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My Dad owns a take out pizzeria that was started by his father – my grandfather. The pizzeria is named in honor of my grandfather, who, at the time of this story, had been dead for 35 years. I ordered pizza on a Friday evening, which is a really busy time, and when I got to the store the line was about 7 people long. Although I know the employees would let me cut to the front, I don’t like to do it because it makes other customers upset, so I just took my place in line behind a guy wearing a suit and started playing on my phone to pass the time.

Suit Guy: I can’t believe it’s taking so long. (to the person in front of him) How long have you been waiting? I’ve been waiting about 10 minutes now, this is crazy.

Customer in front of Suit Guy: Oh. I don’t know. I haven’t been keeping track.

Suit Guy: *aggressive* You should keep track! *he spins to face me* You! You just got in line, you should remember the exact time you got in line so you know how long it takes.

Me: *looking up from phone, kind of confused* Uh why?

Suit Guy: *straightens importantly* I’m going to report my wait time to the owner! You should too. This is crazy, this place used to run better.

Me: *makes eye contact with Cashier #1, who knows who I am and is trying not to laugh* I don’t think I’ll report my wait time to the owner. But thanks for the advice.

Suit Guy: Humpf! I’m a close personal friend of the owner, so I’m going to tell him about this the next time I see him!

Me: *looks closely at the guy’s face, just in case I should recognize him, I don’t, amused now* You’re close friends with (grandfather’s name)?

Suit Guy: *nods, pleased that someone seems to be impressed by him* Oh yes. For a long time. He won’t be happy when he hears how long I had to wait for a f****ing pizza! I’m telling him the next time I see him.

Me: *trades looks with Cashier 1 again, both of us are barely keeping in our laughter* Hopefully he’ll see that the wait time goes down in the future then.

Suit Guy: *nods a bit, pleased with this response*

We eventually get up to the front of the line, and one teller starts checking out Suit Guy while I go up to the other teller. Note that the tellers are about five feet apart on the same counter. I don’t pay for the pizza since my Dad gives me all free food, I just pick it up and start to walk away after a brief friendly conversation with Cashier 1.

Suit Guy: Hey hey wait! She didn’t pay for her pizza!

Me: *stops, getting a little annoyed now, the Cashier 2 speaks up before I figure out what I want to say*

Cashier 2: Oh, yeah, she’s the owner’s daughter. She doesn’t pay for food.

Suit Guy: *goes red, staring at me*

Me: Yeah, and hey, if you’re really going to talk to (grandfather) soon, can you ask him what heaven’s like? After you complain about the wait time of course.

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I’m checking out at a discount store of a major department store. While the cashier is ringing me up, the woman at the register next to me is making a scene. She’s berating the cashier ringing her up and the store associate standing on the floor next to her holding a piece of clothing. It takes me a minute or two to understand what was going on.

It turns out the manager had jumped on the registers to help with the long line. While she was checking out this woman, a store associate had come up to ask her a question and for help with an item for another customer. The angry customer was incredulous that this store associate would deign to ask her manager for help while the manager was ringing her up. She was aghast and acting like it was a terrible affront to her and she kept repeating “I can’t believe she did that! What was she thinking!” as if the store associate wasn’t standing right there. She wasn’t yelling but she was speaking loudly and acting like she was the most special person on earth. It was embarrassing and horrifying to watch. I wanted to say something but I worried what this woman would say to me.

However, after she left, I turned to the store associate still standing there and said “I’m sorry she spoke to you that way. You don’t deserve to be spoken to like that and she was out of line. I’m sorry that happened to you.” The associate thanked me and after the manager helped her, she went back to the floor. My cashier and the manager looked at me and thanked me for saying something to the store associate.

The kicker? Right before I left the manager said to me “I appreciate you saying that to her. She’s only been on the floor for 20 minutes. This is her very first day.”

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( I used to work in a very popular game store. Black Friday came and went with the typical horde of customers. About a month later one shows back up that I immediately recognized. A young boy and his father I remember servicing, they had purchased a game console membership card. I watch as the young boy walks up to the area where we keep the stack of various cards and grabs one. His father walks up to my coworkers register and hands her only his receipt. Not long after the son stands beside his father.)

Father: *in Spanish* my son’s card isn’t working. The store sold him a bad card.

(The son proceeds to hand my coworker the new card he had grabbed. She looks both the receipt and card over.)

Coworker: *sounding irate now* My name, Come over here and look at this. You sold them one card but gave them the wrong one.

Me: No, I didn’t. His some just took that one from the rack a minute ago.

(She then turns to the son and asks where he got the card from. He points exactly where.)

Father: *to the son* Where is the card you bought that day?

Son: I left it at home.

(The father looks annoyed and quickly snips at his son to get back home and grab his car. The son leaves quickly and returns a couple of minutes later. Meanwhile, my coworker is checking over the receipt. She then notices the date on it.)

Coworker: *to me* This is from over a month ago. Did they decide to use this card today? These codes expire after a while.

(When the son gets back he hands his father the card who then gives it to my coworker. She checks over the back to see the card’s been scratched to show the code.)

Father: It’s not working. You need to give me a new card because she messed up. *he points to me*

Coworker: *to the son* Did you try using this code after you bought it or did you try using it today?

Son: Today.

(She lets out a light sigh and tells both father and son that the card has to be used within a certain time span or they will expire. Most people buy them once their membership runs out or a few days before. These cards have to be activated at the register after that, it’s out of our store and out of our hands. If the card is no good it won’t scan when its brought up, obviously you prevent any bad card from being sold. So at the time of purchase the card was still good.

The father takes a moment to think on it then decides no, his son was sold a bad card and now it’s up to us to fix it.)

Father: Someone needs to fix this. I’m not leaving this store.

(He stands in place at the front of one of the standing in the way of any customers. By now the manager has been uncorked of the entire situation. He comes over and speaks to the guy only relaying what’s already been told to him.)

Coworker: My name, take the other register.

(My coworker and manager tell the guy one more time that there’s nothing they can do. He would have to call the company and see if that will help. After they go back to working. He speaks out one more time before finally giving up on getting a free card. Storming out the store with his son.)

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(I live an a pretty diverse neighborhood. I have just got into the line at the DMV when a woman gets in line behind me. We are the only two white people in the short line which we will get though within 5 minutes.)

Her: (whispering to me) Don’t you just wish that immigration control will just storm in and shorten this line up for us.

(I turn to see her smiling at me, waiting for me to respond in agreement.)

Me: I’m not too concerned about how long the line is, I’m just bothered I have to deal with a racist old bag while I wait.

(She scoffed and looked away. She spent the remainder of the the wait muttering to herself about how she will have to pay for all the insurance for THOSE people and they are just going to end up running over white kids.)

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I’m at a TJ max, this one tends to have customers a bit less “good”, in other words it’s not uncommon to see semi-opened packaging as if someone tried to steal it, or the empty boxes of stolen products. But this is more of something left behind. An empty Starbucks cup, which by itself isn’t much, maybe they just couldn’t find a garbage can. But for some reason that I have yet to fathom, the straw was left outside the cup, placed lengthwise on the stand, so they couldn’t have just accidentally knocked it out. They deliberately placed the straw on the shelf. What could drive a person to such a petty act?