Should Brake-Check Who You’re Doing That To

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I’m driving along US 50 heading into Ocean City. I’m in the right-hand lane minding my business when someone is annoyed that I’m locked in on my cruise control at the posted speed limit. As it’s not busy this time of day, the person has plenty of opportunity to get into the left lane and pass me. 

For whatever reason, they do not for about ten minutes. I can see them in the rearview mirror gesturing wildly and pointing at me. 

Finally, they decide to pass me on the left. When they get back into the right lane, they brake-check me. I avoid hitting them and let them drive off. I’m in too much of a good mood to let them annoy me. Then, as I’m back to speed, I catch up with them and again, they brake-check me. 

Now I’m starting to get annoyed. I avoid hitting them again and they zoom off. After a few minutes, I’m caught up to them again and they do it a third time. 

Now I’m steaming mad. I’m cussing up a blue storm and I see lights in my rearview flashing at me. It’s a State Trooper flashing his headlights at me. 

I pull left and slow down, allowing the officer to pass on the right and take up the same spot I was holding. I fall back in behind the officer. 

Officer and I get up to speed and catch up with the jerk once more. Again, he hits his brakes hard. This time the officer hits his brakes to avoid hitting them — I’m far enough behind that I’m not at risk. The guy brake-checking us must have thought this funny… at least until the officer turns on his red and blues and chirps the siren. 

Jerk pulls over, officer pulls in behind him, and I’m assuming that a ticket or at the very least a stern talking-to is in the works. 

I just drive past them both, giving the jerk a cheery wave as I go on my merry way. 

And as a point of note to those who might be wondering how they didn’t notice the change? MD State Police SUVs are a greenish-grey and my SUV is a dark grey. So, in his rearview, we must have looked enough alike that he thought I was still there, ripe for the annoying.

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You Barely Occupied Their Thoughts

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(My husband and I stop at a gas station on a trip to the beach. We both decide to use the restrooms. The doors on the individual stalls have unusually large — to me — gaps at the bottom, at least a foot high. While I am in one of the stalls, a woman comes up and tries to open the door.)

Me: “Occupied.”

Woman #1: *bangs on the door* “Somebody in there?”

Me: “Yes.”

Woman #1: *bangs again* “Helloooo?”


(The woman bends down and peers under the door, not just looking at my feet, but she actually makes eye contact with me!)

Woman #1: “Oh. There’s someone in this one.” *to someone else* “This one’s being used.”

(She walks away and goes to the stall beside me. Another woman comes up and looks under again, this time without knocking or anything.)

Woman #2: “Oh, yeah. This one, too.”

Woman #1: “No, that’s the one I just told you about!”

Woman #2: “Oh.”

(When I left the stall, the second woman was still waiting. As I passed her, she huffed and said, “Finally,” under her breath. I wasn’t in there for more than five minutes! When I told my husband about my encounter, he said I should have winked at the women since they were so intent on seeing me.)

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I work as a front desk agent, and it’s about 9:45pm and ive received multiple phone calls from the same rude gentleman in his room.

(First call)

Me: Front desk, how can I help you?

Gentleman: How do I turn the goddamn heat on in this room.
(note he’s been staying in this room a few nights now)

Me: There should be a wall panel on the wall that controls the heat & A/C.

Gentleman: Oh, ooh I see it. *makes weird grunting noise & hangs up the phone*

(calls back 2 minutes later)
Me: Front Desk.

Gentlemen: Nothing is lighting up. *makes frustrating noises*

Me: Ok sir, some of our rooms have controls on the AC unit itself by the window, there should be a lid to lift up to be able to control the air.

Gentleman: No. I tried that! no! No! None of this is working. *more frustrated grunts*

Me: Unfortunately we do not have anyone from maintenance here tonight, but I can leave a note for them to come up and take a look at it in the morning.

Gentleman: So what am I just gonna freeze tonight? I am pissed! I’m not paying for tonight! I want to speak to a manager in the morning! This is RIDICULOUS. IM SO PISSED.
(note that he’s a prepaid 3rd party resv. so it’s not like he’d get a refund anyway)

Me: Ok sir, that’s … *phone clicks*

(calls back 5 minutes later)

Me: Fron..

Gentleman: it’s working.

Thanks for the apology guy -.-