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(I am a young woman looking for skinny jeans in the mens section of a popular department store. I’m straight but want jeans with actual pockets for work. Everything goes well until a middle ages woman starts talking to me)

Woman: Honey I know what you’re going through. I’ve had to buy my husband pants for the last 20 years. The things we do for our men.

Me: Actually I’m buying them for me

(Instantly starts scowling at me and before I can explain myself just starts going off)

Woman: People like you are the reason so many bad things are happening to this country. It’s your perversion that has caused all these recent hurricanes. If you don’t find Jesus and accept yourself as a woman you will burn!

Me: *trying not to be speechless* I’m just trying to find jeans with real pockets so I can keep my phone in them while I work.

Woman: *starts eyeing me up and down* You better be, no one wants to burn!

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(I’m at a popular sandwich shop, eating my lunch when I overhear this exchange after a man has filled up his own soda bottle partway with some fountain soda.)

Employee: (politely) Hey, man, I just need to let you know that its not cool to do that.
Customer: Its just a this much (motions to show that he’s only filled the bottle partway)
Employee: Yeah, it doesn’t really matter. You just did that right in front of me and I have to let you know that its not ok.
Customer: Whatever, its not a big deal.
Employee: I can’t let you just do that right in front of me.
Customer: Next time I’ll fill it up all the way.
Employee: Seriously? That’s stealing.
Customer: (on his way out the door) F*** you.
Employee: Yeah, you too man.

(Several people in the store told the guy they were on his side, that he was definitely right to say something, and to forget that customer.)