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And This Is Why We Have The Meetings

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Being dyslexic and growing up at a time where it wasn’t understood has really impacted my spelling. Still, today, as an adult what I write, read, and think don’t always tie up. Working from home, things get much harder, and what could have been a quick chat is now an email, which takes me so much longer.

Most people are understanding if I misspell something or use the wrong words… all apart from [Coworker], who seems to love pointing out little mistakes and telling people they should just “make more of an effort”. I’ve complained, but his boss seems to be completely detached from everything.

Out of the blue, the company starts to make a big thing about mental health and “wellness”. We are all invited to meetings to discuss the impact of working from home.

Host: “In conclusion, we need to be more alert and aware of the impacts work and life have on our mental health.”

Me: “And [Company] is taking mental health seriously?”

Host: “Yes, absolutely. This directive has come right from the top. We also have helplines and confidential mental health champions to talk to if you need to.”

Me: “So, if someone is causing mental health concerns in others, like belittling them constantly over minor details, then…?”

Host: “Oh, the company would certainly come down very hard on that individual.”

Coworker: “Well, there’s a limit, though, right? I mean, everyone has free speech.”

Host: “Sorry, I don’t understand.”

Coworker: “I mean, you can’t stop people from giving their opinion on others.”

Host: “I don’t think anyone is asking you to not have an opinion. But when that is needlessly aggressive, undermining, or just critical without due cause, we would need to speak to individuals on that.”

Coworker: “Well, I think it’s stupid. I should be able to give my opinion.”

Host: “Again, no one is stopping you from having an opinion. But I think it’s pretty clear what is appropriate and what isn’t. We need to be mindful that, at the moment, a lot of people are under additional strain and stress. Like I just presented.”

Coworker: “Well, I don’t agree.”

Host: “Perhaps we should talk afterward.”

It got very awkward. [Coworker] sat there with his arms folded until the session ended. I didn’t hear what was discussed, but I do know that [Coworker] was sent on several sensitivity and awareness courses. 

Very quickly, he stopped the snotty reply-all emails altogether. I’m still working on my spelling, but it certainly is nice not to have to worry about people ripping apart every email you send.

Just Say, “Forty-Two,” And Hang Up

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: malikomako | January 7, 2022

I’m working in a public office and a customer calls me during lunchtime.

Caller: “Hello, I’m not sure if I’m at the right place here, but I have a question: I want to know the scientific origins of the universe. Please tell me exactly and specifically whether or not a real detection of primordial gravitational waves confirms the inflation theory and how quantum fluctuations were an integral part of the early formation of the universe. And while you’re at it, please tell me the all-decisive meaning of life, as well.”

That was figurative; she asked me a difficult question regarding an issue that has nothing to do with my job and is basically impossible to answer ASAP without researching for hours.

Me: “I’m sorry. Can you repeat that, please?”

Caller: “Sure.”

She repeats her request, this time even more detailed and complex.

Me: “I’m sorry, but I can’t help you. I don’t know the answer to your question.”

Caller: “Why don’t you know it?”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Caller: *More demanding in tone* “You have to know it; you’re the office.”

Am I omniscient or what?

Me: “I just told you that I don’t, I’m sorry.”

There’s silence for about thirty seconds.

Me: “Are you still there?”

Caller: “I’m waiting for an answer.”

Me: “I can’t help you right now.”

Caller: “Who can?”

Me: “I’m not sure. I would have to research it.”

Caller: “Then do it and tell me!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I’m in the middle of another appointment.”

Caller: “DO IT NOW! I demand that you call me back in five minutes!”

Her tone is peak nasty at this point.

Me: “Okay, that’s enough for me. We’re running in circles here. Your tone is inappropriate, and this phone call leads to nothing. Have a nice day.”

I hung up.

Hey, unidentified caller, you don’t get to demand things ASAP from people you just randomly called without actually knowing anything about them or their work. You’re not everyone’s supervisor. You’re not the center of the universe.

I actually would have helped her if her tone had been appropriate or at least less demanding. This is not how you talk to people.

You Don’t Get To Manage Everything

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The most charming quality about one of the managers at my company is that she insists that she and she alone paid for any purchases you make as a result of working at the company.

Got a degree while interning/contracting at the company? She paid for it. Bought a new used car? She paid for it. Bought a new house? She paid for it. That new shirt you are wearing? She paid for it.

God forbid that we actually work for the things we have in life!

Unfortunately for her, I am a spoiled trust-fund kid, which annoys her to a different degree. Because of it, I managed to save up a considerable amount during my undergrad and still be able to buy a house with my partner. 

I decide to go back to get my Master’s part-time and ask the owner of the company to write — and by “write,” I mean to sign a letter I write myself — me a letter of recommendation as he is also a professor at the university I wish to attend. I also ask my manager to write me a letter and ask my former boss at the university to write me one, as well. This annoys [Entitled Manager] because she cannot take credit. But wait!

Entitled Manager: “I am so glad that you are going back to school and that [Company] can help you do it.” 

Me: “Actually, [Company] had no part in it outside of the letter of recommendation — which [Owner] just signed off on. I don’t know if he actually read it or not.”

Entitled Manager: “Well, [Company] is still paying for it!”

Me: “Actually, no. One of the conditions I stipulated was that [Company] would not be paying for it.”

Entitled Manager: “But [Company] is paying for it, then, as you work for [Company].”

Me: “My grandmother will be very displeased to hear that, as she is the one writing the checks for school out of my trust fund.”

Entitled Manager: “Well, you are going to need our help to finish your courses.”

Me: “Actually, [Owner] and I agreed that he wasn’t going to be my PI due to a conflict of interest, so I have to find someone on my own.”

Entitled Manager: “…”

She spent the next five minutes trying to figure out how else she could take credit for it but failed. It didn’t stop her from later trying to claim to others that “she” was paying for my Master’s, but I politely reminded her that under no circumstances was I using “company” funds to pay for my school and she had no part in it.

The Gossip Shop Is CLOSED

, , , | Working | January 7, 2022

I have a coworker, [Coworker #1], who likes to take sensitive personal information and treat it like gossip fodder. When I bought my first house, she decided to go into our database and find my new address herself, despite not needing it for anything. Her whole goal was to make judgments based on the listing photos. As such, when I get married, I do not inform her about it. I don’t post anything about it on social media, either.

It is also worth noting that I wear a small ring on my ring finger with a small smoky quartz in the shape of an elephant. It is clearly not an engagement ring or a wedding ring. I stopped wearing it briefly due to the summer heat but have started wearing it again.

Coworker #2: “Hey. I heard you got married. Congratulations?”

Me: “Uh, who told you that?”

Coworker #2: *Confused* “[Coworker #1] did. She said you got married last weekend.”

Me: *To [Coworker #1] “Why would you do a thing like that?”

Coworker #1: “Come on! Don’t be shy! You are wearing a ring and everything! It is tiny, but I noticed it, of course.”

Wordlessly, I take off the ring and pass it to [Coworker #2]. He gets a funny look on his face.

Coworker #1: “Let me see! Let me see!”

He hands it to her. She scrunches up her nose.

Coworker #1: “What is this?”

Me: “A $10 ring I got from one of those gimmicky bath bombs with the rings inside. What were you expecting?”

Coworker #1: “A diamond ring, obviously?”

Me: “Why would you assume that?”

Coworker #1: “Because you got married!”

Me: “Says who?”

She is forced to excuse herself to be unable to admit how she actually got the information.

Coworker #2: “So, did you actually get married or what?”

Me: “Yes. I did. Thank you.”

For the record, this is the same woman who told me to break up with my now-husband because she was unhappy with her boyfriend AND expected me to quietly buy our apartment from under him and make him unwittingly pay my mortgage. She gets absolutely no opinion in any part of my relationship.

Owning Up To A Warmer Reception

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I haven’t stopped by the office in years. I only work part-time for this company, and then, it’s not really anything to do with the site itself.

I get to the reception and wait for the receptionist to finish her (clearly not work-related) phone call.

Me: “My name is [My Name]. Can you let [Owner] know that I’m here, please?”

Receptionist: *With attitude* “Well, is he expecting you, then?”

Me: “Err, yes, he knows I’m coming.”

She looks at me suspiciously but does call the owner.

Receptionist: “Good morning, sir, someone in reception for you.”

She picks up her mobile and plays on it for a while. A few minutes later…

Me: “Sorry, did he say how long he would be?”

Receptionist: “Well, he is very busy! He will be here when he’s ready!”

Wow, okay. Luckily, the owner shows up reasonably quickly. We chat, and he apologises as he didn’t realise it was me waiting.

Me: “It’s great to catch up. I would say one thing, though. Your receptionist is not exactly setting the best example to visitors.”

Owner: “[Receptionist], really? She is always so polite.”

Me: “To you maybe, but not to me. And she isn’t one to hide the fact that she isn’t doing anything. If I was a customer or investor, I really wouldn’t have been impressed.”

He thinks for a second.

Owner: “Let’s talk to her.”

We go back to reception. [Receptionist] is all smiles, her phone quickly stashed away as we get there.

Owner: “[Receptionist], our visitor here was a bit put out about how he was greeted. I must insist that we treat everyone to the high levels you show me.”

Receptionist: *Playing innocent* “Really? Oh, it must have been picking up on something not there. Well, sir, I apologise for anything you thought you heard.”

Me: “Look, I don’t want to make a big deal of this, but you clearly had an attitude when I got here, and you were making private phone calls and then playing on your phone.”

Receptionist: “Me? Oh, please! Nothing of the sort happened. I mean, who are you going to believe: me or some new guy?”

Owner: “Well, actually—” 

Me: “No, let me. My name is [My Name]; I’m a partner of this business, so yes, I think my word is pretty reliable.”

She sputtered out a stupid excuse. I didn’t wait around for it. The next time, I visited she didn’t recognise me, but she actually spoke to me like a human being. Result.