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I am a taxi driver. I had a passenger who seems to be in hurry. He is running towards my cab.

Passenger : Please take me to Balboa Ave.
**I did not move. We are in Balboa Ave.
Passenger : Didn’t you f****** hear me?! Take me to Balboa Ave!
Me : We are in Balboa Ave. sir.
Passenger : Oh, please take me to [Corporate Office]
**Again, I did not move. We are in front of the Corporate Office that he wants to go to.
Passenger : F*** you! I am in a hurry! Take me to [Corporate Office] right now!
Me : Sir please look at your right side

**he sees the office and with a red face he left my cab without thanks.

The Maine Problem With Education

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(It’s just a few weeks before my wedding, and I’m discussing with a coworker about honeymoon plans. It’s late September.)

Coworker: “Where do you guys plan on going for your honeymoon? Somewhere warm, I hope!”

Me: “No, I’m not big on warmer weather; I love autumn. We decided on Bar Harbor, Maine. It’s going to be peak season with the autumn colors and we’re both really looking forward to having a nice relaxing vacation together.”

Coworker: “Maine? Where’s that, east coast or west coast?”

Me: *seriously confused look, waiting for the joke*

Coworker: “Don’t look at me like that; it’s been a long time since I was in school!”

Me: “East coast.”

(I decided after that it was time to go home!)

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I work at a Leisure Centre in the UK at a seaside town that recently has had two whales beached from the pod that also beached at another UK coastal resort as well as Holland and Germany. We take calls for the Resort Managers (they work in our building) if they are unable to answer their phones. My colleague received this call:

Caller: (7pm in the evening) I want to speak to *Mr Smith* (Resort manager).

Colleague: I am sorry, he is not in the building right now. Can I take a message.

Caller: I need to speak to him.

Colleague: He is not available. may I take a message.

Caller: But I need to speak to him. He knows what is happening!

Colleague: About what, madam?

Caller: The whales! He knows why this is happening and I need to ask him why? Why is he letting this happen!

Colleague: Um…

Caller: I know he knows and I want an explanation!

This went on for a few more minutes until the caller accepted that Mr Smith was not in the office.

I now refer to him as the ‘Whale Whisperer’ as apparently he ‘knows’ why this is happening!

Sailed Past That Being An Issue

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(I am on break at work and scrolling through social media. I see a post that says your sailor name is the color of your shirt and the name of your first pet. Note that I am white and my coworker is black.)

Me: “Hey, [Coworker]! What was the name of your first pet?”

Coworker: “It was a dog named Lady.”

Me: “Your sailor name is—”

(I pause as I realize that she is wearing a white shirt.)

Coworker: “What?”

(I don’t know her very well as she just joined the team, and I don’t want to make a joke she may find offensive, so I just show her the post.)

Coworker: “My sailor name is White Lady! I love it!”

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I’m a facility manager at a multi-business office facility that provides a wide range of services to small businesses. My receptionist is away from her desk and I’m keeping an eye on the front from my office. A woman comes into the building, looks around, sees me through the window as I hold up my hand for “one moment” and just keeps going into my building without signing in. I leave my office and come around to intercept.

Me: Excuse me, can I help you?
Her: Yeah, I’m looking for {Organization} at {Not my address}. I’m trying to get to the other side.
She hands me a sheet of paper and points down the hallway of my building.
Me: I’m sorry ‘mam, but that’s not us.
Her: I know that! They’re at {Not my address}. I’m just trying to get onto the street.
Note: our building, like many others are on a main street with rear parking.
Me: This is a business office. You can’t cut through there.
Her: But there’s no parking! Where’s the parking??
Me (leading her back out the way she came): Well, if you drive down {access street} there’s a lot behind the building though you’ll still have to come around. But if you cross that street there {street she’s trying to access} is right on the corner. Then go south down it another half block or so.
Her: Oh.

She then proceeds to walk in roughly the opposite way I directed her. The ironic thing is, if she was trying to use my building as a pass through because of the cold, she would have ended up walking farther as cutting across the street the way I directed her is actually a tad faster.