Self-Appoint A Power Point

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(My boss announces that someone I work with is leaving for another job. I’m the tech guy.)

Boss: “I want you to make a power-point show about [Departing Coworker] and play it at the office party. I’ll send you a bunch of photographs you can use to celebrate their time here. And I want it to be set to music.”

(An easy enough assignment, but it was the boss himself who was leaving. He basically assigned me to make a schmaltzy presentation about how much he would be missed. I gladly did it; I was so happy to see the self-important a** leave.)

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The Curse Of The Irish (Name)

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I work in the credit customer service department for a regional department store in the northeastern USA. If someone calls and doesn’t have their card number, we can still look it up a few different ways, starting with the first four letters of their last name and the first five digits of their mailing address. 

One day, I am supposed to meet my father for dinner after work. Twenty minutes before the end of my shift, I get such a call. I ask for her name, which is not an uncommon Irish name, particularly in the Boston area. I ask for her address, and she tells me that when she opened the account she was living at a hotel and didn’t have a numerical address. So, I start checking every account with her last name and first initial. There’s a lot, and she’s getting angry at me for not chatting while I search. 

When I hit the seven-hundred mark, she says, “Wait, it might be under my husband’s name, [Name with a different last name initial].”

I start over again, searching every account with her last name. 

When I get to eleven hundred, she asks, “Would it help if I went to get the card?”  

Clenching my fist in rage, I say, “Yes, that would be very helpful, thank you.”

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A few years ago, I had a coworker with problems regarding boundaries and privacy. One day, another coworker brought an open bag, mostly stuff for her daughter. I don’t remember the reason why she needed to bring it but the first coworker dived into the bag to examine the contents, asking what and why.

Amongst other things, it contained a Furby. As it was unknown to her, she inquired and got an explanation. Of course she wanted to play and obligingly, it was turned on. The electronic animal started crying almost immediately and the nosey coworker had to give it back. The owner had quite some trouble to silence it.

No, it was not professional but it was easier – much easier – just to give in than coping with the nagging and whining sure to follow a refusal. I still chuckle though at the thought that even an electronic animal objected to her. For those wondering, the colleague was well in her fifties.

The Worst Exercise Of Any Gym Is Cancelling Its Membership

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(I work as a teller for a small, local credit union. A member comes in for his normal business, and then asks me to look up transactions on his account. It’s October.)

Me: “All right, I’ve got your account pulled up here. What information were you looking for?”

Customer: “What is my current balance?”

Me: “[Amount].”

Customer: “[Amount]? Really? I should have $10 more in there. Are you sure?”

Me: “Let me look…” *scrolls through transactions* “Well, there was a $10 automatic withdrawal from [Gym] for $10 three days ago.”

Customer: “What? Why?”

Me: “Do you have a membership with [Gym]?”

Customer: “I used to. I don’t go there anymore, though, so they shouldn’t be charging me. It was an introductory rate. I need to file a dispute for that charge. I never authorized it.”

Me: “Did you cancel your membership with them?”

Customer: “I think so. I mean, they didn’t charge me the last few months.”

Me: *scrolling through transactions* “I see… one in September… one in August… one in July… Yeah, so it looks like they’ve been charging you every month still. Are you sure you canceled? You might want to go there and make sure they canceled your membership, because they’re still charging you.”

Customer: “I mean, I don’t even go there anymore; why would they charge me? They should realize I don’t go anymore and automatically cancel.”

Me: “I don’t think that’s how it works. I recommend going to [Gym] or calling them and requesting them to cancel your membership.”

Customer: “I wonder if they will give me back those fees. Will you give me back those fees?”

Me: “No, because as far as we can tell, and while talking to you, the charges all sound valid. We would only dispute them if they seem to be fraudulent or unauthorized charges. You can definitely ask them, though.”

Customer: “Okay, I will do that.”

Me: “Okay, good luck with that!”

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A Supreme Apology

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On busy days, my boss has me call in pizza for the entire office. That’s about 300 or so people. The pizza shops in the area are generally super considerate and work with me to get the pizza delivered and/or in stages, so even if I only have an hour’s notice, we can start serving on time. This round, we order cheese, pepperoni, and supreme, though the supreme is only ten pies — about a quarter of the numbers the other two have.

As we get serving, I’m called away briefly, and when I get back, my coworker says that none of the supreme pizzas were delivered. At this point, I’m too tired and frazzled to doubt him, especially when three other people back him up, so I take ten of the pizzas back and explain the situation to the employees there.

One employee says he’s absolutely sure he made those ten supremes and that I must be mistaken, which I deny and explain that all my coworkers who were serving confirmed. We go back and forth for a couple of minutes before the employee offers to call his manager. Once off the phone, he tells me his manager will be in tomorrow and will be able to process a partial refund, which was all I wanted since the other pizzas were fine.

The next day, as I’m walking to my desk, I notice something: a plate with pizza leftover from yesterday, and it’s definitely not just cheese or pepperoni. I ask my coworker about it, and she tells me one of the servers gave it to her yesterday. The same one who told me we didn’t get any supreme whatsoever.

I talk to the coworker who was serving the day before, and he explains that he and the others thought it would be funny to play a joke on me. I’m royally ticked off at this point because I had to make an extra trip out to the pizza place to return the pizza, I was going to have to make another that day for the refund, I was stressed about the order being wrong, I stressed out the poor employees who had been kind enough to get all these pizzas for us on an hour’s notice, and I undoubtedly sounded like one of those people NAR loves to make fun of.

In the end, I swallowed my pride and went back to the pizza shop to apologize and explain what happened instead of getting a refund. If I could’ve, I would have dragged every employee who lied to me by the ear to that shop to apologize, as well.

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