You Barely Occupied Their Thoughts

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(My husband and I stop at a gas station on a trip to the beach. We both decide to use the restrooms. The doors on the individual stalls have unusually large — to me — gaps at the bottom, at least a foot high. While I am in one of the stalls, a woman comes up and tries to open the door.)

Me: “Occupied.”

Woman #1: *bangs on the door* “Somebody in there?”

Me: “Yes.”

Woman #1: *bangs again* “Helloooo?”


(The woman bends down and peers under the door, not just looking at my feet, but she actually makes eye contact with me!)

Woman #1: “Oh. There’s someone in this one.” *to someone else* “This one’s being used.”

(She walks away and goes to the stall beside me. Another woman comes up and looks under again, this time without knocking or anything.)

Woman #2: “Oh, yeah. This one, too.”

Woman #1: “No, that’s the one I just told you about!”

Woman #2: “Oh.”

(When I left the stall, the second woman was still waiting. As I passed her, she huffed and said, “Finally,” under her breath. I wasn’t in there for more than five minutes! When I told my husband about my encounter, he said I should have winked at the women since they were so intent on seeing me.)

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I work as a front desk agent, and it’s about 9:45pm and ive received multiple phone calls from the same rude gentleman in his room.

(First call)

Me: Front desk, how can I help you?

Gentleman: How do I turn the goddamn heat on in this room.
(note he’s been staying in this room a few nights now)

Me: There should be a wall panel on the wall that controls the heat & A/C.

Gentleman: Oh, ooh I see it. *makes weird grunting noise & hangs up the phone*

(calls back 2 minutes later)
Me: Front Desk.

Gentlemen: Nothing is lighting up. *makes frustrating noises*

Me: Ok sir, some of our rooms have controls on the AC unit itself by the window, there should be a lid to lift up to be able to control the air.

Gentleman: No. I tried that! no! No! None of this is working. *more frustrated grunts*

Me: Unfortunately we do not have anyone from maintenance here tonight, but I can leave a note for them to come up and take a look at it in the morning.

Gentleman: So what am I just gonna freeze tonight? I am pissed! I’m not paying for tonight! I want to speak to a manager in the morning! This is RIDICULOUS. IM SO PISSED.
(note that he’s a prepaid 3rd party resv. so it’s not like he’d get a refund anyway)

Me: Ok sir, that’s … *phone clicks*

(calls back 5 minutes later)

Me: Fron..

Gentleman: it’s working.

Thanks for the apology guy -.-