They Want To Warp The Fabric Of Time

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It’s just a few minutes from close. Our fabric counter closes earlier than the store to ensure that customers are at the register by closing time. A customer walks in and heads straight for me.

Customer: “Where are your quilting fabrics?”

Me: “They’re just a section over, but our fabric counter is closed for the night.”

Customer: “So you don’t have anyone who can cut this for me?!”

Me: “We do, but they’re busy preparing the counter for when we close. The store itself closes in a few minutes.”

Customer: “But I need this tonight!”

She storms off toward our quilting section. I give the fabric counter a heads-up over the radio. A minute later, I see her heading over. My manager meets her at the fabric counter.

Manager: “Can I help you?”

Customer: “Yeah! I need ten yards of this!”

My manager starts to unroll the fabric to measure it but says:

Manager: “Ma’am, for future reference, our fabric counter closes ten minutes before the store. I’ve made an exception for you today, but please do keep this in mind for future visits.”

The woman crosses her arms and glares at him while he measures and cuts her fabric. She then storms up to the front.

Manager: “What the f*** makes this fabric so d*** important you had to wait until almost nine at night to get it?!”

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Don’t Take Declined For An Answer, Part 2

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I work in the drive-thru. One day, I have a customer come through early in the day and order three large combos with two milkshakes, which comes out to be a $25 order. When she gets to the window, she has a card. I’m trained to take payment while handing out drinks. I swipe her card on the register and it takes a minute, so I go ahead and hand her food out while I’m waiting.

This particular time, her card declines. I have already given her her food. So I try to swipe again, as we get errors sometimes. It declines once again.

Me: “Sorry, ma’am. Your card has been declined.”

Customer: “It shouldn’t be.”

Me: “Do you have another form of payment?”

Customer: “No, I don’t. Just let me go, since your card machine isn’t working.”

I try to ask for the food back, but she pulls off. I still have her card, as I have explained the situation and handed her both declined slips. She comes in the front and starts accusing me of stealing money from her card.

At this point, I get my managers as I’m supposed to do with irate customers.

Customer: “You stole from me! You just put $120 on my card!”

She starts speaking to our second manager and it switches to $20.

As [Manager #1] starts trying to calm her down and explain the situation, the customer turns her tirade to her.

Customer: “This isn’t any of your f****** business. Why are you f****** talking to me?”

She still has the food in her car with her boyfriend, and at this point, my managers have had enough, so they tell her to leave before they call the police.

This “customer” accused me of stealing from her and ended up getting twenty-five dollars of free food after throwing a fit about money she clearly didn’t have in the first place.

Don’t Take Declined For An Answer

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The Nightmare Customer Before Halloween, Part 2

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I am a store manager in a seasonal Halloween store. Every year when it gets close to the end of the season, all sales become final and the store does a sale to try and sell last-minute items the days after Halloween. With that in mind, we have to put up sale signs for the sale that is coming up, and inevitably, someone will try to get the items that are normal price on the sale price.

A customer approached me and puts items on the counter.

Customer: “These items are on sale, correct?”

Me: “No, the sale starts this weekend, so they are still normal price.”

Customer: *Gets huffy* “No, your signs say that everything is 50% off.”

Me: *Smiling* “I am sorry, ma’am, but that sale starts on November third.”

I point to the small sign that we have at every register; the dates for the sales are clearly printed with the percent off they will receive on those dates.

Customer: “Well, I don’t read the fine print.”

She walks out. I shrug and put her items on the other counter to be put back on the floor when I hear an irate voice talking to my coworker. 

Customer #2: “No one told me that all sales were final! I demand to see your store manager!”

I turned around to see a customer that I had helped over the past weekend. I smiled and she grumbled under her breath. Turns out, she wanted to return a few items, even though I had told her on multiple occasions that all sales were final; she was trying to pull a fast one and get her money back. After she left, my worker looked at me and said, “Well, we have only been open an hour; what else is going to happen today?”

The Nightmare Customer Before Halloween

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Violence Is Fine But Sex Is Ungodly

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This happens the first season I am working at a Haunted House. This one has a Halloween store attached to it with costumes and the like. The haunted house exits right into the store. Our Haunted House is long, roughly an hour or so — depending on how fast you run — and extremely gory and scary.

Tonight, I’ve been pulled out of the haunt to work in the store. Management has decided, in an attempt to sell costumes, they will dress me up in a cheesy “sexy” devil costume. It actually works really well; we sell out of the costume I am wearing.

I have been getting many compliments on the costume, until I run into this customer who has just exited the haunt. She is roughly my age. She starts eyeballing me at the desk.

Customer: “Oh, no. Oh, h*** no.”

Me: “Can I help you with something?”

She gestures to me up and down.

Customer: “What is this? Are you into this?!”

Me: “I’m sorry, into what?”

Customer: “That Devil lifestyle!”

Me: “Um… no. This is just a costume. I’m wearing it to help some of our stock.”

Customer: “Oh! Okay, that’s good, that’s good. Didn’t want to think you were into all that devil worshiping.”

With that, she strutted out of the store. I was completely confused, especially since she had just exited our Haunted House complete with an insane asylum, cannibalistic hillbillies, and murderous clowns. But sure… draw that line at my sexy, sparkly devil costume.

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Unfiltered Story #213107

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(In this scenario, I am sitting on my couch reading. I get a call from a number I don’t recognize, and I know people usually say you shouldn’t pick those up, but I do just in case it’s something important and they just have the wrong number. I am 22 years old.)

Me: Hello?

Caller, sounding like it could be either automated or real, with a suppressed Irish accent: Hello! Are you there?

Me: Yeeaahh?

Caller: Is your mother or father home?

Me: Why?

Caller: I am calling about the car insurance renewal?

Me (wondering why they would call me for car insurance when I do not and have never had a car under my name, and wondering why they would even need my parents since I am above age): Under whose name?

Caller: *beep of call ending*

Me: Well, fuck you too!