying her sister has it as well?”

Me: “Yes, and another one of her sisters has [Condition #2]. Then I have a cousin with [more severe Condition #1], and another cousin with [more severe Condition #2]. My grandmother had [Condition #3], which her mother died of.”

GP: “Luckily, no one dies from [Condition #3] today. Is your grandmother still alive?”

Me: “No, but she died of old age and stubbornness.”

GP: *chuckling* “Right. And this is all on your mother’s side?”

Me: “Yes.”

GP: *reading through the list again* “Well, I’ll send the information to [Specialist] and we’ll see if that’ll change her diagnosis.” *somewhat jokingly* “Let’s hope you get most of your genes from your father’s side.”

Me: “Really? Because Dad has epilepsy, his sister had breast cancer, they both have diabetes, and Grandpa thinks he’s back in the 1950s.”

Not What We Mean By Putting A Smile On Your Face

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(I am working as a cashier on a busy Wednesday. We are not usually crowded during the week, so we only have three cashiers working at the time. I then get a lady who has waited in the other two lines, then came to my register.)

Me: “Hello, miss, find everything okay?”

Angry Customer: “No, and I’ve been waiting forever. You should have more people working!”

Me: “I’m sorry about that.”

(I don’t say anything the rest of the time, because I feel awkward.)

Me: “Here’s your receipt; have a nice day.”

Angry Customer: “You know, it’s helpful if you smile!”

Me: *awkwardly smiles*

Angry Customer: “That’s not a smile; that’s a smirk!”

Me: *speechless*

Quality Of Care In This School Is Going (Lock)Down

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(I am in class when the principal addresses the school over the intercom.)

Principal: “Attention, students. I have just received a notice from the police department. They’ve chased a man who’s been evading them to the woods behind the school.”

(Here he gives a brief description of the man, and mentions the fact he’s wanted for several violent crimes: armed robbery, assault and battery, etc. It’s clear this is a very dangerous man, and we all assume we’re going into lockdown.)

Principal: “If you leave the school building, go directly to your car and be vigilant on your way to the parking lot. Thank you.”

(Stunned silence. In order to get to the parking lot you have to walk right past the woods, where the man is apparently hiding. We all can’t believe the principal is not only not going into lockdown, but is allowing students to leave the building. Eventually, the principal comes back on the intercom and says that the police have the man in custody. After school I stop at a convenience store down the road where I regularly chat with the cashier.)

Cashier: “Did you guys have a safety demonstration at school today?”

Me: “No. Why?”

Cashier: “There were a bunch of police cars coming down the road toward the school a few hours ago, and they had the SWAT van, too. I didn’t hear that anything serious was going on, so I figured maybe they were showing off to you guys?”

(So, to recap. This man was so dangerous that the police had to send the SWAT TEAM and half the force to bring him in, and the principal didn’t even lock the front door. He also allowed students to leave the building during an active police operation. I can’t possibly see how that could go wrong.)

Unfiltered Story #102210

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(In the area I work and live in, there are quite a few colleges nearby. I commute to one that is further away. During the summer, I am working more to earn money to pay for college. During this time, I meet a customer who comes through every weekday, asking for an iced tea each time.)

Customer: You’re here all the time, aren’t you?

Me: *laughs* I’m just working as much as I can before school starts.

Customer: Oh? At the high school?

Me: Nope, college.

Customer: At (closest college)?

Me: No, I’m going to (college farther away).

Customer: Oh. Well, if you need to do any research, do make a stop at the library at (closest college)!

(It turned out that she was a librarian there! She liked how friendly and dedicated I was at work and told me that she would wait for me if I transferred or went to graduate school at the university.)

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