London’s Mysterious Language

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My wife works as a corporate travel agent in the United States, and she deals with people from various industries and companies. Most of the customer companies have travel managers who help make sure their company policies are followed, help their employees with tasks, etc… 

We both work from home, and my last trip to the break room, aka the kitchen, she was complaining to me about one travel manager being a right pain and lazy.

I come up to get more coffee and she says she just got an email from the lazy travel manager. She reads it out to me.

“I am in need of help getting a receipt for one of my employees for a trip they took last week. I tried calling the [Large Chain] and ran into a language barrier. Would you please contact the London, England [Large Chain] and ask for them? When I called I could not understand anything they said.”

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Send Him Back Some Materials On Misogyny

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(I work at a small engineering company. It is a wonderful place, everyone is really friendly, and we all hang out together off work and know each other’s families. I am the only female engineer there. The company is growing fast, so they hire a new office assistant. The guy is kind of incompetent, which we initially justify as having little experience, and often says things that come out sexist or racist. We pass that off as him being socially awkward or trying too hard to fit in. I guess we are so used to our great work environment, it doesn’t occur to most of us he is just an a**hole. Then, this happens. The company is to have a stand in a large conference overseas, and this guy fails to send some of the conference material – pamphlets, trinkets, etc. – in time. I am the last one to leave for the conference, by a few days, so the CEO asks me to bring some of it with my luggage. No problem, I think.)

Assistant: “So, this is what you’ll need to take to the conference.”

Me: *eyeing the large, heavy box* “All right. I was only taking one bag, anyway, so we’re okay on luggage count, but this will probably be overweight. How will I get compensated for that?”

Assistant: “It’s your responsibility to pack your bags to the airline standards. I know girls like to carry their houses in their bags, but you can live lean for a week!”

Me: *ignoring his comment* “I can probably rearrange this box between two bags and pack my things around it, so it should still be okay. Worst case, I can talk to [CEO] when I get there, I guess. And my cab to the airport is arranged already, so I just need a cab to get me home with this stuff.”

Assistant: “Don’t be silly. Transportation to and from work is on you; you know that.”

Me: “Sure, normally. But I take the subway, and I can’t take this big box in it.”

Assistant: “So, get your own cab. Just like a woman to want to make the most of a man’s money.” *laughs*

Me: *getting annoyed* “I’m certainly not spending my money on doing what should be your job. I’m doing this as a favor to [CEO] and the company.”

Assistant: “Look here, little girl. Just because you think you’re so smart and [CEO] lets you play at doing a man’s job, that doesn’t mean you can be this disrespectful. Now, you will take this material and get it to the conference, since that’s your only use for going in the first place.”

Me: “Yeah, no. I’m 24 with a Master’s degree in [specific engineering field], so I don’t have to think I’m smart. I was specifically invited to speak at this conference, so I’d be going even if there was no company stand there. And there probably won’t be, because I’m definitely not taking any of this crap with me.”

Assistant: “You’ll see what happens when [CEO] hears about this!”

(I left the material and went to the conference. When I got there and told [CEO] of this conversation, he was FURIOUS. Seems he’d told the assistant to go to the airport himself with the box, so it wouldn’t inconvenience me, and to pay all extra luggage fees as needed on the company card. The guy might have still only gotten a warning — that’s how lenient this place was — but, as it turns out, he mouthed off to the CEO, told him he should put the “girl” in her place, as everyone knew she was only there to “see to his needs,” just like the one he used at lunch. That would be the CEO’s wife, who sometimes went by the office so they could have lunch together. So, yeah, he was very much fired after that!)

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The Boss Is Anti-Antenatal

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I work in an office and have a very demanding adult baby of a boss. I was also about seven months pregnant when this story took place.

UK law states that employers need to give paid time off for all antenatal appointments. 

My boss was one of those people that always took credit for his team’s work but never acknowledged who actually did the work. I was the most senior of the team but was not treated as such.

One day, several months into my pregnancy, the doctor found a health concern and informed me that I was going to have an ultrasound scan and a consultant appointment, every week for the rest of my pregnancy.

My boss was not happy with this, because it meant that I was out of the office every Wednesday afternoon in a nine-to-five job.

One Wednesday, I was getting ready to walk to the hospital. It’s important to the story that the hospital was only a fifteen-minute walk from my office. As I was saying my goodbyes, my boss nicely told me not to forget my laptop; he then struck up a conversation about an upcoming project.

I was worried that I was going to be late for my appointments, so I started walking to the exit, but my boss followed me. Still talking. I left the office and began to walk down the road. My boss was by my side, still talking. I asked him if he was coming to the hospital with me and he vaguely commented that he wanted to make sure that I arrived okay. “How nice!” I thought.

We got to the waiting room to sign in, and my boss sat down and asked me to take out my laptop. At this point, I was in disbelief. He asked me to take notes for the project, whilst I was balancing a laptop on my pregnant belly. I told him that I was at the hospital, about to have a scan. I would rather not be working right at that moment.

His reply?

“You’re being paid whilst at this appointment. You should be working, too.”

Luckily, the lady at the reception saw how uncomfortable I was and came over. She asked my boss if he was the father, and he was mortified. (I was 30 and he was pushing 60.) She told him that he had to leave, as it was partners and family only.

The next morning, I was called into a meeting with my boss and the head of the department. Luckily for me, the head of the department was a sensible older lady with three children herself. Apparently, my boss had filed a grievance and believed that I should get an official warning for unauthorized time off!

I showed the emails to HR and explained what had happened. The head of the department went very quiet and asked me to return to my desk.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the story of how my boss lost his job, and I got promoted whilst seven months pregnant.

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Unfiltered Story #183968

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(My mother worked as a receptionist for a music publishing company. It’s small, and the atmosphere there is friendly with ongoing teasing. One morning the teasing had been particularly frequent, and Mom was looking for a way to stem the flow.)

Coworker: I’ll be Bach!

Mom: I’ll be Haydn!

Self-Appoint A Power Point

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(My boss announces that someone I work with is leaving for another job. I’m the tech guy.)

Boss: “I want you to make a power-point show about [Departing Coworker] and play it at the office party. I’ll send you a bunch of photographs you can use to celebrate their time here. And I want it to be set to music.”

(An easy enough assignment, but it was the boss himself who was leaving. He basically assigned me to make a schmaltzy presentation about how much he would be missed. I gladly did it; I was so happy to see the self-important a** leave.)

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